Gaming Session Game Dates for 2010

Session Start Finish Notes & Highlights
20101231 21st Alturiak 1387 (Hullack), mid-morning
20th Alturiak 1387 (Lycosia), mid-evening
21st Alturiak 1387 (Hullack), late-morning 20th: Jullian bathes & changes before Philla's service is over, Jullian talks with Jewel Izak and Pegan after the service then talks with Philla, Jullian takes the night shift and has an uneventful night;
21st: Alynna finishes healing Malic then sends him to finish his patrol, Alynna goes to Mystra and Sharess and relays the message Alax sent her from Mask, Alynna takes time to change her prepared spells then she Mystra and Sharess go to Gond's temple in Lantan, Mystra and Sharess cure Gond of his insanity while Alynna holds off the priests, once sane Gond gives them the Cyrinishad, Mystra takes them back home then after discussion they decide to have Bahamut destroy the book with his breath, Mystra takes the three of them to Bahamut's plane where Bahamut agrees and destroys the Cyrinishad, the three return to Alynna's house the the two goddesses return to their plane, Alynna spends the remainder of the day unevetnfully at home, after finishing his lord's work Alax goes to Suzail to see Jewel to ask permission to borrow books from the palace library and discuss a decree about mandatory public schools, Alax convinces Jewel to make the schools voluntary instead.
20101225 21st Alturiak 1387 (Hullack), start of day 21st Alturiak 1387 (Hullack), mid-morning
20th Alturiak 1387 (Lycosia), mid-evening
21st: Jullian wakes up abashed to find herself snuggled to Selūne and falls to her knees, Alax and Selūne reassure her then Alax and wives have fun together while Selūne leaves the bed, Selūne returns with coffee by the time they are done and they talk more, they get up and dress for breakfast but Alax is called away to deal with a missing patrol while the others eat, Alax has Elron scroll to find Malic seriously hurt at an outpost through accident rather than combat, Alynna goes to heal Malic and talks with him after he regains consciousness, Alax returns home to eat breakfast then goes to the HQ building to work, Mask comes in Alysan's guide to tell Alax to relay to Alynna that Gond is insane and in his temple in Lantan, Alax relays the message to Alynna, Astra and Morgan wake up to the aroma of Kira's cinnamon rolls and they get up dress and go down to talk to Kira, after his military work is done Alax has Ashrika take him to Eagle Peak to visit the Temple of the Rampant Eagle (Torm) but the priest there insultingly rejects Alax as a convert to Torm, Alax leaves and swears himself to the Red Knight, Ashrika returns Alax home, Jullian returns to Lycosia after Alax finishes breakfat and watches the evening ceremony.
20101224 20th Alturiak 1387 (Hullack), afternoon 20th Alturiak 1387 (Hullack), end of day 20th: Kira and Astra continue their talk, Mask visits the Mystran temple and reveals that Helm forced her to take Alysan as an avatar and bound them to the prime plane for a thousand years, Mask reveals it was Talona who tricked him into reading the Cyrinishad and that Gond also read it and still has the book, Selūne visits Alax and spends the rest of the day with him and his family, Alynna Mystra and Sharess have stew sent from Jenni then a little while after dinner they all go to Alynna's house, Alynna is surprised to find Storm at home going through Alynna's spellbook, Storm says she just needed time to her own thoughts and wants to restore their spell-bond, Alynna agrees to restore it the next morning, Mytra tells Storm everything that Mask told them, Alynna goes to bed to sleep at Mystra's insistence while Storm stays up to guard the goddesses, Selūne joins Alax Sue and Carmen in bed, after lovemaking Selūne summons a sleeping Jullian next to her to keep her warm.
20101218 20th Alturiak 1387 (Hullack), morning 20th Alturiak 1387 (Hullack), afternoon 20th: The Red Knight is brought wounded to the temple by a Dragon patrol, Alynna takes the arrow out of her and she rests in the temple, word spreads of the Red Knight's presence and some Dragons begin gathering but Alynna sends them away citing her need to rest and heal, Alax learns of this and comes too but Alynna sends him away as well, the gods present continue their discussion, after lunch the Red Knight leaves the temple and visits Alax briefly, the Red Knight promises to send hound archons to help with patrols given the high casualties Cormyr's forces suffered and discusses other topics with him, Sharess and Astra and Morgan go to the twins' towers to find Trent and Jaleen hanging but not yet dead, Astra cuts them down and learn that Alysan was actually Mask after all (Trent was wrong) and that Trent have taken Astra's children, Astra devises a plan to rescue her children and Sharess promises to keep Mask busy, Astra and Morgan succeed in rescuing their children, a couple of hours later Sharess returns believing she has discovered the cause of Mask's madness -- that she has found and read Cyric's book, Selune leaves the temple to see Alax, Sharess goes to the temple to tell Mystra of what she found, Sharess dashes any remaining hope that Alysan is still alive and Alynna is depressed knowing that Storm will hate her, Mystra leaves to handle the problem, Alynna tells Storm the bad news and Storm leaves her and breaks their link, a few hours later Mystra returns saying she has removed the madness from Mask using a devine-enhanced restoration, Mask comes to the towers with Alysan's appearance and forces herself on Trent before leaving, Mask wanted them to help Gond then give Cyric's book back to her but Trent didn't agree to all of it, Kira comes by the towers with brownies and to discuss her project with Astra and Morgan.
20101217 20th Alturiak 1387 (Hullack), morning 20th Alturiak 1387 (Hullack), morning 20th: Alynna and Mystra lie down to let their wounds heal, Elron and Storm remain on guard over the restrained Mask, Astra and Morgan are aware of Mystra's pain and wnat to help so the go to Dweomer heart to talk to a Solar then come to the temple in Hullack, come to help, Mystra heals Alynna while Alynna sleeps without healing herself, Mystra wakes Alynna up for her to change into fresh clothes and the two of them talk with Astra and Morgan, Alynna learns that both Alysan and the mask have turned to ash, Alynna doesn't do well at comforting Storm, Alynna tries but fails to resurrect Alysan, Storm leaves wanting Alynna to leave her alone, Trent sends Astra a letter that Alysan is alive at the towers, Astra asks him to confirm and he does, Alynna relays the news to Storm, Alynn and the deities present dicuss who will replace the killed gods.
20101211 19th Alturiak 1387 (Lycosia), daytime 19th Alturiak 1387 (Lycosia), end of day
20th Alturiak 1387 (Hullack), morning
19th: In Lycosia a badly wounded Selūne and Sharess come through the Moongate and Jullian treats their wounds, they tell that they were with Sune and that Sune was killed, Selūne sends to Alax to watch over the temple in Hullack then the two goddesses rest, Jullian busies herself around the temple for the remainder of the day, Shaelyn's vision becomes as good as before once the swelling goes down, just before dinner Selūne and Sharess borrow clothes from Jullian then use the portal system to go to Hullack to join Mystra, Jullian has dinner with her family then performs the evening ceremony, Mask visits Jullian wanting to know the whereabouts of Selūne and Sharess, Jullian refuses to reveal it so Mask leaves after desecrating her altar, Jullian warns Alynna of Mask's visit, Alax hears Selūne's message so gets up in the middle of the night to make sure the Selūnite temple in Hullack is all right, Sue walks with him, they find the temple is fine so Alax and Sue check out the unmanned watchtower at the other side of the hill, Sue gets horny from the view so they do it in the tower, Alax and Sue talk for a while afterward before returning home to bed, Selūne and Sharess arrive at the Mystran temple and tell Mystra of Sune's death, Mask arrives and attacks Mystra but Alynna counterattacks and uses the divine-power-inhibiting metal rune-ball weapons against her, Alynna rips the mask off to reveal Alysan underneath and that Mask is actually the mask itself, Alynna ties the mask around a number of the divine-power-inhibiting metal rune-ball to neutralize its power.
20101204 19th Alturiak 1387 (Hullack), evening
19th Alturiak 1387 (Lycosia), morning
19th Alturiak 1387 (Lycosia), daytime 19th: Jullian finishes her visit with Willis then heads back to Lycosia, she finds Lynn awake again and getting several of the temple people drunk, Jullian sends them off to sleep or back to duty, Shaelyn takes a big swig of what Lynn was drinking and doesn't like it, Jullian talks with Lynn for a bit then has breakfast and starts the day's work, Alax gives Cameal the job of looking after the guard dogs each day, Alax and Ashrika discuss her purchase of a fair amount of silk to make clothes for the family from, a badly wounded Mielikki knocks on Edmunds door, Edmund ask Alynna to treat her and she does, Alynna removes a number of arrows from Mielikki's back, Alynna discusses the event with Mielikki and learns that Mask (in female form, not male) attempted to kill her, Alynna takes the arrows to Mystra on Dweomerheart and informs her of Mask's threat, Mielikki shortly joins them, Mystra agrees that she is safer on the prime plane and goes with Alynna to the Hullack temple, Alynna summons Storm and Elron to help defend Mystra, Jullian continues her baroness' work until Lynn wakes up and joins her and they talk for a bit, Lynn sent Shaelynn off to buy some things and Shaelynn admits she stole the items from the general store, Jullian is upset and tells her to return to the store with a guard and pay for them, Shaelynn returns with a black eye saying the storekeeper hit her, Jullian goes to question the guard and finds his loyalty lacking and his motivations mercenary, Jullian fires him and goes to discuss the situation with Kailib, Kailib apologizes and says there's one other guard with questionable loyalties and that he'll take care of it, Jullian returns to Shaelyn and uses powerful spells to heal Shaelynn but finds Shaelynn's visiion has still been damaged.
20101203 19th Alturiak 1387 (Hullack), evening 19th Alturiak 1387 (Hullack), evening
19th Alturiak 1387 (Lycosia), morning
19th: Alax receives a bill from a Suzail mage's supply shop for 137,000 lions worth of equipment delivered to Tallman House, Alax posts orders to the dragons regarding handling of the dogs then goes to visit Tallman House, he finds Kira alone working on making a life-extending potion using the purchased equipment and a Philosopher's Stone she obtained from Lord Misrim, Kira scrys on Lynn and she and Alax find Lynn being treated by Philla for an ankle injury, Alax heads to Lycosia to see what has happened, Kailib awakens Jullian to tell her of Lynn's injury, Alax and Jullian arrive simultaneously to check on Lynn, Lynn tells that she broke her ankle tripping on a hole in the temple garden while walking with Lionar Lord Torchtower, Alax returns home and Jullian walks in the gardens and finds the hole, Jullian is nearly bitten by a hognosed viper when she examines the hole but Shaelyn captures the beast using magic, Jullian Shaelyn Tauivae and Sia take the captured snake to give it to Willis and Willis accepts it.
20101127 19th Alturiak 1387 (Hullack), morning 19th Alturiak 1387 (Hullack), evening 19th: Alax meets Blade Amy (his clerk) and she proves to be good at her job but doesn't look like a likely warrior, Alax catches Cameal letting the guard dogs out of the kennel repeatedly and tells her to stop but she ignores him then runs into the house, Alax goes in and spanks her for disobeying her then learns that she did it because some Dragons were abusing the dogs, Alax goes out to deal with the situation and finds one Dragons started it, Alax gets bit by a dog then punches the Dragon before going in to get Rashan to heal his bite, Alax learns that Amy is taking part time classes at the academy thanks ot her father who is the commandant and also became a dragon (despite terrible fighting skills) thanks to his influence, the rest of Alax's day is uneventful, after dinner Alax visits Edmund and asks for his help with the dogs, Edmund agrees and they go to the keep, Edmund gets the dogs to calm down with a speak with animals spell and gets them to work with the Dragons again, Rashan healds the dogs wounds and Alax issues orders for their decent treament, Alax relieves the dragon who had led the beatings before of all duties inolving the dogs.
20101126 19th Alturiak 1387 (Faerūn), morning 19th Alturiak 1387 (Faerūn), morning 19th: Alynna talks more with Damian, then goes to rejoin Storm Naladar and Ivory who are in the music room, after they play a bit more music all four return home to Hullack for Lunch, Elron tells Alynna of his visit with the twins and Alynna tells him Damian is alive, Elron and Alynna make plans for her birthday, Alynna works in the temple for the rest of the afternoon, Alax wakes up and hs fun with his wives then has breakfast, Alax does his lordly work then visits the abandoned temple to Helm but Helm gives no sign of listening, Alax goes to the Helmite temple in Suzail to find the temple in turmpil, Selūne visits to tell Alax of Helm's death, Alax goes to the Dragon HQ to find the griffon stable project has been put off, Lord High Marshal Silversword gives Alax command of the Hullakc garrison and ressigns the current commander, Alax takes the orders to the constal in command of Hullack, the constal leaves and Alax summons his officers to meet with, Alax lerans that only three officers survived the battle - lionars Carmen, Phelps and Winters, Alax learns of how few forces he has left (50 now, 110 in a ride after 60 have recovered from wounds received in battle, 55 infantry, 35 cavalry, 20 archers), Alax gives Carmen command of the cavalry Phelps the infantry and Winters the archers, Alax gives them orders and dismisses them.
20101125 19th Alturiak 1387 (Faerūn), morning 19th Alturiak 1387 (Faerūn), morning 19th: The assassin is taken away for further questioning while Jullian and Jewel have lunch, by the end of lunch the interrogators report that they learned of a Sharran high priestess plotting to kill all Selūnite priestesses in Cormyr, Jewel orders her capture and Jullian takes Tauivae and Sia back to Lycosia and puts them to bed, Jullian finds Philla talking with a Shard in one of the side chambers, Jullian joins the conversation and learns that the god Helm has been killed, Jullian reports what she learned of the Sharran plot to the shard, Jullian and Philla talk a bit then Jullian goes to bed, Astra Morgan and Alysan during breakfast then Elron arrives to visit, Elron talks with Astra and takes some of their gems to make jewelry with then visits with his grandchildren for the rest of the morning while Astra and Morgan work, Trent checks on the twins and Astra talks to him for a bit, Alynna and Damian continue their conversation.
20101120 19th Alturiak 1387 (Faerūn), morning 19th Alturiak 1387 (Faerūn), morning 19th: Alynna discovers that Damian is actually alive and present here and has hidden his survivial from her, Naladar reveals he's known about it for a little while, Damian reveals that menarians must choose mates and be bonded to them before puberty or the changes of puberty will drive them mad, Alynna and Damian have a lengthy conversation, Jullian is awaked to find Sue in her bed and her own breasts reduced in size, Jullian prays for guidance and Selūne comes to tell her that she did it as a gift, Jullian accepts this and likes the change, Jullian and Sue have some fun before getting up for the day, Jewel has a busy day on the throne, Lord Crownsilver comes and bandies words with Jullian to find that she matches wits with him, Jewel enters and takes over from Jullian, Jullian stays to watch until lunchtime, Tauivae and Sia come looking for Jullian and they find that Sia can't read faces and moods very well, on the way to lunch a worshipper of Shar attempts to assassniate Jullian but misses first then only hits her shoulder, the would-be assassin is captured by the Royal Guard, Jewel carries Jullian to the study where a Dragon surgeon/cleric of Tyr removes the bolt and heals her, Jullian questions the assassin.
