Important Dates:
1357 20 NightalCampaign Begins (the campaign may begin several days to a ride before this date, but the two logs for the first two gaming sessions do not exist, and the only clue I have is that the first gaming session spanned at least two game days.
30 NightalRoderic and Katreen are married.
1358 22 MarpenothNigel is banned from Waterdeep for 5 years.
19 NightalElron is coronated King of Cormyr.
21 NightalThe group is told to never return to Waterdeep again by the Shadow Thieves. Katreen is delivered to Roderic.
We learn Evon has been killed.
Roderic and Katreen conceive Rendel.
1359 01 HammerElron and Alynna are married.
08 EleintAnnaria rejoins the group.
14 EleintKatreen delivers Rendel; Katreen is executed.
Aladar (Henric) enters the campaign.
15 EleintDurhan abducts and abuses Alynna.
Deva joins the group.
1360 04 TarsakhAladar meets Tess.
05 TarsakhDurhan abducts Storm; conception had to follow soon.
05 KythornThe group meets Dao Shen Long. Diva leaves the group.
30 KythornThe group leaves Suzail for Azuth's Hall of Mists.
1362 17 NightalThe group returns from Azuth's Hall to Suzail.
1363 08 HammerElron makes Roderic Lord of Hullack Forest.
GreengrassByron weds Sinthia.
27-29 KythornThe Battle of Thunder Peaks occurs; the orcs are massacred.
2 UktarBob and Raynor's group meets Roderic's group.
6 UktarElron announces he has made agreements with Proskur and Illipur allowing him to start his campaign.
8 UktarThe campaign in the Stonelands, the Goblin Marches and the Tun Valley starts.
13 NightalAllira marries Pal/William.
1364 28 TarsakhNarina conceives a child with Nigel.
4 MirtulDurin and Gwella are married.
7 MirtulBob and Victoria are married
8 MirtulVictoria gives birth to Bobby; Reed dies.
11 MirtulCormyr's war with Sembia begins.
12 MirtulDove and Laeral killed. Sinthia gives birth to a boy, Bryant, prematurely. Elron and Alynna become Chosen.
13 MirtulCormyr's war with Sembia ends.
26 MirtulMidnight/Mystra conceives a child with Elron.
29 MirtulThe Royal Palace in Suzail is destroyed in a battle with Sammaster.
5 KythornRashan conceives a child with Roderic as a gift; accelerated growth of 1 week per day
13 KythornRed Wizards of Thay contrive to poison Elron's and Alynna's children, then behead Elron in return for the antidote. Elron is resurrected, but Alynna and Storm go a little insane for a while.
14 KythornAladar leaves for Thay to attempt another slave uprising.
Hullack Keep is attacked. The attack is repelled, but Annaria is killed and when Alynna finds out she goes more insane.
Rashan cannot resurrect Ann but reincarnates her. Ann comes back in Tynna's body.
Rashan's pregnancy ceases its accelerated advance and returns to a normal rate.
20 KythornWar Wizards attack Thay.
21 KythornRed Wizards attack palace in Suzail.
Alynna loses her baby, but receives Midnight's baby.
22 KythornAlgarond attacks Thay.
25 KythornMidnight is separated from Mystra and made mortal again; no-one remembers she was ever a deity.
27 KythornAladar leads a slave and rebel uprising in Thay. The last of the Red Wizards are overwhelmed by sheer numbers and killed off.
4 FlameruleThe battle of Amruthar is fought. Aladar is killed and of 20,000 on both sides only 700 rebels live. Aladar's body is brought back and resurrected, and he drops the pseudonym and goes back to his given name of Henric.
10 FlameruleA coup against the Crown by the Bleths and Danovin Dauntinghorn is foiled.
11 FlameruleJacob Truesilver is murdered by a rebel lord.
12 FlameruleAll the lords, save four, swear loyalty to the Crown. Those four are executed.
13 FlameruleCallia begins teaching Rendel.
8 MarpenothAlynna finishes spell. Storm and Alynna link. Elron and Jenni link.
10 MarpenothAlynna goes insane, regains it at the cost of her silver fire.
23 MarpenothRaynor's wife gives birth to a boy, Gallor.
1365 5 HammerThe Royal Family almost splits up.
Alynna once again becomes Chosen.
Narina gives birth to a boy, Zane.
8 HammerSembia attacks Cormyr to begin the second war.
11 HammerThe god Cyric is killed.
Sembia suffers defeats at both Suzail and Hullack.
Alynna prematurely gives birth to a healthy Astra.
