Gaming Session Game Dates for 2013

Session Start Finish Notes & Highlights
20131231 25 Alturiak 1388, morning (Hullack)
24 Alturiak 1388, Evening (Colony)
27 Alturiak 1388, Evening (Hullack) (Eve of 24th in colony, morn of 25th in Hullack): Jullian and wives realize Tauivae isn't coming back from an errand and scry on her to find her a stowaway in the hunting party, they decide not to go fetch her until the next morning for the hunters;
25th: Aa the hunting group settles in for the night they discover Tauivae and Yarl stowed away by hiding under the blankets in a sleigh and Alax lets her stay for the night, meanwhile Astra and Morgan spend the day on Dweomerheart getting the three daggers enspelled on that day then have tea and talk with Mystra before returning home;
26th: Jullian and Sue go tell Alynna what happened with tauivae and the three of them teleport to the hunting camp to retrieve her, Alynna uses a cantrip to spank Tauivae for her misbehavior, a boar rushes into the camp before breakfast is out and El quickly puts it down, Alynna takes Tauivae and Yarl back with her mothers to Granite Port then returns home, the hunting party splits into three group and gathers five dire boars and a flock of pheasant by lunchtime, in the afternoon the hunters gather another dire boar and a pair of deer and a 24-point elk buck (Roderic and William got the latter), during the day they notice Puppy's pack of dire wolves following them, at the end of the day Edmund takes one of the dire boars into the forest for them as a gesture of thanks, Mielikki appears to Edmund to give him butternuts from the king's forest to plant here, the hunters have dinner and talk until they turn in for the night, thigs go peacefully in Granite Port other than Tauivae being grounded and given extra chores for punsihment, and she talks a bit with her mothers and with Alynna;
27th: Edmund plants the butternuts in good places in the forest until they find a large group of dire boars (the main group), all of the hunters get a dire boar (so there are 16 total gathered), they field dress 15 of them and leave was that was too torn up because it was too mean and old to die easily so it took much of the family to bring it down, Calvin tells everyone in the group that Jolund is gay so Jolund punches him breaks his jaw and knocks him out, on their way back to camp they discover a chest Mielikki left for them containing a pair of Boots of the Winterlands (a.k.a. Boots of the North) for each hunter, when they get back to camp Jewel calls Alynna to heal up Calvin's jaw and Alynna comes to do so.
20131229 24 Alturiak 1388, End of Evening (Cormyr) 25 Alturiak 1388, End of Day (Hullack) 24th: The group rests in the towers and talks for a bit before they part company and head home, earlier in the day a flock of bold turkeys walked right down the main road in Hullack Town and exited the other side of town a much thinner flock, the inn features roast turkey for the Dragons and townsfolk, El Rhigaerd and Cameal finished up all the prep for the upcoming hunt so that it could begin tomorrow morning Cormyr time which is tonight colonial time, and they sleep over at Roderic's house, after the group parts Astra and Morgan talk a bit about the evening before going to bed, Alax Sue Natasha and Jullian return to the Granite Port mansion shortly before noon, William tells Alax the hunt has been moved up and of an incident involving Yarl Lynn Ashrika and a skunk requirint Yarl to have several baths, a soaking-wet Yarl runs down to interrupt their conversation, Alax pets him then takes him back upstairs to Lynn, Alax and William go to bed to rest up for the hunt, Sue Jullian Natasha and Tauivae talk for a while, a Dragon comes in to warn them of a gorgon running around town turning people to stone, Natasha goes out to dispatch the beast and Jullian goes out to help, Natasha collects the horns as a gift for Alynna then has the body hauled off to be butchered and cooked, Just before dinnertime Sue wakes Alax up, they talk a bit then Alax dresses in his hunting leathers and has some cooked gorgon meat, Alax has Tauivae tell Yarl he'll be away then he and William leave for Hullack and the hunting party;
25th: The largest family hunting party in quite some time sets out for the south of Hullack: Elron, Roderic, Edmund, Alax, Jewel, William, Cameal, Rhigaerd, El, a couple of Royal Dragons and a couple of War Wizards, Adeara, Kat, Garric, Hyat, Jolund, Calvin, and El's wife Hanna goes along as the camp cook, Alax takes a brief detour to deliver the gorgon horns to Alynna at Natasha's request and Sasha goes to geet some of the gorgon meat, Renee and Jandice join the hunting party after it leaves town, once the hunting party is in the forest Jewel smells a wereboar nearby, the party stops and Rhigaerd and Elron dispatch the wereboar, Alax catches up to them right after the wereboar is taken care of, by the end of the day they reach the south end of the forest and make camp, Edmund scouts the area and finds trace of plentiful game including the dire boars damaging the forest, Edmund attempts to heal some damaged trees with a plant growth spell then returns to camp.