20101119 19th Alturiak 1387 (Faerūn), start of day 19th Alturiak 1387 (Faerūn), morning 19th: Alynna wakes up to Ivory cooking breakfast, Erin is not present at breakfast so Alynna scrys and finds her naked playing poker with some Dragons in the keep, Alynna teleports there but finds she's not in trouble at all but is cleaning out the dragons, Erin reveals that she's intimate with a young dragon named Wulf, Alynna talks with the dragons while Erin dresses, Alynna and Erin get back home to find that Naladar borrowed Alynna's amulet of the planes to go to Menaria, Alynna has her breakfast then Naladar returns safely, Alynna and Ivory talk, Alynna storm Naladar and Ivory visit Menaria, Ivory gains a violet-colored vraxa companion, Alynna checks on the Oghmans Hanna and Margret while Storm and Ivory visit the conservatory, after that the four of them visit Damian's mansion to store Ivory's blood in the family vault, they find an image of Damian in a mirror claiming to be a store of Damian's memories created by him for the benefit of the children.
20101113 18th Alturiak 1387 (Hullack), lunchtime 18th Alturiak 1387 (Faerūn), end of day 18th: Ivory is much better behaved at dinner and has agreed to apprentice as a bard under Storm, Kailib stays to talk a bit with Jullian an Alax then returns to Lycosia, Jullian returns to the throneroom while Morgan drags Astra and Alax off to a private room for some time together, after some intimate time Astra and Morgan rturn to Jullian while Alax returns home to Hullack, no one brings any business to Jullian so at the end of the afternoon she makes the rounds of the Royal Court and sees how Kandra is doing reconstituting the Royal Guard, Hector gets his orders so he gives his crew liberty while he and Patricia head home to Suzail, Hector talks with his parents a bit before looking for Kandra in the palace, Hector finds Kandra and talks with her a bit then gets Jullian to order Kandra to go home for the evening, Jullian and Astra and Morgan have dinner with Jewel and Izak and family and talk, Astra and Morgan go home to their towers and find Jaleen watching over Aluara who is sick, Astra feels a high fever and gets Jaleen to use a spell to cure Aluara, Trent is spending time with Alysan, Alynna talks to Naladar and Ivory in private and gets them to admit they did use Sasha's syrings to inject Naladar's blood into Ivory, Alynna lectures them about that, the rest of the evening is peaceful for everyone.
20101112 18th Alturiak 1387 (Hullack), late morning 18th Alturiak 1387 (Hullack), lunchtime 18th: Tauivae takes Sia to see the temple in Lycosia, Mia and Cathrina reveal a serious demographic issue (lack of fertile men) on their world, Sasha tells Alynna she thinks Naladar injected Ivory with some of his blood (rather than being sexually intimate) as the cause of her transformation, Jullian questions Izak about how Lord Crownsilver thinks of her and finds its because of a hatred for Selūne and that he favors Helm, Morgan lets slip that Helm tried to impose himself upon Morgan in ways other than dumping the shadow weave upon her and Alax has a crisis of faith, Izak reveals that while he believes in all the gods he has no specific patron and Astra is upset by that, they all have lunch in the dining room and talk, a newly-resurrected Kailib comes to visit Jullian and she is overjoyed.
20101106 18th Alturiak 1387 (Hullack), breakfasttime 18th Alturiak 1387 (Hullack), late morning 18th: Jarisha brings Ivory back to Alynna after Ivory collapsed, Alynna examines her and finds that Ivory is being transformed into a human-menarian hybrid thanks to Naladar's relationship, Alynna researches whether the transformation can be reversed while Storm has Midnight resurrect Triss as their closest expert on Menarians, Triss and Alynna discuss the situation with Naladar and Jarisha, Ivory wakes up and Jarisha explains the situation to her and decides Ivory must stay here with Naladar, Alynna goes with Jarisha to her home to collect Ivory's things, Alynna returns and Ivory settles in, Ivory reveals an exceptional musical talent, Elron comes in with Rin and he and Alynna discuss the boy, after breakfast Alax and Sia head to Suzail, Jullian is awakened to handle some business with Jerrid Dauntinghorn then Kandra Dauntinghorn, Jullian has breakfast then Alax and Sia come in and talk a bit, Morgan has a fit that Alax is marked by Selūne, Morgan willfully goes to see Tauivae despite Astra and Jullian telling her not to, Astraloses her cool and curses Morgan, Morgan quickly reappears along with Sia and Tauivae after Mystra punishes Morgan for her willfully leaving Astra, Alax leaves to check on things at the Dragon HQ, the current leading war wizard comes in and reports to Jullian, those remaining in the throne room talk, Tauivae and Sia get along well, no crown business is brought before Jullian, Izak comes in to talk a bit then he leaves to have a word with Crownsilver, Alax finds that the Dragons overall are at half strength real-wide and works with Siversword a bit then returns to the palace, some time later Izak returns to say that thigns are fine with Crownsilver at the price of promising his son will marry Crownsilver's daughter when they come of age.
20101105 18th Alturiak 1387 (Suzail), very early morning 18th Alturiak 1387 (Hullack), breakfasttime 18th: Cathrina and Mia enter the palace to report that all enemy pockets are cleaned out of the city, Mia reveals that she knows a lot about the royal family and Cormyr (more than she should having only been here for a day or so) and that she is both telepath and empath, Astra and Morgan go fetch Natasha and Philla at Jullian's request, Jullian tells her mates she needs to remain in the palace for a day or two, Lynn takes Kira home to get some rest, Jullian goes to the study to sleep, Astra Morgan Cathrina and Mia guard the throne, Alax wakes up alone with Selūne, Alax meets Sia (Mia's daughter) guarding outside his room after knocking his house guard out, Alax goes down to breakfast with Sia his bodyguard and Selūne shortly follows them, Ivory (druid Jarisha's daughter) wakes Alynna up rudely challenging her for Naladar, Alynna goes down to give her a spanking, Jarisha briefly shows up to say her daughter disappointed her, Alynna goes inside to find Naladar is very embarrassed by Ivory's actions and reveals that he and Ivory are having a relationship, Alynna advises him to have a talk with Elron about men's issues, Alynna and Naladar go down to breakfast.

[Alax gets 5,000XP for the battles in Lycosia and Suzail and killing the Master in session 20101022; everyone else who participated in the battle (basically all PC's except Astra, Morgan, Roderic and Edmund) get 3,000XP.]

20101030 17th Alturiak 1387 (Suzail), late evening 18th Alturiak 1387 (Suzail), very early morning 17th: Jullian wakes the Moonmaiden to ask her for advice and Selune tells her she can be queen and high priestess and chosen together, Jullian is doubtful but obeys, Jullian goes to Suzail and discusses coronation with Lords Emmarask and Silversword, Lord Crownsilver enters to proclaim Jullian unworthy of the crown and insults her, he proclaims his own willingness to be coronated, Jullian dismisses him with a biting remark, a wounded Laspeera enters to reveal more detail about Rhigaerd's death that leads Emmarask to declare that Rhigaerd was never legally dead so he is still king, Laspeera leaves and Jullian is relieved, Jullian agrees to be a temporary regent while Jewel recovers, Elron enters with a boy child he introduces as Rin who is his new apprentice and Shaelyn's future wife, Jullian objects to any matchmaking at Shaelyn's age, Elron says he just knows that Rin is the right one for Shaelyn, Jullian and the lords review candidates for new Royal Guards but Jullian doubts them capable or worthy, Kandra Dauntinghorn enters to deliver a report to Lord High Marshal Silversword and gets herself nominated as new captain of the Royal Guard by Silversword and Jullian, Jullian has Silversword issue an order to Hector to spend three days at home next time he's in port, Kandra helps with the guard selection by approving one but rejecting the others, everyone else leaves and Jullian Astra and Morgan talk for a bit, Jullian goes to talk with Jewel while she has a midnight snack, Jullian gets a fruit lunch for herself and takes it back to the throne room to share with the twins, Izak enters to discuss with Jullian an idea for a council of Obarskyrs to help the king make policy decisions, Lynn enters the throne room carrying a badly wounded Kira and says that a few left-over enemy attacked Tallman House to kill all the servants and wound them, Jullian tends to Kira and heals her, Izak leaves to oversee a mop-up operation to ferret out remaining survivors, Morgan says something hurtful to Lynn.
20101029 17th Alturiak 1387 (Suzail), evening 17th Alturiak 1387 (Suzail), late evening 17th: Mystra tells Alynna more of the deaths of her son and grandchildren and that all but Izak were restord to life when Alax killed their murderer, Mystra tells Astra and Morgan to guard the throne room and the twins do just that, Elron Sr. goes into the throne room to talk to the twins after freeing Izak from his sword pinning his body to the wall in the Great Hall, Alynna leaves Mystra to go to the Great Hall and resurrects Izak after his body is cleaned up, Alynna goes home to tend to other family injuries, after a few hours Astra and Morgan talk to a maid about events as the cleanup begins, a woman Royal Dragon comes to Hullack to fetch Jullian to the throne but Jullian resists and goes to confer with Selūne, Alynna fully heals Malic and Erin then goes to the Great Oak to tend to Alycia, Quentin brings a wounded Naladar to the great oak and Alynna tends to him as well while lecturing him about worrying her, Alynna tends to Puppy and Old Grumpy, Storm returns home, Alynna goes home to bathe then rest with Storm, in the throne room lords Emmarask and Silversword come to talk to Astra and Morgan and to await Jullian's arrival.
20101023 17th Alturiak 1387 (Suzail), morning 17th Alturiak 1387 (Suzail), evening 17th: Cathrina comes in to tell Alax the battle is won, Alax tells her (to her surprise) that the Master is dead, Alax escorts Jewel to her bedroom and they encounter Rhigaerd alive and theorizes that the people the Master vampirically drained were returned to life upon his death, Alax puts Jewel to bed then sends a cleric to her before returning to duty to manage the end of the battles, William finds Roderic and Edmund and gets them to start back to town, Alynna wins a costly and tough-fought battle in Hullack then begins tending to the wounded, Alax learns that the battles are being won all over and that other divine aid was witnessed as well (Tempus in Suzail and the Red Knight in Arabel), Alax visits Jewel briefly then goes home, Sue is alarmed to see Alax's physical changes (Selūne's power has marked him) and sends Cille to get Jullian, Cille awakens Jullian and Jullian comes right away, Jullian starts examining him then Selūne appears to explain what happened, Selune takes Alax up to get him cleaned up for dinner then she joins the family at dinner, Roderic William and Cameal return in time for dinner, Edmund finds most of his family wounded in the battle and tends to them until a cleric can, at dinner Cameal is suspicious of Selūne and what she did to Alax, after dinner Alax goes straight to bed to sleep and Selūne joins him, Jullian stays with Sue, a Dragon comes to take Jullian to the palace to take the throne, Jullian questions him and learns that Jewel Rhigaerd and Willis were killed in the battles making her next in line, Jullian resists the idea so the Dragons stay to guard her, at the end of the afternoon Alynna goes to check on Willis and finds him and Triss dead and drained, Alynna gets her staff of life and resurrects him, Willis is insane from the pain of his death so Midnight casts a greater restoration to cure him of it, Alynna scrys to see Elisa rerturning with the children, Alynna goes to ask Mystra about Storm's fate and learns that Storm is safe on the world of Methuselah, Alynna learns from Mystra that her son and grandchildren were killed in the battle.
20101022 16th Alturiak 1387 (Lycosia) 17th Alturiak 1387 (Suzail), morning 16th: Alax and Cathrina continue their conversation, Mia (Cathrina's mage companion) bites Alax revealing herself to be half-human and half-methuselan, Jullian organizes an effort to tend to the wounded and get them off the battlefield, Alax reviews the troops, Jullian finds Kailib dead and vampirically drained and has his body taken to the temple;
17th: Alynna's bond with Storm is broken, immediately after the Mystran temple is attacked by a fource of four mages and a dozen warriors from the eastern kingdom, after a hard fight the attackers are killed, Alynna treats Sasha for injuries, a much larger force attacks Hullack town and other places around Cormyr, Alynna goes to help defend Hullack after finished healing Sasha, Sue sends William into the forest to find his grandfather and uncle then goes to Lycosia to tell Alax, a messenger comes to Alax from Suzail saying the main attack is there, Alax goes to Suzail to command the main battle, the battle goes poorly until Alax organizes a desperate cavalry charge to break the enemy line, Alax reaches the palace and finds Izak and Jewel dead along with seemingly all of the Royal Guard, Alax finds the Master assaulting Laspeera, the master kills Laspeera before fighting Alax, Selūne puts her power into Alax and with that Alax kills the Master, Jewel comes back to life upon the Master's death and Alax talks with her.
20101016 16th Alturiak 1387 (Hullack) 16th Alturiak 1387 (Hullack) 16th: Alynna and Elron continue their conversation before going to bed, Alax's wives return from shopping and have a peaceful evening before bedtime, Alynna talks with her daughters over breakfast, Lynn arrives and lets slip to Shaelyn that she is a daughter of Alax and Jullian, Jullian and Lynn talk in private with only Tauivae listening, Jullian and Lynn go to Shaelyn and Jullian has to tell Shaelyn who Lynn is, Jullian greatly stresses that Shaelyn is to live her own life and to not feel constrained to make the same choices Lynn did, a few enemy methuselans attack Natasha outside, Lynn takes the children to safety while Jullian Kailib and the temple guards go out to help, Natasha falls but tells Jullian that the attack has started, Jullian has the Dragons send word to Alax, Jullian regenerates Natasha's crippling wound and sends her inside the temple, a second larger wave of the attack begins and Jullian works with the garrison commander to defend the town, Alax notified and he first goes to Suzail but finds its peaceful so he goes to Lycosia, Alax crushes the enemy after a lengthy battle, Kandra Dauntinghorn shows up with some light cannon to help turn the tide of victory, Cathrina and her mage companion also come to help, Alax and Cathrina discuss what to expect next from the enemy.
20101015 15th Alturiak 1387, late afternoon (Lycosia) 16th Alturiak 1387 (Hullack) 15th: Jullian and Selūne continue to talk about Shaelyn and Shar, Selūne restores the altar that Shaelyn destroyed, Shaelyn appears to no longer use shadow magic since the magical ball she created to play with is silver in color rather than black, Selūne and Natasha discuss the invasion from the Methuselan Eastern Kingdom, after dinner both Jewel and Alysan come for the small ceremony of vigilance, Jullian hides Alysan in a side room so Jewel doesn't see her, the ceremony of vigilance (for the 'veiled moon') lasts all night and Jullian stays by Selūne's side the entire night, at the end of the ceremony at Dawn Selūne tells Jullian that she sensed danger from Mask present but that Jullian's ceremony warded it off, Jullian talks with Jewel then Jewel heads home, Jullian goes to talk with Alysan, Alysan admits that she is a follower of mask and she came with the intent to kill Selūne but couldn't because the Moonmaiden was never left alone, Jullian is saddened, Alysan teleports back to the towers;
16th: Astra and Morgan worry about Alysan's absence then scry to find her at Jullian's temple, Astra and Morgan discuss their gemwork, Alax wives go shopping in Suzail for the day, a methuselan named Cathrina comes to Alax bringing scouts that can find the enemy methuselans and Alax accepts her help after confirming her identity (via messenger) with Natasha, Alax spends the afternoon talking with Cathrina and her companion to integrate her force into his battle plans, Midnight convinces Alynna to take the day off to relax and spend in bed with her and Alynna agrees, at the end of the day Alynna discovers that Elron was kicked and seriously injured by her horse Shadow.
