This application is an Excel spreadsheet intended to help create and manage a single player character in the Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Edition system. It does not handle dice rolls, but it will handle almost everything that is the result of a calculation or table lookup. You enter just the information needed in the colored cells, and it does the rest. It handles basic abilities and statistics, experience, class and level, skills, and character wealth.

      The download is a ZIP file containing the spreadsheet file in Microsoft Excel 97 XLS format and an instruction file in ASCII text format. It is highly recommended to read the instruction file befor attempting to use the spreadsheet, most especially the first few paragraphs that discuss archiving the original and using only copied and renamed XLS files.

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Revision Number Policy:
The major revision number will only be changed for the following reasons:

  • The layout of the existing data changes (i.e. the cell addresses in which specific data is located changes).
  • New pages are added to the spreadsheet.
All other revisions will receive only minor revision number increments.

Revision History:
1.0   29 Aug 2001 RELEASED
1 31 Aug 2001 Bug On the Skills page in the K column, the formula only goes to CM, so the total skill ranks will only go to 20th level. It needs to go out to FO. Replace the current formula:
30 Nov 2001
2 31 Aug 2001 Enh On the same page, the final Skill Mod column should be truncated to the lower integer when there are fractional ranks. It currently does not. Implemented
30 Nov 2001
3 31 Aug 2001 Bug Currently, skill points are calculated from the current net Intelligence mod. It should not. When a level is gained, skill points for that level should be determined only according to the intelligence at that time, as changes in intelligence are not retroactive. Implemented
04 Dec 2001
4 31 Aug 2001 Enh On the XPAwards page, the notification message box triggers every single time any cell is changed. Change this to trigger only if a cell in the XP column (column C) is changed. Implemented
04 Dec 2001
5 1 Sep 2001 Enh On the stats page, break up the AC better into each type of bonus affecting it. Saves and Attack bonuses might need this too. Implemented
04 Dec 2001
6 4 Sep 2001 Bug On the CharWealth page, the formula for the loan balance column is incorrect. Corrected
29 Nov 2001
7 6 Sep 2001 Enh On the XPAwards page, the XP column (column C) should be formatted to display the standard 3-digit commas. Implemented
29 Nov 2001
8 6 Sep 2001 Enh On the Skills page, the number of ranks a skill has been allocated is not validated against the maximum allowable ranks for the character's level (max = level + 3 for class skills, half that for cross-class). Implemented
05 Dec 2001
10 6 Sep 2001 New There should be a page for feat management, that will keep track of the number of feats a character has and allow the user to enter feats for the character. Implemented
11 Dec 2001
11 6 Sep 2001 New There should be an equipment page where the user can enter the equipment he possesses and where he carries it, so encumbrance can be calculated. Implemented
13 Dec 2001
12 4 Dec 2001 Enh On the CharLevels page, there is nothing to stop the user from entering classes or hit points for more levels than he has XP for. Add code to prevent this. Implemented
04 Dec 2001
13 4 Dec 2001 Bug On the CharLevels page, if the user clears a cell containing a class that he is eligible for (e.g. correcting a mistake or changing his mind), the hit points and skill points are not cleared. Corrected
04 Dec 2001
14 5 Dec 2001 New Update races, classes and class skills to include data from Oriental Adventures, Lords of Darkness, Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil, Song and Silence, and Dragon magazines #288, #289 and #290. Implemented
10 Dec 2001
15 10 Dec 2001 New Update classes and class skills to include data from Dragon magazines #291. Implemented
10 Dec 2001
17 13 Dec 2001 New Add a Miscellaneous worksheet page that is completely unprotected, that can be used to record any other miscellaneous data such as languages known, spells, or current hit points. Implemented
14 Dec 2001
2.0   14 Dec 2001 RELEASED
16 10 Dec 2001 Enh The Monk's unarmed attack bonus and AC bonus are not currently included on the Stats page. Add them in. Implemented
24 Jul 2002
18 20 Dec 2001 Bug When adding levels above 20 and divisible by 4, the Stats page still reports that extra ability points need to be added even though that should shut off at 20. Not a bug
with advent of
Epic Level Hdbk
19 4 Apr 2002 Bug The totals cells (B6:F6) on the CharClasses worksheet does not add up all the classes. Corrected
04 Apr 2002
20 21 Jul 2002 New Add Epic ToHit and Save Bonuses to Stats page for Epic Level Characters as per the Epic Level Handbook Implemented
21 Jul 2002
21 21 Jul 2002 New Ability to import characters from version 2.0 Implemented
23 Jul 2002
23 23 Jul 2002 New Implement Level Adjustment for Racial ECL on the XPAward sheet. Implemented
26 Jul 2002
24 24 Jul 2002 New Add cell for Speed, and add calculation of Unarmed Damage and Unarmored Speed for monks, to Stats sheet. Implemented
08 Aug 2002
25 08 Aug 2002 Bug The multi-attacks display for higher level multi-class characters does not work properly. Example: A Fighter11/Wizard7 has a BAB of +11/+6/+1 for the fighter and +3 for the wizard, for a total BAB of +14/+6/+1 but the BAB displayed on the Stats page is +14/+9/+4. Corrected
08 Aug 2002
3.0   12 Aug 2002 RELEASED
26 21 Aug 2002 New Format cells containing bonuses so that the '+' sign is forced. (Custom format for signed integer: "+0;-0") Implemented
27 Oct 2002
27 12 Oct 2002 New Expand character levels allowed from 40 to 60. [Note: further expansion not possible in Excel 97.] Implemented
27 Oct 2002
3.1   28 Oct 2002 RELEASED
9 6 Sep 2001 New The PrintSheet page is not yet implemented. It is planned for this to be a compilation of data on the other sheets in the same format as the character sheet shown in the book that can be printed. Open
22 21 Jul 2002 New Update classes and class skills to include data from Dragon magazines #292-#298, Masters of the Wild, Deities & Demigods, Faiths & Pantheons, Epic Level Handbook, and Silver Marches. Open
28 21 Dec 2002 Bug When entering sufficient XP on the XPAward page to increase level, the incorrect message box appears. Also, an incorrect message will appear even when the character does not level. In the code, change any reference to Cell(4,2) to Cell(6,2). Open
29 18 Jun 2005 Bug The BAB is calculated incorrectly for multiclass characters. It was previously thought that each attack of of a particular level in a class/prestige class was added separately to get the total - e.g. first attacks add, second attacks add, third attacks add, etc. - thus multiclassing slows the gaining of additional attacks. This was wrong. The correct way (as illustrated in the 2nd column of p.55 of PHB 3.0) is that you add up the first attack numbers for the BAB for all classes, then subtract 5 for each additional attack so long as the result remains positive and four attacks are not exceeded. Open

      Bug: Error or incorrect behavior in application
      Enh: Suggested enhancement or improvement of existing feature
      New: Requested new feature