20131228 24 Alturiak 1388, Evening (Cormyr) 24 Alturiak 1388, End of Evening (Cormyr) 24th: Astra briefly leaves the celebration between rounds when Kandra comes to the door needing a bit of help with her ruined wedding dress, Astra uses cantrips to clean and repair it then returns to the celebration, Trent suggests moving the celebration to Sharess' personal hot spring on her plane so they go there, they find Sharess and Selūne already there but the group is welcomed so they resume, Raymond is there too and Astra is pleased to see him, there are more rounds of sex interspersed with talk during resting periods, it is revealed that Renee cannot be undead any more since undead would be dissolved by Sharess' pond, during a break Sharess is good enough to magically remove a number of cartilage fragments from Alax's knee (which were causing a good portion of his knee problem), Astra wraps up her night by surprising people in being with Raymond's cousin Daniel (the stranger she was tense about at the beginning), Alax has Selūne herself for his last round, after the last round of sex is over and they've all rested and snacked and talked for a bit Trent takes them all back to the towers for them to dress and return home.
20131227 23 Alturiak 1388, Evening (Cormyr)
23 Alturiak 1388, Daytime (Colony)
24 Alturiak 1388, Evening (Cormyr) 23rd: Rhigaerd, El and family, Natasha, and Sasha all attend Jullain's evening ceremony in the Suzail temple, Puppy escorted Sasha to the service as well, Kandra Dauntinghorn attends as well, after the service Jullian and Kandra talk of Kandra's pregnancy and resignation fron the Royal Dragons and of Hector and of other things, Jullian examines Kandra to verify she and her baby are in excellent health, Kandra returns home after a bit more discussion, the rest of Jullian's night is peaceful, during the colonial day Sue returns home and informs Alax she arrangeed for Kailib and another officer to come to Jaleen's celebration, Alax isn't wild about the idea and predicts Astra will dislike it, Sue also says she wants to have another baby with Alax and Alax is fine with that, Alax and Sue discuss other aspects of the celebration, at dinner El and Rhigaerd join them (having brought supplies for the hunt), Tauivae informas Rhigaerd that she and Eilish come as a pair, after dinner the night is peaceful, El and Rhigaerd sleep over since they're tired after the Cormyrean day and colonial day of activity;
24th: Astra isn't too thrilled when she finds out that Kailib and a stranger are coming to the celebration, Astra and Morgan bathe then spend the rest of the day helping Jaleen prepare for the celebration, in the evening Edmund and family is first to arrive followed by Alax and family, Jaleen is nervous around Alax, Astra asks why and Jaleen is worried about a 'nearly toxic' level of tension in Alax, the rest of their guests arrive, Astra is tense when the officer accompanying Kailib arrives, the dinner goes well except for an awkward moment between Astra and the officer, Edmund and family leave after dinner, Renee shows off how good (i.e. normal and living) she looks after taking the elixir, the gathering adjourns upstairs and begins the more intimate festivities, prayers are said for Alax and Sue then Philla helps Alax get Sue pregnant as the others pick their initial partners, as the celebration continues it's revealed that the officer Kailib brought is Raymond's cousin, and that for a while Raymond's spirit possessed him and Astra missed it to her regret.