20101009 15th Alturiak 1387, late afternoon (Hullack) 15th Alturiak 1387, late afternoon (Lycosia) 15th: Alax Sue and Carmen continue their conversation, Ashrika comes in and expresses concern that Shaelyn's rapidly growing power will take a toll on her, Alax mentions Astra and Morgan and they teleport in to join the conversation about Shaelyn, Astra agrees to teach Shaelyn more about why/when to use her power rather than just how, Astra and Morgan return home, Alax and family have dinner, Jullian wakes up and she and Natasha make out and Natasha feeds, Tauivae doesn't come to breakfast, Jullian finds her still asleep with fever, Jullian uses spells to cure the fever and Tauivae wakes up fine, they go to breakfast, after dinner Alax Sue Ashrika and Shaelyn go to Lycosia to visit Jullian, they first talk about marrying Ashrika into the family and agree on 24th Alturiak, Alax tells Jullian about what Shaelyn's been doing and Shaelyn is horrified, Shaelyn summons her shadow demon (that Jullian and Natasha recognize from books as a personal servant of Shar) but dismisses it when Jullian says Shaelyn must go through her to get to her wives, Jullian insisits she apologize before going to play with Tauivae but Shaelyn's apology is short and unconvincing, they talk a bit more about her then are interrupted with a loud explosion, they run to investigate and find that Tauivae said something unkind to Shaelyn, the junior priestesses teased Shaelyn then she destroyed the altar with black bolts. Jullian chastizes Tauivae and the junior priestesses, Jullian sends Tauivae and Shaelyn off to play, the adults talk a bit more then Alax Sue and Ashrika leave, Alax says goodbye to Shaelyn and Tauivae before leaving, the two girls are looking for a grave for a necklace for Shaelyn, Alax leaves and Jullian looks up the necklace in a book then goes to help her girls, close to the end of the day they unearth the coffin and Shaelyn takes the necklace that has a shard of a black gem, Shaelyn says it's a piece of Shar's soul and she will use it to kill Selūne then disappears, Jullian is heartbroken and believes her duaghter has to die and she will give her life defending Selūne, Shaelyn reappears horrified at Jullian's reaction and says it was a simple illusion and practical joke, Jullian shouts at Shaelyn forbidding her from using the necklace and wanting to die in punishment for allowing Shaelyn to dig it up, Shaelyn runs off crying and Jullian sends Tauivae to keep an eye on her, Selūne appears and talks to Jullian and takes the necklace.
20101008 15th Alturiak 1387, late afternoon (Hullack) 15th Alturiak 1387, late afternoon (Hullack) 15th: Alax finishes his conversation with Morgan, Shaelyn requests to come home with Alax so she can attend the wedding and help kill the 'intruders', Alax teleports home with Shaelyn, once Shaelyn sees Sue she summons her shadow demon to eat Sue, Alax orders Shaelyn to stop and call it off and only reluctantly does Shaelyn do so, Sue runs off to Carmen, Alax questions Shaelyn about why she would do that and Shaelyn explains that by 'intruders' she meant all of Alax's wives other than her mother Jullian, Alax thought she meant the creatures that attacked Cormyr, Shaelyn says she got the idea that her other mothers were intruders from Volo's latest book, Alax tells her the book is trash, Alax tells Shaelyn to apologize to Sue but Sue is angry and not ready to forgive, Alax sends Shaelyn to play with the children after Shaelyn assures him she doesn't want to harm her siblings, Alax goes back to Sue and Carmen to talk with them and comfort Sue, Alax learns from Sue that Alynna has Volo turned to stone and stored in Elron's barn.
20101002 15th Alturiak 1387, pre-dawn (Hullack)
14th Alturiak 1387, late afternoon (Lycosia)
15th Alturiak 1387, late afternoon (Hullack) 15th: Alynna Jullian Lynn and Kira talk more, Lynn is successful in a second attempt to wish away Kira's scars, Alynna takes Lynn and Kira to her temple, Alynna operates successfully on Lynn to remove a surprisingly large tumor, Alynna teleports Lynn and Kira back to Tallman House in Suzail then watches Kira rebuild her wards, Jullian has dinner then holds her memorial ceremony to a packed house, Alax wakes up and talks with his mates, Alax and mates decided to have a wedding ceremony for Ashrika since she can't stay in Cormanthor any more, Alax has breakfast then meets in Suzail with the Lord High Marshal to plan the defense of Suzail, Alax goes to visit Morgan to invite her to the wedding and finds Shaelyn has created a shadow-demon as a pet.
20101001 14th Alturiak 1387, late evening (Hullack) 15th Alturiak 1387, pre-dawn (Hullack)
14th Alturiak 1387, late afternoon (Lycosia)
14th: Alynna has a good if small memorial ceremony for the Mystrans who died, Lynn visits Jullian to see if there was an attack here and tells her Kira was hurt, Jullian insists she have Kira come, Kira has considerable facial scarring but the wound was already healed, Lynn attempts a limited wish spell to remove the scars but passes out, Jullian examines her and finds a lump in her side, the three of them talk for a bit then Lynn helps Jullian prepare the memorial ceremony, Alynna and Midnight finishe their ceremony then go home, Alynna stays up until near dawn then teleports to Lycosia and gets the workers out of the underground chamber after they've repaired the hole, Alynna goes into the temple and talks with Jullian Lynn and Kira, Alynna examines Lynn's lump.
20100925 14th Alturiak 1387, evening (Hullack)
14th Alturiak 1387, morning (Lycosia)
14th Alturiak 1387, late evening (Hullack) 14th: Jullian finds Sue Alynna and Midnight waiting for her and learns from them that Ashrika died, Mystra appears and tells Alynna and Midnight to hold a memorial service for nearly a hundred Mystran priests and aspirants killed by the methuselan-made creatures, Alynna and Midnight leave to do so, Jullian prays for a resurrection spell then begins to perform it, Alax arrives while Jullian is performing it, Ashrika is brought back to life, Sue is a bit unkind to Jullian, Alax and Sue take Ashrika back home, Jullian learns that many Selūnites died across Faerūn and does her own memorial service, Ashrika has a bit of dinner then goes to bed because she's tired, Sue joins Ashrika, Alax spends the remainder of the evening with the rest of the family before he and Carmen go to bed.
20100924 14th Alturiak 1387, end of afternoon (Hullack) 14th Alturiak 1387, evening (Hullack)
14th Alturiak 1387, morning (Lycosia)
14th: Alax goes home and finds Sue leaving to be with Ashrika, Sue's in a bad mood and Alax explains that he's not in a good mood either, Sue leaves, Alax cleans up then eats, Alax talks to Cameal then William, Alax discovers that William and his trainer Sylvia have been fooling around and Alax isn't happy about it, Alax returns to Suzail to find that the battles are done with, Alax meets with Laspeera and Silversword to do some more planning, Alax leaves the meeting to go to Lycosia, Alynna and Midnight go to Lycosia, Jullian wakes and arises.
20100918 14th Alturiak 1387, morning (Hullack) 14th Alturiak 1387, end of afternoon (Hullack) 14th: Alax receives Sasha's intelligence on the creatures and priests, Alax receives word that Ashrika has been killed, Alax asks Alynna to go to Cormanthor and check on things, Alynna goes and takes Sasha with her, Alynna finds Ashrika is dead and that the drow have one of the priests (actually a mage) prisoner, with Sasha's help Alynna interrogates the man and finds him quite talkative, Alynna then goes to talk to Ashrika's brother Callyhm, Alynna and Sasha take Ashrika's body to Jullian's temple in Lycosia for later resurrection, Alynna and Sasha return home to make sure the home and temple are safe, Alynna goes to Suzal to arrange a meeting with Jewel and others to discuss what she learned and to ask for a diamond from the vault, Alynna returns home, Alax continues to be very busy coordinating many small battles against the creatures all over Cormyr and his forces suffer high casualties, at the end of the afternoon Alax Alynna Jewel Laspeera and Lord High Marshal Silversword meet to discuss the situation and Alynna tells them all of what she learned, the meeting adjourns.
20100917 14th Alturiak 1387, morning (Hullack) 14th Alturiak 1387, morning (Hullack) 14th: Alax goes to Thunderstone to check out the report of monsters, he finds a large one and fights it, Storm jumps in and helps him defeat it, Alax questions the cowering locals and finds out that a pale priest came through town and transformed the local garrison commander into the beast, Alax goes to the palace to report and finds another creature in the palace, Alax defeats the creature then finds Jewel fighting two more so helps defeat them, Alax kills another creature and is nearly killed himself while making sure Jewel's children are safe, Alax finds Jewel again then guards her while she cleans up then they go retrieve her children, Jewel orders Alax to investigate the creatures and lead the efforts against them, Alax is quickly drawn into directing a campaign against the creatures all across Cormyr, Royal Guards arrive in Hullack to guard Alynna and family and Alynna learns of the creatures, Sasha believes they remind her of evil priests from the Eastern Kingdoms on Methuselah.
20100911 13th Alturiak 1387, dinnertime (Hullack) 14th Alturiak 1387, morning (Hullack) 13th: Jullian gets up then finds Midnight awaiting her, Midnight asks her to perform the wedding ceremony for Elron and Sasha and Jullian accepts, Midnight returns home, Alynna informs Storm of the time and place of the wedding and Storm agrees to return for it, the rest of Alynna's evening is uneventful, the rest of Alax's evening is uneventful, Shaelyn gets her pseudodragon Karstiggian to interact better with Astra, later in the evening an imp torments Arnūnril until Astra kills the thing, Karstiggian reveals the imp came through a small tunnel from a cave below into the study, Astra blocks the hole and informs the others about it, Astra and Morgan go down the secret passage to clear numerous rats imps and other vermin then close a portal in the cavern they came through, Jullian has an uneventful day of teaching her students and checking on the repairs to the underground chamber, Jullian performs the evening ceremony and talks with Jewel a bit before going with her mates to Hullack to perform the wedding;
14th: Storm comes home for the wedding and Alynna is happy, during late morning Jullian and mates come to perform the ceremony for Elron and Sasha, Storm leaves afterward to continue her journey, Jullian asks a favor and Alynna agrees, Alynna goes to Lycosia with Jullian and mates and takes a close look at the secret underground chamber then returns home, Jullian talks with Tauivae a bit before tucking her in to sleep then goes to bed herself, Alax wakes up and has great sex with Ashrika, during breakfast both Alax and Ashrika receive vague messages that small towns in Cormanthor and Hullack have been beset with monsters.
20100910 13th Alturiak 1387, morning (Hullack) 13th Alturiak 1387, dinnertime (Hullack) 13th: Alynna and mates finish their talk about Alysan, Storm leaves and Alynna walks with her to the edge of town, Storm reveals she sold her Shadowdale farm to Quintin and Alycia, after breakfast Alynna and Sasha walk to the temple, Triss start being abusive to Sasha right off but Alynna stops her, a while later Alynna has to stop Triss from beating Sasha up and Alynna has harsh words for her, Alynna examines sasha to make sure both her and her baby are all right, Alynna discusses the incident with Midnight, Midnight goes to speak with Triss and soon after that Triss leaves furtively, Alynna finds Midnight has been hit in the head by Triss but she will be fine, Midnight tells Alynna to not pursue Triss, Midnight goes to see Jullian and waits for her to wake up, Alynna has an uneventful remainder of the day, Alax and wives and Astra and Morgan wake then talk a bit before getting up, Astra and Morgan return to the towers and have an uneventful remainder of the day with their gemwork and teaching Shaelyn, Alax has an uneventful remainder of the day with the engineers.
20100904 12th Alturiak 1387 13th Alturiak 1387, morning (Hullack) 12th: Elron offers to marry Sasha since she's pregnant, Storm announces she must leave to travel for a while, Alynna isn't pleased but she accepts it, Alynna and Storm try extra hard to please each other that night, Alax sets a trial time later that afternoon for Alysan's attacker but Alysan refuses to attend even after Alax warns her he may have to let the man go if she doesn't, shortly after Alax is told that every prisoner and Dragon guard in the jail have been killed by a single female assassin, Alax goes to see for himself then sends a ranger to track any odd prints leading away, the ranger follows tracks to Alysan's tavern, Alax goes to the tavern with a squad of Dragons to ask Alysan, after a brief attempt to deny it Alysan admits she's the assassin, Alysan twice refuses to invoke Royal Privilege so Alax arrests her and takes her to Suzail, Jewel is unhappy and has Alysan taken away to be executed, Alax returns home saddened and has a quiet rest of the evening, in the evening Alysan appears at Astra and Morgan's towers, Alysan tells Astra what happened and that she used an illusion to evade being executed and this enabled her to keep her promise to Alynna to stop being an assassin, Astra lets Alysan stay in the towers, Alysan phrases something so that Alynna will hear her words, Alax tells his family over dinner about Alysan, at bedtime Astra and Morgan visit Alax and wives in their bedroom and spend the night, Jullian has a generally peaceful day with routine work, Jullian gets word about Alysan's execution and discusses it with Jewel that evening when Jewel attends the service;
13th: Alysan's body is brought to Alynna first thing in the morning by Dragons and Alynna gets them to tell her what happened, Jewel arrives to further explain to Alynna and mates and says that the execution took place yesteray afternoon, Alynna realizes this means Alysan is alive but doesn't tell Jewel, after Jewel leaves Alynna gets her mates into a room spell-protected from scrying and informs them Alysan is actually alive.
20100903 12th Alturiak 1387, midday (Hullack) 12th Alturiak 1387 12th: Alynna finishes talking with Alysan, Mystra warns Alynna that Azuth will be testing the twins' abilities then tells Alynna she will be needed at home shortly, Alynna goes home to find Sasha being sick, Alynna examines sasha and finds her 35 days pregnant with a girl, Alynna realizes that since Sasha is 35 days along the father must be Willis rather than Elron, Morgan suddenly vanishes and cannot be scryed upon, Astra suffers dizziness and difficulty concentrating from the sudden absence of her sister, after Astra recovers her wits she goes to Mystra, Mystra tells her Morgan is needed for a research project, Azuth arrives to tell them Morgan is dead, Astra is enraged and tries to attack Azuth with her silver fire but nothing happens, Azuth brings a living Morgan back and says he will work on the problem further, Mystra explains Azuth is trying to fix a weakness in the twins, Astra and Morgan return home to relax and talk about the situation, during the evening a demon comes to try to attack Shaelyn but the demon is defeated by the combined efforts if Astra Morgan and (surprisingly) Shaelyn, Astra questions Shaelyn about the unexpected power she manifested, Astra and Morgan rest for the remainder of the evening
20100828 11th Alturiak 1387, late evening (Hullack) 12th Alturiak 1387, midday (Hullack) 11th: Astra and Morgan take Cameal home first, Alax is happy to see her and proud when Morgan tells of Cameal's bravery, Astra and Morgan deliver the other children to their homes and save Tauivae for last, Jullian is sleeping but Astra eventually tires of waiting for her to wake so Morgan wakes Jullian up, they tell Jullian what happened then leave and return to their towers for bed, Jullian checks on Tauivae then returns to nap, Alynna and Kira continue to talk while Alynna heals Lynn, Alynna prompts Elminster to come then she tells him of the raid and the name list they found, they discuss the situation with the phaerimm then Elminster leaves;
12th: Sasha invades the privacy of Alax's bedroom to deliver an ointment for his knee, Alax is thankful for the ointment but annoyed at the invasion of privacy, Sasha leaves, after breakfast Alax tends to his paperwork then goes to find the engineers all at Alysan's tavern, he finds that one of the engineers had been very rough with Alysan so he arrests him for assaulting a royal then tells the others to get back to work or face dereliction of duty charges, Alax returns to check on Alysan then calls Alynna to heal her, Alynna comes and examines then heals Alysan of her injuries.

