Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition Character Statistics

Female Half-Human, Half-Menarian (Chosen of Mystra)
CR 30
Medium-size humanoid (human)
HD 20d4 + 160; hp 220
Init +4
Spd 30 ft.
AC 27 (touch 19, flat-footed 23)
Atk +16/+11/+6 melee (1d6+5, 20 x2 Alynnastaff (+5 Magic))
or +14/+9 ranged touch (by spell)
Turn undead 6/day
Menarian Raial Abilities
Chosen Immunities
Chosen Spell-like Abilities
Detect Magic
Enhanced Constitution
Enhanced Intelligence
Epic-Level Benefits
Silver Fire
SV Fort +20, Ref +16, Will +22
Str 12, Dex 18, Con 27, Int 20, Wis 18, Cha 17
Height 5 ft. 4 in.

Craft (cooking)+10
Craft (sewing)+8
Craft (woodworking)+14
Gather Information+5
Intuit Direction+6
Knowledge (arcana)+25
Knowledge (history)+9
Knowledge (local)+11
Knowledge (mathematics)+10
Knowledge (nobility & royalty)+8
Knowledge (The Planes)+8
Knowledge (politics)+8
Knowledge (Religion)+14
Knowledge (war)+9
Knowledge (Sexuality, Reproduction & Childbirth)+11
Perform (dancing)+4
Profession (Herbalist)+15
Ride (horse)+8
Sense Motive+5

Scribe Scroll
Research Prodigy
Brew Potion
Combat Casting
Silent Spell
Craft Magic Arms and Armor
Craft Staff
Forge Ring
Skill Focus (Spellcraft)
Craft Wondrous Item
Eschew Components
Create Portal

Special Qualities:
Menarian Racial Abilities
Long Life: A half-menarian's average life expectancy is 4-5000 years.
Regeneration: A half-menarian regenerates 5 hit points per round (fire and acid do normal damage).
Female Bonding: Menarian males alter the reproductive chemistry of any humanoid female they have sex with. Their seed alters the female so she is fertile only with him.
Arcane Sense: A half-menarian can sense the presence or absence of arcane energy. She can estimate the strength of all magic within 100 feet, and determine the nature and type of the energy. With training the half-menarian erson can identify the effects the energies will produce as an identify spell. This works on all types of magic weave or shadow.
Innate Dimensional Ability: With training, a half-menarian can use arcane energy to teleport or open gates with training. This ability may be the grounds for thier likeness appearing in many cultures spread across the vastness of the multiverse.
Shapeshifter: A half-menarian can shapeshift into any creature that is the same size category as his natural size, or no more than one category larger or smaller. With practice, a half-menarian can also change just part of his body, for example, one hand or limb.
Chosen Immunities
Alynna is completely unaffected by attacks that duplicate these effects:
Magic Missile
Lightning Bolt
Evard's Black Tentacles
Chain Lightning
Finger Of Death
Trap The Soul
Chosen Spell-like Abilities (all 1/day):
Feather Fall
Lightning Bolt
Fire Aura
Spell Turning
(undecided 8th level spell)
Prismatic Sphere
Detect Magic (Su): Line of sight.
Enhanced Constitution:
The Chosen of Mystra template adds +10 to Alynna's Constitution.
Enhanced Intelligence:
Alynna has had her Intelligence magically increased by one point. The +1 inherent bonus is included in it's value.
Epic-Level Benefits:
Five effective levels of cleric (included in above total).
Silver Fire (Su):
See Chapter 2 for details.

Wizard Spells
Spells Per Day: 67 spell points
Base DC 15 + spell level
Caster level 20th

Cleric Spells
Spells per Day: 22 spell points
Base DC = 14 + spell level
Magic (use spell trigger or spell completion devices as a 23rd-level wizard)
Spell (+2 bonus on Concentration and Spellcraft checks)
Caster level 6th

Signature Possessions:
Psionic Crystal Ball[Acts as a normal crystal ball, but it works psionically rather than magically and is capable of both clairvoyance and clairaudience. The user merely concentrates on who or what is to be scryed. It is also unbreakable]
Necklace: Proof from Detection, Protection from Normal Missiles, Protection +5[Deflection bonus to AC]
Amulet of the Planes
Ring of Contraception
Staff of Life, 43 Charges[Rod of Resurrection]
Bracers of Armor (+8)[Armor bonus to AC](Bracers of AC0)
Cloak of Resistance +5[Saves] (+5 resistance bonus to all saves)[Cloak of Protection +5]
Dagger, +5 Luck Blade [n wishes, +1 Luck bonus to all saves]