3 EleasiasMidnight is assaulted, and her children kidnapped. Malic is murdered, but Sara is recovered.
8 MarpenothElron dons a Helm of Chaos, and changes his personality. Alynna gives herself to him to save her spouses, and he abuses her terribly. Elminster cures him, but Alynna and Elron separate.
11 UktarGwella conceives her and Durin's second child. Due on 11 Uktar of '66.
1366 1 HammerAlynna and Elron make up on their 7th anniversary; Elron moves back in the next day.
5 HammerLaunch of Dwarven ironclad, and gnome steam-powered pirate hunter. Gnome ship blows up, killing Jenni. She is resurrected.
25 HammerGareth shows his pirate-hunter in a very successful demonstration.
1 AlturiakIndependent merchant consortium shows close copy of Gareth's ship; Gareth's wife is kidnapped by Ice, killed, retrieved and resurrected.
12 ChesOutbreak of magically-enhanced Scarlet Fever
Jolian gives birth to Jolund, dies
Elron & Heather sleep with each other.
17 ChesAzoun IV found alive and brought back to Toril. He retakes the throne.
23 KythornAzoun IV killed by War Wizards and Dragons; Alynna & Storm found complicit, forced to leave.
27 KythornElron is re-coronated King.
1367 6 TarsakhRoderic, Maddie, Rashan killed; Ann badly wounded at farmhouse
7 TarsakhStorm leaves for extended length of time on mission for Mystra.
1368 23 TarsakhHeather gives up health for Alynna.
21 FlameruleAlynna kills Shen Long; he is resurrected, leaves Suzail.
27 MarpenothAlynna presents Stonereaver to Durin
1369 summerTanner promoted from Constal to junior Oversword and knighted.
5 MarpenothAn exhausted Storm finally returns this evening after 2 1/2 years.
6 MarpenothIn the morning, a second Storm comes into the bedroom and slays the first Storm in bed.
7 MarpenothStorm turns out to be a vegetable duplicate of the original. Alynna failed to burn the vegetated duplicate of Storm. Elron would have, but Mystra intervenes and restores Storm to her true self.
8 MarpenothHeather falls down stairs, almost dies
Alynna begins advanced magical training with Mystra.
1371 14 MarpenothAlynna finishes advanced training with Mystra; now a 20th level wizard.
1 UktarAlynna becomes an initiate into the Mystral priesthood.
1372 GreengrassAlynna anointed as a priestess of Mystra.
1 MirtulHenric's daughter Elisa mauled in woods by owlbear.
28 MirtulThere is an exposion in the middle of the Farsea Marsh at the ancient underground city. It made a hole 5 miles wide and 1 mile deep, drained the swamp into the hole, caused an earthquake that was felt throughout Cormyr and surrounding areas, and formed a solid overcast over all of Toril.
4 KythornAlynna assigned to Mystran temple in Caer Corwell
5 KythornAlynna first meets Gwynn, Lael, Malechi, Donovan
13 KythornDove Falconhand returns.
14 KythornKing Elron killed in battle with Dragon Lord; he also killed the Dragon Lord, saving Cormyr from the dragons for several hundred years.
18 Kythorn[Annaria is revealed to be a 14th level wizard.]
25 KythornKing Elron is interred in the Royal Mausoleum under the Palace.
26 KythornThe overcast starts to thin. It becomes a little warmer and brighter during the day.
Someone tries to kill Izak by sabotaging his gryphon saddle. A lesser noble from Arabel is suspected, and Malcom will take care of it.
Alynna and Izak learn the true story of Elron's death from Kirri.
4 FlameruleA storm occurs which finally breaks up the overcast.
MidsummerIzak is coronated King of Cormyr
ShieldmeetA Lord's Ball is held at which all lords and nobles reaffirm their fealty to King Izak.
Alynna restores Heather's health.
2 EleasiasJewel kidnapped, Malcom Truesilver found murdered; a greater doppelganger had taken his place.
Damian blinded.
5 EleasiasAlynna abdicates her crown, leaves Cormyr and moves to the Moonshaes with Damian. Her entire family, less Izak, go with her.
12 MarpenothLaspeera attempts to take Jewel away from Roderic.
A vampiric Ice goes to Alynna to seek protection from Draykin, but Draykin convinces her to return with him.
22 MarpenothAnnaria almost miscarries, but Damian saves her.
Alynna and Izak discover the elves of Cormanthor are gone and the drow have moved in.
Izak gives the old Bleth House to the Tallman Family.
23 MarpenothAleethia is killed in lab explosion.
Oversword Danial Tanner heads Roderic's new house guards.
1373 Early HammerAlynna discovers Gwynn is pregnant with Izak's child.
Tilverton destroyed two rides ago.
19 FlameruleUlra defeats high priestess of Shar.