[Alynna, Astra, Morgan, Storm, Elron, Midnight, Kira & Lynn get 2,000XP each for phaerimm raid during session 20100827.]

20100827 11th Alturiak 1387, evening (Hullack) 11th Alturiak 1387, late evening (Hullack) 11th: Kira and Lynna arrive and Alynna convinces them to join the raid, they see Tauivae brought in by the fifth phaerimm, they teleport in and defeat the four phaerimm and rescue the children, Astra and Morgan take the children back to Alynna's nouse, they search the place and find a room with several portals and some written lists with names but no more phaerimm, they find the entrance to the cave system and find it's in the mountains near Neverwinter, Alynna takes everyone but Lynn home and Lynn uses fundamental magic to destroy the portals and the cave system then she is teleported home with a contingency, Astra and Morgan take the children to their homes while Alynna tends to Lynn.
20100821 11th Alturiak 1387 11th Alturiak 1387, evening (Hullack) 11th: Alax wakes up to a cold room so he has to restart the fire, Alax catches William on the roof spying on the female dragons, after breakfast Alax spends the morning training William Vender and Erin, a Purple Dragon swordcaptain challenges William to a duel and he accepts, Alax steps in when it appears the swordcaptain is in deadly earnest, the swordcaptain complains about William peeping on his beloved, Alax sets him straight about the laws regarding dueling, after Alax breaks the duel up the beloved finally agrees to marry the swordcaptain and William admits that he and the swordcaptain planned the entire encounter to achieve that effect, Alax discovers over lunch that before Malcom Truesilver died he had written a book devoted to Alax's actions in the Shadovar War, during the afternoon Alax tends to his duties as lord and battlemaster, before dinner Jullian comes to see Alynna about Tauivae's disease and deafness, Lynn reveals this is what she had held back before and believes Tauivae's deafness to be irreversable, Alynna disagrees and believes Jullian has the power to cure it and sends Jullian home to rest then do so, in the evening Cameal is abducted from Alax's house and Alax calls to Alynna for help, Alynna scrys and finds Cameal has been taken by phaerimm, she devises a plan while Storm summons Astra and Morgan, they discuss plans then decide on a course of action and prepare to implement it.
20100820 10th/11th Alturiak 1387 (Suzail) 11th Alturiak 1387 10th/11th: Alynna and Storm take Alysan back home to her tavern in Hullack then they go home themselves and to bed, Jullian has a peaceful remainder of the day in her temple, Tauivae falls asleep during the evening ceremony and cannot be awakened, Jullian find Tauivae has a low fever and sits up all night with her;
11th: Alynna finds Lynn at the temple drunk and asleep, Alynna wakes Lynn up and Lynn says she's feeling badly about something she can't tell Alynna about, Alynna talks with Lynn and prays with her until Lynn falls asleep, Alynna has a quiet remainder of the day and scrys on some family to make sure they are all right, Jullian cures Tauivae of her fever with a spell but when she wakes up Tauivae is deaf.
20100814 10th/11th Alturiak 1387 (Suzail) 10th/11th Alturiak 1387 (Suzail) 10th/11th: Jullian prays for a resurrection spell to bring Alysan back, Alynna is awakened by the knocking of a messenger delivering Alysan's arms, Alynna questions the messenger and learns the box was sent by a Mulhorandi diplomat, Alynna informs Storm and they dress and go to Suzail to find out more, Jewel refuses to tell Alynna and Storm any details and suggests she doesn't want their help, Jullian performs the resurrection and brings back Alysan only with divine help, Alynna takes Storma and Alysan to Menaria where they can talk without being scryed upon, Jullian and Kailib return to the temple, Jullian uses the Moongate to go to Selūne and discuss Alysan and the secret rooms with her, after Jullian returns she helps the temple staff clean for the rest of the day, Alynna manages to talk Alysan into givingup her side profession as an assassin.
20100813 10th Alturiak 1387 (Lycosia) 10th/11th Alturiak 1387 (Suzail) 10th: Jullian finds that the scrolls in the jars in the newly-discovered chambers appear to be journals although she can't yet read them, a Mulhorandi messenger brings Jullian a pair of amputated woman's legs without any note explaining them, Kailib goes to the palace and learns that Alysan has been killed and goes back to tell Jullian, Jullian and Kailib take the legs to the palace to put with Alysan's head, Jullian talks to Jewel and learns of Alysan's side career as assassin, Jewel tells how she hired Alysan to kill the Mulhorandi ambassador and Alysan was killed as a result, Jullian plans to resurrect Alysan.
20100807 10th Alturiak 1387 (Hullack) 10th Alturiak 1387 (Lycosia) 10th: Alynna tells Astra of the family dinner and looks at what Shaelyn's been doing lately, Shaelyn expresses dislike of Kailib and the temple for keeping her mother and father apart, Alax returns home just before dinner and has a good dinner with his family, Jullian and Tauivae return to Lycosia after dinner, Alax has a peaceful evening with his family, during the night Alynna Astra and Morgan will all have dreams of family being tortured and murdered, Astra and Morgan decide to stay up all night for sex then work, in Lycosia Jullian treats a larger than average number of worker injuries and looks into it, she finds that the workers were trying to remove a petrified tree from the marketplace being excavated but the petrified tree has powerful protective magic, Jullian has Rolf stop trying to mess with the tree until she knows what is important about it, Tauivae discovers a buried chamber when the ground collapsed and she falls into it, Jullian rescues her with the help of Rolf and his workers, Jullian and Rolf explore the underground chamber and discover a scribe's chamber connected to some torture chambers that join to an undiscovered secet door in her temple.
20100806 10th Alturiak 1387 (Hullack) 10th Alturiak 1387 (Hullack) 10th: Alynna and Rashan aid Durin's family when their house catches on fire, after it's safe Alynna investigates and finds that the fire accidentally started from stoking the bedroom fireplace, Dellyna admits she had a mishap while stoking the fire and has an argument with Durin about her future, Dellyna is willing to try anything except smith warrior or cleric and decides on studying magic, Dellyna admits she shoplifts, Alynna offers to loan her a few books to start on, Rashan and Alynna decide to plan a large family dinner on the 20th, Alynna and Rashan spread the word to their families, Alynna finds that Joanus paid Alysan to beat up Edward for what happened to Tanja and Alynna puts a stop to it then heals Edward,
20100731 10th Alturiak 1387, morning (Suzail) 10th Alturiak 1387 (Hullack) 10th: Alax goes to the Dragon HQ to find that the engineers and the griffon-riders were absent from duty in going to the whorehouse so Alax reports them and has them rounded up and brought back, the shirkers are berated and their pay docked, Alax makes them work for the rest of the day on the building plans for the griffon stables, on the way home Alax learns that the owners of the orphanage were found to be murdering the children and selling them as food, after leaving the palace Jullian resurrected Mizzi (the little girl killed earlier in the morning) and talks with her to find more disturbing truths of her situation, Jullian goes to ask Rashan for advice and a comment brings Alynna into the conversation, Jullian asks Xander and Lirra if they will take Mizzi in and they agree so Jullian takes Mizzi to them, Alynna and Rashan go to castrate Mizzi's father to punish him for molesting her.
20100730 10th Alturiak 1387, morning (Hullack) 10th Alturiak 1387, morning (Suzail) 10th: Alax has Edmund track the questing high priestess from a distance, Alax and Jullian go to the palace to discuss the werewolf high priestess with Jewel, Jewel sides with Jullian on the legal matter of letting her handle the high priestess, Jewel gives Jullian a black pegasus as a gift, Jullian and Alax go to the vault where Jullian gets a diamond to resurrect the little girl with, Alax talks to the vault guard, Jullian returns to Hullack while Alax talks with Jewel for a bit then tracks down the engineers to find them at a whorehouse rather than attending their duties.
20100724 9th Alturiak 1387 10th Alturiak 1387, morning (Hullack) 9th: Alax finishes his own work quickly since it's a light day, Alax visits the Stately Oak and hires the owner elf's daughter Qemba to work as a second cook in his house, Alax spends the rest of they day training William Vender and Erin, Astra has a relatively uneventful day with her gemwork and teaching Shaelyn other than Shaelyn's faerie dragon Karstiggian escalating a series of pranks against Astra, Astra gets fed up and has Shaelyn lock the companion in her room, over dinner Astra discusses her dislike for the fairy dragin and warns Shaelyn not to depend on it in critical times, Jullian talks with Hellen about her desire for Alax and Hellen says she'll try to forget about Alax, the rest of Jullian's day is peaceful, after dinner Jullian takes Tauivae to Hullack to visit their other family;
10th Alynna had nightmares about her rape/cannibalization when she was young during the night and even has a quick vision after she wakes up, Alax and wives wake up to find Jullian visiting them and have some fun in bed with her, after breakfast Alax and Alynna are summoned to a crime scene where a young girl was torn up and eaten in her own home and discover it was likely a werewolf that did it, Alax Roderic and Edmund track the werewolf to the Selūnite temple on the hill, Alax questions the high priestess of the temple who says she is providing sanctuary to the werewolf, Alax decides to surround the temple with Dragons to catch the werewolf when it inevitably comes out, the high priestess goes out for supplies for the siege and sends letters of protest to Jewel and Jullian, Jullian gets it and responds immediately by going to the temple to talk with Alax and the high priestess, Jullian discovers the high priestess herself is the werewolf and she just lost control when confronting the father of the child who was abusing his daughter, Jullian sets an atonement quest for the high priestess and gets Alax to back off from the temple.
20100723 8th Alturiak 1387, daytime (Astra)
9th Alturiak 1387, start of day (Alax)
9th Alturiak 1387, end of day (Alynna)
9th Alturiak 1387 8th: Astra and Morgan lose their connection to the weave just before men dressed as Waterdhavian guards drop off a stone just outside their towers, Astra is suspicious and fears an impending attack, the god Bane comes to reveal he was testing it as a weapon against the phaerimm but that he also has ill intentions toward Mystra and the twins, there is a minor physical altercation between Astra Bane and Trent after which Bane leaves, Astra has her paladins roll the stone down the hill after which her connection to the Weave is reestablished, Mystra visits to make sure her daughters are all right then she destroys the stone and returns to her plane, Jullian talks with Darvan (the engineer Midnight hired to build the Mystran temple in Lycosia over the mine), Kailib spanks Tauivae when she deliberately disobeys him, Tauivae tells Jullian about it after the ceremony;
9th: Alax goes to the palace and catches Jewel and Alysan conducting some business, Alax talks to Jewel about that and about his own business and learns what Alysan's been doing of late, Alax talks to Alysan to try to stop her from fulfilling a contract to kill Edward, Alax asks Storm to come talk to her daughter and Storm says she will handle Alysan.
20100717 7th Alturiak 1387, late evening (Hullack) 8th Alturiak 1387, daytime (Astra)
9th Alturiak 1387, start of day (Alax)
9th Alturiak 1387, end of day (Alynna)
7th: Alynna and Storm return home to go to bed, Alax discovers that Lystara has nearly convinced Sue to leave home to move to elven lands, Alax has a talk with Sue first then a private talk with Lystara to insist she not attempt undermine the family, Sue surprises Alax by spending the night with him, the remainder of Jullian's day is quiet;
8th: Alynna goes to check on Sara and while she's there Sara's water breaks, Alynna calls Midnight to help, after a hard labor in which Sara nearly dies three healthy babies are born, Alynna goes to Suzail to ask Jewel for the services of two servants so Sara can get much-needed rest, Alynna and Midnight spend the night at Sara's house, Sue things Alax should let Emy go live her own life and hire a elven cook to replace her, Alax agrees to hire an elven cook but will keep Emy, Cameal and William tell Alax the house is haunted so they discuss that over breakfast, Ann agrees to check into it, Hellen visits and hits on Alax but he diplomatically declines, Erin is injured in training and Alax has Rashan treat her, in the evening Alysan visits Alax's home to play and sing for the family, early in the morning Ann's alarm wakes up the whole house when detecting a projection spell used to spy on them, Shaelyn got an infection from the homonculus scratch she got the previous evening and Jaleen treats it, Astra has a bad day with gemwork and discusses the previous evening's incident with Trent;
9th: Sara and Gantrin name their children Hanna, Herod and Darvic, Sasha is in Suzail helping to distribute medicine she made.
20100716 7th Alturiak 1387, evening (Hullack) 7th Alturiak 1387, late evening (Hullack) 7th: Elron returns home to tell what he did with Witherspoon then takes Alynna and Storm to bed, Tanja comes down to tell Henric that Edward went mad beat her then left looking for a 'priestess bitch', Damin calls for Alynna and she gets dressed to come tend to Tanja, Edward goes to Jullian's temple and tries to kill her but is stopped by her guards but not before cutting her up, Edward is manacled while Philla tends to Jullian's injuries, Jullian attempts to question Edward but he speaks in a language unknown to her that she assumes is Infernal, Jullian assumes possession and goes to prepare an exorcism spell, after Tanja is fully healed Alynna scrys on Edward to find him and sees he's restrained so goes to Jullian's temple, Storm stays behind with Tanja, The demon in Edward says he'll keep coming for her, Jullian performs the exorcism and drives the demon out but, Jullian questions Edward and confirms the demon was Tyfus and learns a few other things about him, Edward fears the demon ate his infant daughter but Alynna scrys and sees she was just put in Tess oven, Alynna informs Storm and Storm rescues the baby unharmed, Alynna takes Edward home and tells Henric and Tanja what happened.
20100710 7th Alturiak 1387 (Hullack) 7th Alturiak 1387, evening (Hullack) 7th: Astra and Morgan continue their chat with Alysan then the three of them go to visit Sara and find her working despite her late term pregnancy, Astra makes Sara rest while they visit, Astra Morgan and Alysan go around visiting the rest of the family until the end of the day after which they return home, Shaelyn helped Trent with household chores and did well, Astra discovers that Shaelyn's faerie dragon destroyed her lab and Astra tells Shaelyn to keep her pet under control, at bedtime as Astra tries to tuck Shaelyn in the dragon bites her, when Astra leaves the dragon attacks Shaelyn and Astra rushes back in to sve Shaelyn and kill the dragon, Trent and Jaleen come to help and they discover the dragon was actually a homonculus disguised by magic and that Shaelyn's faerie dragon was locked in the kitchen pantry, and that the homonculus was also being used by an unknown agency to spy on them, at dinnertime Erin tells Alynna of her day and also that she got some practical experience at sex with Carmen, and that Erin also has an upcoming date with Witherspoon, Alynna goes to talk with Carmen and verifies that Erin was the one who started it, Elron finds Witherspoon and takes him to Lycosia to get him away from Erin, Jullian suggests putting him on one of the ships at sea and Elron does so.
20100709 7th Alturiak 1387, breakfasttime (Hullack) 7th Alturiak 1387 (Hullack) 7th: Carmen takes Erin to Durin's shop to buy a sword and armor, the transaction is successfully completed even though Erin shows a bit of a bratty attitude towards Durin, Alax goes to organize the efforts of the Dragon engineers and finds them at the local Selūnite temple at the top of the hill, Alax finds them fighting a fire and helps them put it out, the high priestess is outraged at their plan to build a griffon stable at the other end of the hill and had killed an engineer in an argument prior to Alax's arrival but Alax insists and he and the engineers proceed with their work, Astra and Morgan come to see Alynna thinking she will start her epic ritual today but Alynna is not prepared so Astra and Morgan go around visiting family instead, Kira visits Alynna with a plan to track and hunt the phaerimm that turns out to be flawed but Alynna encourages her to continue working, Astra and Morgan visit Alax's house and Alysan's among others, Astra and Morgan discover that Alysan is now a bard/assassin who worships Mask but that she kills anyone who tries to get her to go after family.
20100703 6th Alturiak 1387, evening (Hullack) 7th Alturiak 1387, breakfasttime (Hullack) 6th: Elron says that it was Erins idea to leave not his, Alynna scrys and locates Erin getting money from the palace treasury so she and Jenni go to intercept her, Erin is defiant and claims she is on her way to see Jullian to become a priestess but her temper and reactions are that of a warrior so Jenni suggests she talk to Alax in the morning, Alynna does manage to talk Erin into returning home for the night, Hellen is waiting to see Jullian when she comes up for breakfast so Jullian invites her to join them, Hellen asks to be trained as a priestess and Jullian happily agrees, Jullian gets Hellen started as an acolyte the has an routine day, Jewel attends the evening ceremony then Jullian talks to her afterward, Jullian learns Rhigaerd sent a decree to Alynna too, Jullian decides to return to Suzail to have a talk with Izak since that's where Rhigaerd's getting his ideas, they find Izak being indiscreet with Jewel's personal maid and Jewel gets mad, Jullian tries to calm her down then Jewel decides to seduce Jullian in retrubution and Jullian responds, afterwards Jullian and Jewel talk a bit until Izak comes in and is surprised to see them together, Jullian talks to Izak about Rhigaerd, Izak tells that he heard from Dragons allegations that Jullian beats her girls and Jullian makes clear to him that's not true at all, Jullian Izak and Jewel have a good talk then Jullian returns to her temple in Lycosia, Jullian tucks Kathrae into bed then goes to bed herself and talks briefly with Kailib before going to sleep;
7th: Erin is waiting to see Alax when he comes down for breakfast, after some discussion Alax says she's too young to become a Dragon but that he will help train her, Erin starts to offer herself in payment but Alax stops her immediately, Carmen comes in during the embarassing scene but Alax explains things, Carmen helps advise Erin on armor, Carmen invites Erin to breakfast so the three of them head there.
20100702 6th Alturiak 1387, end of afternoon (Hullack) 6th Alturiak 1387, evening (Hullack) 6th: Alynna comes home to find Naladar tied up in a chair and gagged, Alynna learns Erin did it after Naladar gravely insulted her with implications of prostitution, Alynna learns tht the source of it was Naladar's reading a copy of that ownership of women decree that Rhigaerd had written (and supposedly sent only to Jullian), the resulting discussion reveals that Erin has been dating a local alleged knight and spending time with him at Alysan's tavern, Erin displays quite the attitude and Elron grounds her, after dinner they discover that Erin has snuck out of the house and is with the alleged knight in the tavern, Elron goes after Erin while Alynna goes to the palace to have a word with Rhigaerd about the decree, Alynna talks briefly with Jewel then with Izak and Rhigaerd, they assure her that she and Jullian got the only two copies written, Alynna makes sure Rhigaerd understands it could only be a joke and makes a veiled hint that if he doesn't learn some wisdom that there are other Obarskyrs who could sit on the throne, Jenni informs Alynna that Elron kicked Erin out of the house, Alynna returns home and starts discussing that with Elron and Jenni.
20100626 6th Alturiak 1387, morning (Suzail) 6th Alturiak 1387, end of day (Hullack) 6th: Jullian visits with Rhigaerd and little Elron, Rhigaerd makes clear that he was not joking about the decree and intends to implement it for real as soon as he's old enough, Jullian is quite offended and leaves to return home, Jewel meets up with Jullian on her way to attend services and is sad that Jullian is very offended with her son, after the ceremony Jullian goes to bed, Alax learns that men are tearing down the keep walls, Alax learns from the garrison commander he has orders to replace them with stone walls, Alax visits the Lord High Marchal (Lord Silversword) and gets confirmation on the order, Alax learns that Lord Monthar did not have the authority to fire him so he's still a battlemaster, Lord Silversword gives him a new assignment to oversee construction of griffin stables in every Dragon garrison to support increasing their number, Alax changes into his uniform and starts on that task, two Dragons bring a newly-resurrected Hellen to Alynna at her temple, after a brief talk Alynna takes her to see her son in Alax's house then returns to the temple, Alax is surprised to see Hellen when he gets home, Hellen leaves to go to Jullian's temple after dinner, Alax retires to bed with Ashrika and Carmen but not Sue.
20100625 5th Alturiak 1387, late morning (Lycosia)
(very late night in Hullack)
6th Alturiak 1387, morning (Suzail) 5th: Alynna informs Elron about what happened then they go to bed, Jullian receives a decree from Rhigaerd stating that women are henceforth the property of their husbands or fathers, Jullian has a discussion with a young acolyte expressing views not in line with Selūnite doctrine, after dinner Jullian and Kailib go to the palace to see about Rhigaerd's decree
6th: Jewel tells Jullian that it was just a writing exercise that went only to her, Jullian is relieved and goes to visit her nephews, Jullian finds Rhigaerd alone and getting beaten up by a commoner boy, Jullian breaks it up and restrains the boy until the guards show up, Jullian heals Rhigaerd's wounds and through talking him learns that Rhigaerd had the boy's father hung for stealing from the royal treasure, Jullian has the guards whip the boy with a belt then let him go, Jullian lectures Rhigaerd, Little Elron, and the guards that the guards should never be distracted from their duty of protecting the royals.
20100619 5th Alturiak 1387, start of day (Lycosia) 5th Alturiak 1387, late morning (Lycosia)
(very late night in Hullack)
5th: Jullian takes care of some morning amorousness then has a peaceful morning until Alynna and Storm arrive with Jenni, Alynna explain's Jenni's situation to Jullian, Jullian peruses some lore then performs a exorcism ritual to purge Jenni of the demonic presence possessing her, Jenni says she saw what the demon whated - the destruction of Jullian's family because it thought Jullian had bound it so long ago, Jenni suggests that the two teens might also be brought back and saved but Alynna declines to use the few remaining charges on her staff of life to do so, they also fine a priestess of Bane had snuck into the temple to use the library, Jullian has the prietess thrown out after questioning her a bit and Storm breaks her arms outside the temple, they do some research and find out that the demonic spirit at work is named Tyfus and he serves Talona (and he was the possessor of the demonic skull recently unearthed in Granite Port), they have some family talk for a while, Storm says that the Harper Tobi had recovered some of the things stolen from the temple by the Zhents last month, Alynna Storm and Jenni return home.
20100618 5th Alturiak 1387, evening (Hullack) 5th Alturiak 1387, end of day (Hullack) 5th: Alynna returns home to find that Jenni is late getting home, Alynna scrys and finds two local teens have tied her up and are raping her, Alynna teleports there and kills the teens with little difficulty and rescues Jenni, Jenni appears to have had her will broken, Alynna takes Jenni home and tucks her in bed then leaves to get tea and when she returns she finds Jenni has killed herself, while Alynna watches Jenni spontaneously resurrects, Mystra arrives and with Alynna returns to the scene to investigate the teens' bodies and they figure out what happened - that a demon possessed the two boys then posessed Jenni through their violation of her and Jenni tried to kill herself before the demon tool over fully, Midnight returns to her plane and Storm helps Alynna clean Jenni up, Alax starts to have a good night with Carmen and Ashrika but is interrupted when a local farmer finds his murdered teen sons, Alax and a squad of Dragons investigates and finds the teens were raping a woman when they were killed and shows the father the evidence, the father is angry and heartbroken, Alax finds a torn piece of dress that a Dragon identifies as Jenni's, Alax takes the teens' bodies to the War Wizard to determine why good boys would suddenly turn bad, Astra and Morgan have a peaceful and uneventful evening.
20100612 5th Alturiak 1387, afternoon (Hullack) 5th Alturiak 1387, evening (Hullack) 5th: Alynna Astra Morgan Alax and Lord Emmarask discuss the events and Alynna concludes that the man who attacked Kira is a clone of Lord Emmarask's son, Alynna takes Lord Emmarask and the dead clone to his home and awaits his son waking up, Astra and Morgan return to their towers, Alax and Ashrika talk to his guards then watch over Kira and talk, Lynn comes and joins their conversation until Kira wakes up, Alax calls Astra and Morgan and they return to tell Kira what's happened to her, Alax and Ashrika and Astra and Morgan return to their respective homes, Alynna interrogates the young Emmarask when he wakes up and he says that Lady Dauntinghorn copied him when he attempted to seduce her, Alynnna visits Heather and finds that she did indeed make the clone and has a dozen more, Alynna gets Heather to admit she's using the clones to make a potion of longevity for Gareth who has failing health, Alynna manages to talk Heather out of the evil process and instead Heather gives part of her life force to Gareth to approximately match up their remaining years, Alynna returns home.
20100611 5th Alturiak 1387, morning (Hullack) 5th Alturiak 1387, afternoon (Hullack) 5th: Alax's does his noble duties while Ashrika stays close and reads, Sue talks to Lystara, Astra and Morgan go to visit Kira and help tend to her, Lynn comes to see Alynna to get some lyrium for Kira's addiction then returns, Astra Morgan and Lynn talk while tending to Lyra, Astra and Morgan investigate a noise downstairs and find a drugged and pantsless young Emmarask coming up the stairs, Astra and Morgan teleport the young lordling back home as-is to his father's embarassment, Astra and Morgan walk back to Tallman house to find the outside guards beaten unconscious so they wake them up, the guards tell of all being defeated by the young Emmarask, Astra and Morgan go upstairs to find the young Emmarask having his way with Kira while Lynna is unconscious and bleeding, Astra kills the man and sends for Lord Emmarask to come immediately, Lord Emmarask says the man isn't is his son who he left tied to his bed at hime, Alax arrives (Emmarask sent for him) then Alynna arrives (Astra sent for her) and begins healing Lynn.
20100605 4th Alturiak 1387, start of day (Lycosia) 5th Alturiak 1387, morning (Hullack) 4th: Lynn visits Jullian to ask her advice about Kira's drug addition and inform her that Kira is also addicted to lyrium (the magical metal from the ore found in the mine under Lycosia), the teleportation ring Kira made for Alax is made of the last of Kira's lyrium so Kira needs more or she will die, Tauivae and Jullian find a holy book of Shar behind a bookshelf, Selūne comes in response to Jullian's commune spell and reveals that long ago Philla once worshipped Shar but has been a loyal follower of Selūne for years, Jullian gives the book back to Philla and she says the book belonged to the Sharran priestess who was going to sacrifice her to Shar, Philla says she intends to sell the book to a collector and she hides it elsewhere, Philla's water breaks and she gives birth after a delivery she does not handle well, Philla and Kailib name the girl Olandra, Trent and Shaelyn come to briefly visit later in the day while shopping for fruit and Jullian introduces them to Olandra, Jullian feeds Olandra along with Kathrae while Philla sleeps;
5th: Lystara (moon-elf priestess of Sehanine Moonbow) shows up right after breakfast to begin teaching Sue and she talks for a bit.
20100604 4th Alturiak 1387, afternoon (Hullack) 4th Alturiak 1387, end of day (Hullack) 4th: Storm tells Alynna that Alysan has begun working as an assassin for hire and is planning to carry a job this evening, William and Vender take to each other and train together, Astra and Morgan make a quick trip to Waterdeep to get steaks for dinner, Alynna intercepts Alysan while attempting to kill Jandice and Renee and manages to talk her out of it, after they leave the Cormaeril mansion Alysan reveals that they are being watched by the Zhents and hints she may actually be playing at assassin to get at the threat to the family, Alynna plays along then leaves to return home, Alynna hs fun with Storm in the bath then tells her what she learned, Alynna has to clean up the kitchen aftr Uma makes a huge mess, Alynna and Sasha enjoy each other's company in bed, Ashrika comes to visit Alax in the evening and wears him out.
20100529 4th Alturiak 1387, morning (Hullack) 4th Alturiak 1387, afternoon (Hullack) 4th: Alynna and Elron visit Astra and Morgan while Storm tries to patch things up between herself and Alyasn, Alynna discovers that Astra doesn't have the experience yet to help with her ritual spell the way she had planned, Alynna and Elron visit Khelben to ask him to help but he is adamantly opposed to the spell, Alynna and Elron visit Lynn and Lynn agrees to help in Astra's stead, Alynna learns that Kira just recently developed a drug addition and is high at the moment, they find a man in her room and make him leave, Alynna calls for Astra and Morgan to help with Kira then Alynna and Elron go home, Storm returns home and tells Alynna that she and Alysan have patched things up.
20100528 3rd Alturiak 1387, evening (Lycosia) 4th Alturiak 1387, morning (Hullack) 3rd: Philla's gas goes away shortly before bedtime, Philla collapses while she and Jullian discuss what she's eaten differently, Jullian calls for Alynna once she determines Philla has no pulse or respiration, Alynna at first tries a neutralize poison based on Jullian's description but then she finds physical evidence Philla is transforming into something demonic, Alynna uses a wish to restore Philla to normal then returns home, Philla has a panic attack about them all being doomed that Jullian eventually calms her down from, Jullian and mates to go bed;
4th: Alynna and mates discuss when to help her cast the ritual epic spell she has recently completed.
20100522 3rd Alturiak 1387, morning (Lycosia) 3rd Alturiak 1387, evening (Lycosia) 3rd: Jullian awakes after a terrible dream of a demon matching the skull recently found having its way with her and goes to the bathroom to be ill, after breakfast Jullian asks for Alynna to come check her out, Alynna finds she's running a fever and is pregnant with a boy conceived the previous day, Jullian uses the Moongate to visit Selūne and learns that the demon (Malthos) who once had the skull has been released from imprisonment but that her baby is entirely Kailibs, Jullian returns to the temple to find Tauivae knows the secret of the Moongate and Jullian swears her to secrecy, Jullian briefs her priestesses on the threat of the demon, Jullian goes to rest and tell her mates of her pregnancy, Jullian sleeps until after dinner then wakes up with her fever gone, Jullian eats then performs the evening ceremony, Philla has bad gas during the ceremony.
20100521 2nd Alturiak 1387, evening (Lycosia) 3rd Alturiak 1387, morning (Lycosia) 2nd Alax arrives after dinner (after breakfast on the 3rd in Hullack) to get Vender, Alax Jullian and Vender talk a bit before they go, Sue isn't very affectionate towards Alax when they leave so Jullian takes everyone else to the kitchen so Alax and Sue can talk alone, Alax and Sue have that talk, Alax takes Vender to Granite Port where they begin the business of starting Alax's administration, Alax takes Vender back to Hullack to sleep late in the evening (late morning in Hullack), Vender sleeps after eating lunch, Jullian performs the evening ceremony and Jewel attends;
3rd: Alynna's day is uneventful, Sue returns to Alax just before bedtime after spending the night in Lycosia.
20100515 1st Alturiak 1387, evening (Granite Port) 2nd Alturiak 1387, evening (Lycosia) 1st Alturiak: Elron recommends reburying the demon skull with the necklace and holy symbol and Alax and Jullian agree, Alynna Elron and Storm take the skull to be buried under the local Purple Dragon garrison for safety, Alax Jullian and Sue continue visiting Hellen while Alax works with Hellen's ledgers, Sue tries to entice Alax to get intimate with Hellen but Alax resists, Alax gently why its a bad idea then returns home, Jullian tries to console a quietly upset Hellen but fails to seduce her, Hellen says Alax is right but is still visibly upset, Sue and Jullian talk then help Hellen fix and eat dinner before Sue returns home and Jullian returns to Lycosia;
2nd: After lunch Sue discusses Hellen with Alax, Alynna takes a day off to be with her family, at bedtime Sue isn't in the mood for intimacy with Alax, Astra has a peaceful productive day with gemwork and teaching Shaelyn, Jullian finds that her lycanthropic guards Garand and Emilia are at breakfast and learns Jewel had paid to raise them, after breakfast Jullian goes to Granite Port to find Hellen's house burned to the ground with only her son Vender surviving, Jullian has the Dragons investigate then goes to talk with Vender, Vender identified a Dragon blade passing by as the one who attacked his mother and burned the house down, under interrogation the blade reveals he was the prior Constal's right hand man, Jullian has the blade promptly hanged for murdering a noble then takes Vender to Lycosia with her, Jewel wakes Alax up to inform him of events in Granite Port and he promises to tend to it in Hullack's morning, Sue thinks Alax could have prevented what happend and Alax interprets that as Sue blaming him for what happened, Sue goes to Lycosia while Alax stays in bedc, Jullian keeps a close watch on Vender and asks Tauivae to spend time with him too, Sue arrives and talks with Jullian, Sue thinks about leaving Alax but Jullian urges her to not act hastily, the rest of the day in Lycosia is uneventful until dinner is finished.
20100514 1st Alturiak 1387, morning (Granite Port) 1st Alturiak 1387, evening (Granite Port) 1st Alturiak: While Alax helps Hellen with her paperwork a farmer brings them a demonic skull and a holy symbol of Selūne he found while digging on his land, Alax and Hellen discovered the constal was cheating the crown of thousands of golden lions in tax money, Alax returns home to sleep despite Jullian's and Hellens's suggestion he could stay with Hellen to sleep, Jullian and Hellen go over her paperwork while Sue meditates, a man comes to tell Hellen he finished a work project for her and demands payment, Hellen doesn't have the money but works out a payment plan, in the evening (Granite Port time) Alax returns after having sleptto continue helping Hellen with her paperwork, Alynna Elron and Storm arrive to have a look at the skull found earlier.
20100508 1st Alturiak 1387, morning (Hullack) 1st Alturiak 1387, morning (Granite Port) 1st Alturiak: After a polite conversation with Alax the four Zhents return to the inn for the remainder of the day and cause no trouble, Alax informs Alynna of the Zhents and their mission, Alynna visits Lynn to warn her of the danger then goes to lunch with her at the Stately Oak, when Alynna returns home Storm is in a talking mood again and makes up with Alynna, Alynna returns to her research, close to the end of the afternoon Alax tries out the ring Kira gave him and goes to Granite Port, he finds a street vendor selling minor items and something made of elf ears, Alax takes it from him and goes to visit Hellen about it, Hellen seems mainly interested in getting Alax in bed so he leaves and goes to the forest to see the local elves, Alax is accosted by men whom he defeats, then he chases after their leader to find him strangling Hellen, Alax saves Hellen and the man kills himself, Alax searches the man and finds he was a Shadow Thief, Alax discusses the situation with Hellen, Hellen reveals her lust was but a ruse to get him alone so she could tell him about the Shadow Thieves and her infiltration attempts, after a bit of discussion about it Alax leaves and returns home to a pleasant dinner and evening with his family, Alax tells his wives about his adventure in Granite Port then is surprised by Sue's admission she once got drunk and was with Natan Huntcrown, Alynna is late for dinner after completing her intelligence-boosting epic spell and has a peaceful evening, Astra spends the day teaching Shaelyn and working on her spellwork, Jullian gets a letter from Hellen of the attack so she goes to visit Hellen and takes her some artifacts to sell, while there more shadow thieves attack Jullian and Hellen but are driven off, Jullian heals Hellen and the gaurds while Hellen sends word, Alax and Sue come to check on them, Alax learns that the local Purple Dragon constal has usurped Hellen's civil authority as Baroness so he decides to help her out, Alax informs Constal Trevar Loskac that military and civil authority will henceforth be separated.
20100507 Midwinter 1387, evening 1st Alturiak 1387, morning (Hullack) Midwinter: The royal ball ends peacefully as the participants return home, Jullian finds Lynn preparing festivities for Midwinter in the temple in Lycosia, Jullian takes a nap then awakens in the afternoon to find little Shaelynn in bed with her, Jullian gets up and finds that Trent is here (he had brought Shaelynn and did some shopping), Jullian talks with Trent for a bit then spends time with Shaelynn, Jullian and family have a fried fish dinner at the local inn at Shaelyn's request then have Midwinter festivities in the temple before a short ceremony at the end of the evening, Trent and Shaelynn return to Astra's towers and Jullian goes to bed;
1st Alturiak: while Alax has breakfast Kira brings him the teleport ring she made that also serves as a signet ring, Lynn brings an ancient dwarven waraxe to Durin to examine and discuss its provenance, Durin reads the name Ironchest in runes on the blade but doesn't tell Lynn this, four Zhents come into Henric's inn to warm up then they go see Alax, the Zhents ask Alax the whereabouts of someone claiming to be the leader of the Zhents but Alax tells them there is no such person.
20100501 25th Hammer 1387, evening Midwinter 1387, evening 25th: Malic tells Alynna and family he is being transferred to Immersea, at bedtime Alynna tries to talk to Storm but Storm continues to act angry at Alynna and expresses that Willis should be on the throne now, Storm goes to the guest room as Alynna retires for the evening with her other mates; Jullian awakes and is told of Malcom's fate by Izak, Jullian finds the garrison empty of all but four Dragons, Jullian holds a momeorial ceremony for her two killed guards, a while later Jewel visits and talks with Jullian after bringing some of the Dragons back to the garrison, at the end of the evening ceremony a local farmer throws blood on Jewel but he is apprehended and taken away,Jewel bathes at the temple and gets fresh clothes before returning to the palace.
26th-30th: Time passes uneventfully, Alynna continues her research, Storm remains cold;
29th: Jewel visits Gareth who is very ill, Jewel consults Jullian to see if making Gareth a weretiger would cure him, Jewel returns to make Gareth the offer but he declines;
30th: The blonde assassin strikes again by killing Lord High Marshal Monthor, Monthor is replaced with a Silversword, Silversword reassigns Malic back home;
Midwinter: A formal ball is held in the palace with all nobles and royals in attendance, Cameal misbehaves, Alax spends time with Morgan in private, Willis is poisoned but Alynna saves him, Alynna talks with Alysan in private and confirms that Alysan is the masked blonde assassin, Alynna prevails upon Alysan to stop, Alynna asks Alysan about Storm and learns Alysan plans to deal with her mother, Alynna talks her out of that too.
20100430 25th Hammer 1387, noon (Hullack) 25th Hammer 1387, evening 25th: Alax got orders to purge all lycanthropes but after testing everyone in town none were found, Alysan and two of her girls were not present to be tested, Alax also learns that a noble of the Cordallar family came to Hullack but he couldn't learn why, two Royal Dragons visit Alynna and tell her Malcom and his family were attacked, Alynna teleports straight there to find Malcom dead and skinned and her mother and Jacob poisoned, Alynna neutralizes the poison to save them, Alynna helps the crown investiagors examine the scene, through a 'speak with the dead' spell Malcom reveals his assassins were three masked women (one blonde), Alynna talks with her mother for a bit then goes to see Izak and Willis in Lycosia (where they are guarding Jewel while she sleeps) to tell them of the attack on Malcom, Alynna escorts Willis home then returns home to tell her mates about Malcom, Alax is told of Malcom's death, shortly before dinner Alax receives a letter from the new Lord High Marshal Monthor placing him on inactive status, Carmen receives word she is being transferred and after talking with Alax chooses to resign instead, Alax has a good dinner and evening with his family then beds down with his wives.
20100424 25th Hammer 1387, mid-morning (Suzail) 25th Hammer 1387, noon (Hullack) 25th: Alynna and Alax work the room and talk with nobles after the debate, Gareth leaves quickly and seems under the weather, Willis leaves to visit Jullian, after Jullian finishes her evening ceremony she and Willis talk about how things turned out, after Willis leaves Jullian goes to the Purple Dragon keep to have the Lycosian portal reactivated and she learns that Lord Malcom Truesilver issued orders to purge all known lycanthropes and while she's there word is brought that her palace guards Garand and Emilia were murdered, Jullian is outraged and uses the portal to go to Suzail and demand that Lord Malcom retract the order immediately and justice be done for her murdered guards, Lord Malcom treats Jullian in a dismissive and disrepectful manner, Jullian is outraged and puts her dagger to Malcom's throat, despite heated conversation Malcom neither regrets what he did or admits it was wrong, Alynna then Jewel arrive and the conversation continues, Jullian finally puts her dagger down and at Alynna's suggestion returns home, Alynna escorts Jewel to her rooms to take the rest of the day off then returns home, upon returning to Lycosia Jullian goes to the Purple Dragon keep to demand the return of the remains of her guards and a list of all troops involved in their death then returns to the temple, Izak and Willis come to visit Jullian and watch over her, Jullian gets away from them to have a good cry alone to grieve, near noon in Faerūn Natasha calls to Alynna that Volo is alone and headed back to his room, Alynna teleports to meet here and finds Waterdeep being battered by a severe storm, once Alynna is sure they are not being observed she uses a Power Word Stun on Volo then teleports them back to Hullack, Alynna strips everything valuable off of Volo then turns him to stone before the stun wears off, Alynna and Natasha store Volo in Elron's barn, Natasha returns home to Lycosia while Alynna informs her mates of Volo's status.
20100423 24th Hammer 1387, late night (Hullack)
24th Hammer 1387, late morning (Lycosia)
25th Hammer 1387, mid-morning (Suzail) 24th: Alynna and mates have a peaceful but a bit cold night, a number of war wizards visit Jewel through the day - some to support her but others to urge her to step aside for Willis;MBR />25th: Storm is up early to fix breakfast, right after breakfast the entire family save the chosen have loose bowels and this delays Alynna getting Jewel and Rhigaerd to the Palace, Willis completes most of his lengthy speech before Alynna arrives with Jewel and Rhigaerd, a lengthy debate ensues but eventually the nobles decide the issue narrowly to retain Jewel as Queen-regent, Gareth voted for Jewel but Malcom voted for Willis.
20100417 24th Hammer 1387, evening (Hullack) 24th Hammer 1387, late night (Hullack)
24th Hammer 1387, late morning (Lycosia)
24th: Alynna finishes her conversation with Mystra without getting any firm advice on dealing with Willis, Alynna goes to Lady Ravenhold and has a more fruitful talk that results in a plan, Alynna goes home to tell Elron of the plan then she prepares some spells while he summons Henric, Roderic, Alax and Edmund and Durin to help, once ready they pick up Lady Ravenhold then go to the palace, they find a shortage of guards around and Laspeera servicing Willis in the throneroom, Alynna's plan comes off successfully as they rush Willis and get the sword away from him before he can draw it, Alynna takes the sword to Earth where it disintegrates into dust, Willis insists on keeping the throne even after the sword's influence is gone, Alynna returns but she cannot talk Willis out of it but she gets Willis to agree to a meeting tomorrow morning, Alynna and Storm go to check on Jewel in Lycosia while Lady Ravenhold takes the others home, earlier in the evening Willis had Jewel caged and sent to exile in Lycosia, Jullian has Jewel freed then deactivates the portal and gives a speech to the Dragons telling them to stay loyal, when Alynna and Storm arrive they find Jewel well bit a bit disspirited, Alynna tells her of tomorrows meeting then takes Storm home to rest, Jewel bathes then rests.
20100416 24th Hammer 1387, evening (Hullack) 24th Hammer 1387, evening (Hullack) 24th: Alynna and Elron go to Lycosia to ask Natasha to track down Volo for them and she agrees so they take her to Waterdeep, through an incredible stroke of luck Natasha spots him exiting the inn mere moments after they arrive but Alynna isn't ready to deal with him in this time and place so she asks Natasha to track him for now, Alynna and Elron pay a social call to Khelben and Laeral before returning home, Alynna and Elron return home to find Rhigaerd and Little Elron in their home waiting for them, Rhigaerd tells that Willis declared himself king and had Izak and Jewel imprisoned and them sent here, Alynna takes Elron Storm Rhigaerd and Little Elron to the palace to straighten this out, they find the palace guard loyal to Willis, Alynna questions them and they say Willis made them swear loyalty on his sword and they couldn't resist doing so, Storm distracts the guard and the others enter the throneroom to see Willis, Willis tells them Mask gave him the black sword he shows them and told him to rule, Alynna senses it is the sword that Baroness Ravenhold had been hiding away and that it's a divine artifact so she can't dispel it or its effect, Alynna takes her companions home then goes to visit Mystra to ask for guidance.
20100410 23rd Hammer 1387, evening (towers) 24th Hammer 1387, evening (Hullack) 23rd: Morgan has a talk with the new servant, while they relax in the evening Trent reads to them from the new edition of Volo's Guide to Cormyr and they learn he told salacious lies about the Obarskyrs and revealed a few truths that should have stayed secret (pretty much everything true about the family and lots of false things as well), Astra and Morgan are outraged, Trent uses magic to send the book to Alynna for her perusal, Jullian wakes up and has her way with Kailib, Jullian finds that the junior priestesses have a copy of the new edition of Volo's guide and she learns of the hatchet job on the Obarskyrs, Jullian gets Purple Dragons to come with her to find the Waterdhavian merchant and confiscate all remaining copies, Jullian issues a ban on sale or possession of the book in Lycosia then sends one copy to Jewel while destroying the others, Jullian has an uneventful remainder of the day;
24th: Alynna gets the book Trent sent and starts reading over breakfast and lunch but spends the bulk of her day at her research, Alax has a talk with Swordcaptain Ruthford Wellmon about his son and he says he'll handle his son, during the evening Alynna gets to the part of Volo's Guide that is offensive and she is furious, she and Elron take the book to Jewel and find she already knows about it and had to deal with the nobles regarding it, Jewel had offered to let the nobles beat on her to prove she could control her lycanhropy until Markus and Hector Dauntinghorn put a stop to it, Jewel agrees to ban the book in Cormyr then Alynna and Elron return home, Elron and Alynna decide to ask Natasha to hunt Volothamp Geddarm down for them.
20100409 23rd Hammer 1387, evening (Hullack) 23rd Hammer 1387, evening (towers) 23rd: Alax talks with Cameal further and gets her to admit how far she went with Brannon Wellmon, after dinner Alax has Suesan have 'the talk' with Cameal but Alax isn't entirely happy with the result - Sue wanted to force Cameal to act fully like and adult with hope she'd not like it and change her mind, Alax tells Sue about Kira Lynn and what Axil did in Kira's future and Kira's response, Sue changes her mind about Cameal, Astra and Morgan get fed peasants' food after Morgan's red vraxa fell into the meal the new servant was cooking and the new servant threw it out, Astra and Morgan find the red vraxa and tend to its minor injuries and talk.
20100403 23rd Hammer 1387, afternoon (Hullack) 23rd Hammer 1387, evening (Hullack) 23rd: Alynna summons Alax Astra and Morgan to meet with her and Jewel then goes to the palace, the five of them have a lengthy discussion that Lynn comes in to join, they decide to get a legal opinion from Dier Emmarask, Alynna returns to examine Axil's body while the others tell Dier the entire story, Dier does give legal basis for sparing Kira from her punishment, Alynna finds that Axil was suffering from syphilis and realizes that could account for his future abberant behavior, Alax Astra Morgan and Lynn leave Dier's and go to the Hullack temple to learn what Alynna found, Alax goes to write a proclamation freeing Kira on legal technicalities, Astra and Morgan visit with Kira until Alax posts the proclamation and orders Kira released, a Crown cleric comes to the temple to resurrect Axil, Alynna cures Axil's syphilis then tells him the basics of why he was killed and that his killer will be released, when Roderic Edmund and Cameal return home Alynna summons Alynna to examine Cameal then has a private talk to Roderic and Edmund to fully inform them of the situation involving Lynn Kira and Axil's murder, Alynna learns that Cameal has nothing worse than an allergic reaction to the soap used to wash her leathers but that she does have a boyfriend her own age, Alynna takes her to Alax Roderic and Edmund and informs them who, Cameal reluctantly admits who her boyfriend is, (Brannon Wellmon, son of Swordcaptain Ruthford Wellmon)
20100402 23rd Hammer 1387, afternoon (Hullack) 23rd Hammer 1387, afternoon (Hullack) 23rd: Alynna and Kira continue their conversation and Alynna learns vaguely of some future trauma involving a child that made Astra very paranoid of her own children being alone with men, Kira visits Alax and offers her services as house mage and Alax accepts and gives her a task, Kira goes to the inn and starts drinking, Henric talks to her and Kira says she's bothered by knowing that a prominent man of the community is molesting a child, Henric suggests she handle it, Axil walks in and Kira stabs him to death revelaing that Axil is the molester, Kira is arrested and taken to a cell, Alynna goes to question her and learns that Axil will molest Cameal in the future, Astra and Morgan work with Shaelyn and learn she is very advanced in reading both Chondathan and Elven.
20100327 23rd Hammer 1387, morning (Hullack) 23rd Hammer 1387, afternoon (Hullack) 23rd: Alax sends a letter to Kirri in Myth Drannor asking for a teacher for Sue, in the afternoon Alynna goes to the tavern to do her monthly exam of the girls, Alynna talks to the new bartender and learns more details about why Alysan killed her parents and learns she's sharing Alysan's bed, Alynna talks to another girl who has a little talent with magic, Alynna finishes and returns home and tells Storm what she learned, Kira comes by to give Alynna a golden skull for the temple and explains she transmuted the real skull of her grandfather to gold.
20100326 22nd Hammer 1387, morning (Lycosia) 23rd Hammer 1387, morning (Hullack) 22nd: Jullian suggests Alynna be high priestess of a temple over the mine but Alynna doesn't want to, Storm reminds Jullian that Midnight is also a priestess, Alynna and Storm return home and have a good evening, Jullian has a good remainder of the day;
23rd: Alynna and Storm go to fetch Alysan and find her wounded in the basement with a young priestess of Malar tending her, Alynna and Storm learn Alysan's been acting as a self-appointed assassing removing threats to the kingdom or family, Alysan got the wound by investigating strangers living in Astra's old house, Alynna tells Alysan to leave them alone, Alynna takes Alysan to the temple and operates to remove the cancer from her breast, after Alysan wakes up they talk for a bit before Alysan goes home, Lynn goes to Durins to have a nick in her sword repaird and Durin recognizes it as Alax's sword, Durin has Alax brought but Alax shows him it's not stolen but is sworn to secrecy about how the duplication happens,
20100320 22nd Hammer 1387, morning (Hullack) 22nd Hammer 1387, morning (Lycosia) 22nd: Alynna drops off the ore at Durins to extract the metal out of it then she returns to Storm, Alynna goes into the hole to examine the flat stone and finds it emanates an anti-magic field, Alynna and Storm return to Hullack where they clean up then Storm returns to the hole, Henrym brings a lump of purified metal to Alynna and she examines it and finds it can power spells without them being expended from memory, Alax has a happy day once he sees that Sue has returned home, Astra and mates spend the day testing Shaelyn then are subject to her faerie dragon's pranks at bedtime, after dinner Alynna returns to Storm in Lycosia, Jullian and Kailib go at it upon awakening then they have breakfast, Jullian authorizes the diggers to continue and they fully uncover the coverstone, Alynna reads the writings to confirm it blocks magic and that it also praises Selūne and condemns Shar, they move the coverstone to reveal a passage into a mine where more of the magical ore can be found waiting to be dug.
20100319 21st Hammer 1387 21st/22nd Hammer 1387 21st: Jullian and spouses talk a bit more then Jullian and Natasha visits the dig site after lunch, Jullian and Natasha talk for a while, Jullian sends Natasha to the keep to get guards for the dig site and she returns after an hour with bruises and torn clothes, Jullian asks the Dragons and they say a lionar tried to goad Natasha into a dual but was finally stopped by a constal who put him in his place, Jullian goes to tend to the sick child of one of the Dragon guards, after returning to the temple Jullian makes sure Natasha is all right and Natasha confides a high miscarriage rate among her people, Jullian has her rest then checks on others, she finds Sue packing to leave for Evermeet but talks Sue into going home to Alax instead, Jullian sees Sue safely to the gate then returns to the temple for dinner, after dinner Jullian asks Alynna to come and she does so bringing Storm, Jullian gives Storm the chunk of ore for examination and shows her the dig site, Storm stays to watch the dig site while Alynna goees to Hullack.
20100313 21st Hammer 1387 21st Hammer 1387 21st: Durin agrees to examine the collapsed statue and goes with Alynna and Alysan to Suzail, Durin and Alynna find evidence that the statue was tampered with to cause it to collapse, Alysan brings Jewel and others to begin a royal court investigation since Willis was harmed then they return to Hullack, Alysan returns to her temple and Alynna takes Storm to the inn for lunch then home for a nap, the remainder of Alax's day is uneventful, Shaelyn spends the afternoon talking with Astra and Morgan, Jullian awakes and discovers Shaelyn is missing at breakfast, Jullian questions temple guards and keep Dragons then the war wizard who helped Shaelyn get away, Jullian has the war wizard take her to Morgan's towers, Jullian is relieved to find Shaelyn well but spanks her for leaving without permission, Shaelyn uses her sorcery to shock Jullian and Morgan slaps Shaelyn across the room, Jaleen heals Jullian then Jullian goes upstairs to rest, after finishing her dinner Shaelyn goes to lie down with Jullian, Astra Morgan Trent and Jaleen discuss the situation and decide Shaelyn needs to stay here so she can learn to control her sorcery, At bedtime Astra and Morgan take Jullian home, Astra and Morgan collect more clothes for Shaelyn then return to the towers, Jullian finds her mates and tells them what happened, during lunchtime a worker brings Jullian a fist-sized chunk of ore that faintly glows blue, Jullian tells the worker to stop all digging where the rock was found.
20100312 21st Hammer 1387 21st Hammer 1387 21st: Not long after breakfast Alax breaks up a fight in the courtyard between Carmen and another Dragon, he questions them both in his office, Carmen accuses the Dragon of blackmailing Alysan without any real evidence, the Dragon says he just wants to marry Alysan, Alax dismisses the Dragon and cautions Carmen about undisciplined action, Alax goes to find Alysan to have a word with her but learned she's on her way to a temple with the Dragon, Alax warns Storm then returns to the keep, Alysan and the Dragon show up at the temple and ask for Alynna to marry them because Alysan thinks she's pregnant, Alynna insists on examining Alysan first and finds Alysan's not pregnant but has a venereal disease which she cures, Alynna also finds that Alysan has breast cancer and recommends immediate surgery but Alysan refuses, Storm comes in distraught and says Willis is dead from the statue he was working on collapsing, Alynna takes Storm and Alysan to the Mystran temple in Suzail to recover his body for resurrection, the high priestess there is taking an extremely conservative approach in not allowing magic to be used to remove the rubble, Alynna and Alysan conclude that foul play was involved because Willis should have seen any preexisting flaw in the stone, Alynna Storm and Alysan lend a hand to free Willis' body then take him back to Hullack, Alynna uses her staff of life to bring Willis back, Alynna and Alysan go to see Durin and talk on the way to his shop
20100306 20th Hammer 1387 21st Hammer 1387 20th: Alynna and Kira finish their talk then Kira goes to the tavern to play cards, Alynna does her research for the remainder of the day until dinner, Alax spends the rest of his day with the family until dinner, after dinner Alax takes his family to Lycosia to have a visit with Jullian Sue and his girls, the visit goes well for a few hours then they return home, Ashrika returns to Cormanthor with her daughter, Alax and Carmen entertain each other in bed, Storm returns to have dinner with Alynna and family and tells them an old man in Waterdeep might have helpful info about their enemy but the cost is something Alynna rejects, the rest of Jullian's day in Lycosia goes well, she receives a visit from the Harper Tobi Stormcloud, Tobi says he might be able to get the stolen items back from the Zhents, Jullian wishes him luck then prays for his success, after Jullian tucks her girls into bed Shaelyn sneaks out and gets a war wizard to take her to Astra and Morgan's towers;
21st: Astra and Trent are interrupted in an intimate moment by Astra sensing the arrival of visitors, Morgan goes downstairs and finds Shaelyn at the door and scolds her then welcomes her, Astra comes down to talk with them then she takes Shaelyn up and tucks her into bed, Astra and Morgan take a break from their work to spend the day cooking, Alax and Carmen has breakfast with the family.
20100305 20th Hammer 1387, morning (Hullack) 20th Hammer 1387 20th: Kira leaves to visit her old master Baroness Ravenhold, Lynn goes to visit Astra and Morgan, Storm leaves to visit a friend, Alax goes to Elron's house to take Ashrika home, Alynna does her research for the remainder of the day, Astra gives Lynn permission to use her Hullack house but Jaleen is offended when Lynn lets slip that she was a Zhent, Lynn leaves the towers and Astra gathers Trent and Jaleen to tell them the full truth about Lynn and Kira, Astra spends the rest of the day with her daughters, Kira visits Alynna later in the day and they talk.
20100227 20th Hammer 1387, early morning (Hullack) 20th Hammer 1387, morning (Hullack) 20th: Alynna continues talking to Lynn and Kira, Kira expresses a need for a lab and Alynna thinks that Astra's old house next to the temple might be a good place for them to stay and use for a lab, Naladar comes down complaining of an itch and rash, Alynna examines and realizes he has an allergic reaction, Kira lets future knowledge slop to reveal it's an allergy to lilac in the laundry soap, Alynna goes to start breakfast and Lynn helps, Alax talks to his bedmates before Astra and Morgan get up to bathe and return to the towers, Alax has breakfast with his family then he and Ashrika go to Alynna's house to have her checked out, Alynna finds Ashrika is not yet pregnant, Alynna and the others gifted in the Art feel a strong wake moving in the Weave, Lynn thinks it's an attack on a temple, Alynna scrys to find the Mystran temples safe but hears a call for help from the Selūnite temple on the hill, She takes Storm and Elron directly there to help and Kira and Lynn use their own means to get there, they find Zhents attacking the temple, Lynn uses a dimensional lock spell to block any teleports out, they hold their own until Alax arrives with Dragons to turnt the tide, the majority of the Zhents surrender and are questioned by Alynna then Alax, after the Zhents are taken away Alynna Alax Kira and Lynn talk.
20100226 19th Hammer 1387, mid-morning (Lycosia) 20th Hammer 1387, early morning (Hullack) 19th: Kira shows up as Jullian is talking to her children and brings an odd cat-like woman along with her, Jullian sends her to Lynna then sends her children to clean up and tend to their studies, Jullian listens in on Kira and Lynn talking enough to learn that Kira made the cat-like woman by merging a human woman and an animal together without the woman's permission, Jullian scolds Kira and Kira slaps her, Jullian tells Lynna to take Kira and tell her to behave, Jullian talks a bit with Natasha then takes an inventory of everything stolen by the Zhent mages and find they all are either books about Selūne's realm or artifacts containing moonsilver, Jullian uses the Moongate to report her failure to protect the temple to Selūne in person, Selūne tells her the attack was due to an insult she gave to Bane and there may be other attacks on other temples, after returning to the temple Jullian tends to her duties, after lunch interrogators arrive from Suzail to interrogate the Zhent prisoners they captured, all the prisoners know is that Manshoon wants the books and will melt down the moonsilver artifacts, Jullian is a bit depressed for the remainder of the day;
20th: Alynna awakes and goes downstairs to find Kira and Lynn waiting for her, they tell her of Kira making the 'tracker' human-animal hybrids without the consent of the human part, Alynna tells Kira not to do it again and Kira agrees.
20100220 19th Hammer 1387, early morning (Lycosia) 19th Hammer 1387, mid-morning (Lycosia) 19th: Jullian and Lynn continue to talk, Tauivae gets up early to go to the bathroom ands sees Lynn but doesn't respond to a greeting, at the breakfast table Tauivae says that Lynn is Shaelyn even though little Shaelyn is sitting beside her, Tauivae claims to be able to see auras around people, Jullian introduces Lynn to her other spouses when they arrive, after breakfast Jullian takes Tauivae aside to have a provate talk, Tauivae describes her gift of seeing auras of people says she can read when people are lying, Jullian tells Tauivae a small part of the truth about Lynn, flintlock fire is heard and Jullian investigates to find the temple under attack by zhents, Jullian joins the battle and the zhents are killed or driven off but some Zhent mages escape with some artifacts, Jullian heals the wounded and has three surviving Zhents kept for interrogation, Alynna sends a note to Jewel regarding events then sees to her children.
20100219 19th Hammer 1387, late morning (Cormyr) 19th Hammer 1387, early morning (Lycosia) 19th: Astra and Morgan return home to tend to their children for the rest of the day, Trent begins some research related to helping Astra with her portal plans but doesn't say what specifically, Alax spend the afternoon with his family, after dinner Astra and Morgan return to Hullack and at bedtime Alax concentrates on pleasing Astra, Alynna spends her evening talking with Naladar and finds he's entered the normal rebellious stage, Jullian is awakened early to treat some Dragons wounded by an unknown woman coming through the portsl, Jullian is told that the woman headed for the temple, after healing the Dragons Jullian returns to the temple to find 'Lynn' (the adult Shaelyn) there, Lynn lets slip something she shouldn't then knocks out the temple guard she was talking to, Jullian and Lynn talk while she is treating the guard.
20100213 19th Hammer 1387, morning (Cormyr) 19th Hammer 1387, late morning (Cormyr) 19th: Shaelyn and Aluara tell all they know about future events which isn't as much as Alynna had hoped then they discuss strategies for dealing with the phaerimm and what the Shaelyn and Aluara will do in this time, Alax escorts them to Tallman House to stay, Jullian and Lilly return to Lycosia, Alax Astra and Morgan return to Hullack where Alax and Morgan have a long lovemaking session followed by a bath, Alynna and Storm return to their work in Hullack.
20100212 19th Hammer 1387, morning (Cormyr) 19th Hammer 1387, morning (Cormyr) 19th: Alax Jullian Carmen and Ashrika hear noise and investigate to find that the future adult Aluara and Shaelyn came here from the future, Jullian heals them of some injuries then they talk. Aluara and Shaelyn reveal that their coming back was an accident due to too much power in the attempt to send the message diamond back, Aluara and Shaelyn tell them something of future events that reveal their future as less than desirable, Alax and Jullian take Aluara and Shaelyn to the inn to get something to eat and they talk more, after the meeting of the Chosen Alynna Storm Astra and Morgan return to Hullack and are told of the arrival of two strange women, they go to the Inn and find Aluara and Shaelyn with Alax and Jullian, they join the conversation then the entire group use the portal to go to the palace in Suzail to use one of the scry-proofed rooms to talk about details.
20100130 19th Hammer 1387, morning (Cormyr) 19th Hammer 1387, morning (Cormyr) 19th: Jullian Lilly and Renee go to Hullack where everyone was awakened by the earthquake, Alax starts supervising any recovery efforts around the keep after making sure his family is all right, Alax sees Jullian and the others arrive, they and Roderic go to the inn to check on Henric and family, Jullian treats an injured Danya, Renee goes to visit her mothers in the keep, Jullian and Lilly check out the pinkish light coming from Morgan's damaged tower and find a diamond floating at the source of the light as well as a hole drilled straight upwards and downwards from the point of light all through the tower (from the roof into the earth), Jullian calls Astra and Morgan to see what's happened, Astra and Morgan find the light is magical but not connected to the Weave at all, Astra summons Alynna to look at the light and diamond and Alynna brings Storm, before Alynna touches it Jullian goes to get Alax and Alax brings Ashrika and Carmen, Alax Ashrika and Carmen point out that the diamond was not there the previous evening, Alynna touches the gem and the gem projects a visual/auditory message from Aluara and Shaelyn as grown women, the message from the future says the phaerimm destroyed the Weave and turned the world into a desert, after some discussion Alynna Storm Astra and Morgan leave to gather the Chosen and show them the message, the Chosen agree to fight the threat and Elminster goes off to gather additional intelligence.
20100129 18th Hammer 1387, late night (Cormyr) 19th Hammer 1387, morning (Cormyr) 18th: Alynna goes to bed but Elron stays up the remainder of the night watching over her and Storm, Astra and Morgan sense that Mystra is grieving over the loss of Alassra and Dove, Astra and Morgan finish bathing then go to bed, Alax and household have a good day, at bedtime Alax notices a pinkish light from Morgan's tower, Alax Carmen and Ashrika investigate and find a point of brilliant magical pink light in the tower's lab, they decide to investigate further in the morning then return to bed, Jullian awakes in Lycosia to an unseasonal strong rainstorm, after breakfast Jullian finds the junior priestesses cleaning the altar room and she learns one of them was sexually active there the previous night, Jullia tells Jullian in private that the youngest acolyte Lilly (age 17) was visited by her father from Cormyr who molested her and tried to take her back home, Jullian discusses the situation with Lilly and reassures her she does not have to leave with her father, Lilly's father returns with a letter from Lady Cormaeral asking the daughter be released to him but Jullian declines and warns him against further molestation, Jullian sends a letter to Renee (Lady Cormaeril) informing her of the true situation, Renee replies that she had the man arrested and includes news surprising to Jullian, after dinner Jullian takes Lilly to visit Renee;
19th: Jullian learns the truth that Lilly has a son by her father but that she doesn't want him, while the three of them talk there is an earthquake, Hullack feels the earthquake too.
20100116 18th Hammer 1387, evening (Cormyr) 18th Hammer 1387, late night (Cormyr) 18th: Alynna heals Morgan of her bite wounds but finds that part of Morgan's life energy and connection to the Weave were drained as well, Alynna takes Storm to visit Elminster and inform him of what they found and together they formulate a plan, Alynna and Storm return briefly to their home to inform Elron and Midnight, Alynna finds that Naladar has run away and goes after him, after a brief talk Alynna brings Naladar back home, Alynna Storm Naladar and Puppy then go to the twins' towers to await a chance to implement their plan, Alynna prepares spells for the plan while Naladar visits and talks with Astra and Morgan, Alynna receives word that the phaerimm attempted to take Alustriel but their plan didn't take the phaerimm so they devise a new plan, shortly after the phaerimm tries to take Astra but Storm and Alynna and a guard jump right in and this time the phaerimm is killed after Elron and Elminster arrive to help, they return from the phaerimm to find Morgan upset with Astra going off without her but Astra points out it's just turnabout, Alynna takes Naladar and Puppy home.
20100115 18th Hammer 1387, morning (Cormyr) 18th Hammer 1387, evening (Cormyr) 18th: The remainder of Astra's day is uneventful, shortly after lunch Alynna receives a letter from Elminster that someone is after the Seven Sistera and/or Chosen and that Dove is missing already, Alynna goes to warn Storm, Alynna starts scrying and witnesses Alassra being taken into a portal resembling a black hole in the floor, Alynna and Storm discuss it then Elminster arrives to join the discussion, they decide there is nothing for them to do now except warn everyone, Alynna spends the rest of the day with her research, at dinner Alynna discusses the threat with the whole family and Naladar is upset, Naladar expresses a lack of concern for other mothers beside Alynna and this angers Alynna, after dinner Alynna and Storm to to talk with Astra and Morgan and while they are there the portal opens to take Morgan, Storm jumps in to rescue Morgan and Alynna follows, they free Morgan to find a phaerimm on the other end of the portal, Alynna and Storm can only make the phaerimm pause long enough for them to gate back, Alynna discusses it further with Astra and Morgan.
20100109 17th Hammer 1387 18th Hammer 1387, morning (Cormyr) 17th: Astra finishes her talk with Willis then she and Morgan return home to finish their day with their gemwork, Alax and Roderic have a good evening watching Cameal best Willism using dexterity over strength in fighting practice, Kailib and Jullian have energetic fun before breakfast, Philla takes Tauivae and Shaelyn out shopping and they get hit by a wagon driven by a drunken dwarf, Jullian is told and she goes to heal them, a shadow creature appears to tear the dwarf then two dragons to pieces, Jullian runs to defend the dragons and the creature disappears, a War Wizard accuses Shaelyn of summoning the shadow creature and some townsfolk show signs of forming a lynch mob, Jullian scolds them and gets her girls back to the temple quickly, at the end of the day a man comes with a petition to have Shaelyn tried for the murder of the Dragons and Jullian passes it along to Jewel with her recommendation against it, Laspeera also writes Alynna a letter supporting Shaelyn;
18th: Jewel sends word to Alynna to see her and Alynna goes, they discuss the situation with Shaelyn and agree that there is insufficient cause for a trial, Alynna advises Jewel to seek Jaleen's help in dealing with Rhigaerd and his healer getting closer, Jewek goes to visit Astra's towers and talks with Jaleen Astra and Morgan to discuss Rhigaerd, Jaleen gives Jewel a potion to break any bond formed do to the healing ritual, Astra Morgan and Jewel discuss Shaelyn and Astra says Shaelyn should be brought to her if necessary, Jewel returns to the palace.
20100108 17th Hammer 1387 17th Hammer 1387 17th: Astra Morgan and Trent continue to discuss gems and portals until the war wizard Gaylin comes to bring them some mail from Suzail, Astra Morgan and Gaylin talk for a while and he tells them of some news, after Gaylin leaves Astra and Morgan go to see Willis at the Mystran cathedral in Suzail to see a statue of them he is working on, and they talk to a blind priestess as well.
20100101 16th Hammer 1387, evening (Lycosia) 17th Hammer 1387 16th: Jullian enjoys the evening with her girls letting Jullia handle the evening ceremony then is entertained by Kailib in bed;
17th: Alynna successfully operates on the cancer-afflicted temple guard that Jullian sent then spends time in the lab with her students, Alax spends the morning helping William's trainer Sylvia with teaching jousting then the afternoon with his own duties then has a pleasant dinner with his family, Roderic also participates in the dinner conversation, Astra and Morgan have a peaceful and happy day with their gemwork and children while Kailib starts teaching them other parts of the portal-making process.
20091230 16th Hammer 1387, evening (Hullack) 16th Hammer 1387, evening (Lycosia) 16th: Astra and Morgan continue to talk until they both feel an unaccountable sharp pain, they go to see Mystra about it on Dweomerheart and find that she also suffered it and that normally only gods suffer it when a number of their followers have been killed, Astra guesses it might be some retaliation against Mystrans in Cormyr for what happened to Rhigaerd, Astra and Morgan go to the temple in Suzail to find a small mob of people murdering the Mystran priests, Astra stops it then kills the ringleader when he attacks her, Astra stops the rest from escaping until the Dragons get there to take them into custody, Astra and Morgan follow the officer to give a statement as to what happened then help the head priest clean up the temple, Astra and Morgan return to Mystra and tell her what happened then return home to bathe and go to bed, in Lycosia Jullian has a bad day when Tauivae tries to play at burning Shaelyn at the stake as a witch and comes within a moment of doing it for real then finding Philla giving some pleasure to one of the guards, Jullian learns the guard is dying and wanted the favor as a last request, after dinner Jullian sends him through the portal to see Lady Alynna to see if his cancer can be treated.
20091229 16th Hammer 1387, morning (Hullack) 16th Hammer 1387, evening (Hullack 16th: Alynna finishes her conversation with Leth Nimblehands and gets all the details of his soil-cleaning invention, Alynna visits her mother to talk, Alynna decides not to talk with Malcom after finding him drunk, Alynna talks with Rhigaerd then with Jewel then with the Sharessan priestess who healed Rhigaerd, Alynna visits Mystra to talk with her then returns to her duties for the rest of the day, Alax has a good and uneventful day, Astra talks with Morgan about the drug she took when she wakes up, Morgan reveals she was doing yet more things without Astra's knowledge (including a hint about magic that she later admits to joking about), Astra gets furious with her for doing so much in secret, later in the day Morgan apologizes, in the evening Morgan tells Astra everything she's done and kept secret from her.
20091225 15th Hammer 1387, evening (Suzail) 16th Hammer 1387, morning (Hullack) 15th: Astra Morgan Alax Jaleen and Jewel continue to talk, Jewel leaves to get dinner, the rest talk a bit more then Astra and Morgan go to the bathroom, Morgan snorts a drug up her nose and admits to Astra that she had planned on having Alax get Astra pregnant but Astra reminds her that wasn't part of their bargain, Astra and Morgan return to Alax and Jewel an Morgan starts to act weird from the drug, Morgan teleports herself and Astra to the roof of their tower then Morgan goes back to get Jaleen, the drug threw off her teleport so they arrived over the edge of the roof, Astra tries and fails to grab them causing them all to fall to the ground but featherfalls save them, Astra puts Morgan to bed, Astra checks on the Sharessan priest and Rhigaerd once more then talks with Jewel a bit more, Jewel reveals a serious wound that has become infected, Alax tells her to go see Jullian about it before returning home for the evening, Jewel goes to see Jullian and Jullian heals her up and they talk, the rest of Jullian's day is uneventful;
16th: Alynna wakes up cold and discovers a winter storm during the night broke some windows, Alynna fixes the windows then fixes the family breakfast, Edmund comes and gets Naladar and Puppy to lead him to where the gnome is in the forest, Edmund watches the gnome then confronts him, the gnome says he's invented a machine to clean salted soil to make it fertile again, Edmund escorts the gnome (Leth Nimblehands) to town to talk with Alax Axil and Alynna, Alax assesses a nominal fine for disturbing the forest without permission then leaves him to tell Alynna all about the machine and process.
20091222 15th Hammer 1387, suppertime (Hullack) 15th Hammer 1387, evening (Suzail) 15th: Alynna informs Axil of the gnome and the tree-griding machine that Naladar told her of then has a peaceful and fun evening at home with her mates, after supper Alax goes to visit Jewel to see how Rhigaerd's doing and they talk, Jewel is worried that her son may die or survive as a simpleton, Alax observes a young Sharessan priestess praying over Rhigaerd, Jewel demands that Alax summon Astra and Morgan to help, Jewel makes some threats about the twins that Alax talks her out of, Astra and Morgan come at Alax's request and bring Jaleen with them, Astra Morgan and Jaleen walk in on the Sharessan priestess performing a soul-binding ceremony between her and Rhigaerd, Astra objects on grounds of proper consent and consequences to the Crown, Jaleen believes the intent is to draw some or all of the disease out of Rhigaerd into the priestess, Astra goes to inform Jewel and Alax what is going on, the ceremony does seem to have made Rhigaerd rest easier, Alax takes the priestess into an adjoining guest room, Jewel is happier and relaxes, they discuss Morgan and Astra's deal about Astra and Alax.
20091211 15th Hammer 1387, morning (Hullack) 15th Hammer 1387, suppertime (Hullack) 15th: Alax finds Laspeera's assistant war wizard (Marleen) and gets her to take him to the war wizard citadel where he meets and talks to Colleena (the sister of the two brothers) and finds she doesn't want to go back home to them, Alax then visits Izak and talks to him for a while, Alax returns to Hullack and meets with the two brothers to tell them their sister chose to not come home, the brothers don't like it but Alax refuses to force their sister to return to them, Alax returns home and tells his wives of what happened then speaks to the house guard about letting the men take his daughter in the first place, after his other duties are done Alax returns home to find that Little Elron is there with William because Rhigaerd is very sick and Jewel doesn't want him getting it too, Alynna spends the morning researching the identity of the infernal being who she defeated but could find no specific name but merely a minor being who was less of a threat than she thought, Sasha reveals that since Triss left she has been randomly manifesting sorcerous talents and is worried because such are thought to be evil on her homeworld and would get her executed, Alynna thinks it might be psionic and gets Mellisa's help but disproves that theory, Alynna reassures Sasha that sorcerous talents are fine on Toril, Alynna learns from Adeara and Mellisa that the new Tormite cleric in town isn't exactly the most straight and ethical of priests, the rest of Alynna's day is peaceful, Durin talks to a stone giant bringing him ingots of iron from his clan up in the mountains along with gold ingots to pay for making the iron into pickaxes, Durin agrees to the work.

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