20131222 23 Alturiak 1388, Daytime (Cormyr) 23 Alturiak 1388, Evening (Cormyr)
23 Alturiak 1388, Daytime (Colony)
23rd: Alysan returns with dinner and the dagger parts (some of which Seūne got to her) and assembles the daggers for Astra and Morgan, they talk while this work is done, Astra and Morgan decide to do the enspellment work on Dweomerheart tomorrow before Jaleen's celebration, Alyan works on seducing Astra, after dinner Astra and Morgan visit their seamstress for a re-fitting, when they retire for the evening Alysan succeeds in seducing Astra, in the evening Lynn visits Jullian in the Suzail temple to tell her Selūne told her to teach Jullian about elemental circles, Jullian and Lynn discuss this for a while before they begin by praying for guidance then Jullian received guidance from Selūne through prayer, in the morning of the 23rd in the colony Alax and wives (less Jullian) discuss Jaleen's invitation and decide taht only Alax Sue Jullian and Natasha will stay past dinner, Alax takes Yarl out for exercise and play and otherwise has a wonderful routine day, Sue visits Edmund and family, Edmund and family discuss Jaleen's invitation and decide to attend dinner but leave before the after-dinner festivities, Adeara is undecided about taking the offered command of the Royal Guard, Kat (perhaps picking up on someting subliminal from Sue) offers Sue may have sex with Edmund and Adeara but both Edmund and Adeara turn that idea down, Edmund and wives discuss the upcoming hunt.
20131220 23 Alturiak 1388, Start of Day (Cormyr) 23 Alturiak 1388, Daytime (Cormyr) 23rd: Alynna spent part of her day preparing the family for the wedding and the other part making medicines with Sasha, wedding prep is also happenihng in the Palace (war wizarsds decorating the palace) and in Alax's home, the wedding date is set to 11 Ches, Tauivae becomes headstrong about trying to get into Rhigaerd's bed and the family has to work to keep her out of it and prevented from eloping, Rhigaerd sends Jullian a bottle of aged moonberry wine, Jaleen sets the day for her next celebrration to be the evening of the 24th and sends invites out, Cameal visits Edmund on the morning fo the 23rd Hullack Time (just before her bedtime on 22nd colony time) to ask her about the propriety of a Milikkian wearing mithril plate armor given to her by Rhigaerd and Rashan (it was Rashan's old armor) and he says it's OK for special occasions, Astra and Morgan decide to make enspelled daggers as wedding presents and Selūne appears to help them with that by providing moonsilver daggers and some gems, Selūne talks with them a bit then after she leaves Alysan talks with them a bit.
20131215 22 Alturiak 1388, (Colony) 22 Alturiak 1388, End of Day (Colony) 22nd: William asks Alax to go on the next hunt in a few days time and Alax agrees, Cameal comes home from Suzail in time for dinner and she tells the family about her adventure and shows them her gems and other gifts she brought everyone, Cameal tells how she was given Rashan's old armor by Rashan and Rhigaerd, they discuss the upcoming hunt more and how Alax's favorite spear (a family heirloom) is damaged, Alax allows William and Cameal to take it to During to be repaired, Durin recognized the spear as made by one of his family ancestors and supposes that one of his ancestors knew one of Roderic's ancestors, Cameal brazenly and openly asks Damin if he wants to be her first and he says no, William and Cameal return home, William tells his father about the spear and about what Cameal said, Alax tells Cameal she needs to wait until she's an adult, at the end of the evening they all go to bed then enjoy each other's company and talk as well, they cn hear Tauivae and Eilish carrying on from several rooms away.
20131213 22 Alturiak 1388, morning (Colony) 22 Alturiak 1388, (Colony) 22nd: Tauivae tries to aggravate her father in conversation so he tries to distract her with a sword lesson which they continue to talk during, Alax then gives Shaelyn sword lessons as well, Sue suggests that she and Eilish should go give Rhigaerd sex lessons and Alax rejects that idea, they will talk a bit more then Alax spars with Eilish, then they begin talking about hunting and the next hunt.
20131208 22 Alturiak 1388, (Cormyr) 22 Alturiak 1388, morning (Colony) 22nd: Astra and Trent talk for a bit before Trent goes back upstairs, Trent and Lynn come down for dinner, after dinner Lynn returns home, after dinner a Royal Guard summons Durin to join Rhigaerd at his adventure site, Rhigaerd has Durin look over an ancient duregar tomb, they discover that the duregar king was an evil person, after discussion the tomb is opened, Cameal reveals she knows some thieving skills that Willis taught her, once the gems are cleared out of the tomb the duregar king's body rises and Durin cleaves it in half, a secret compartment under the body is revealed to contain a number of dwarven trophies including an axe from the Ironchest clan, Durin takes that axe and an adamantium blade from a trap but leaves the rest of the treasure for the young adventurers, Durin and the young ones return home with their treasure, Cameal spends the night at the palace, the day was uneventful for Alynna, in the colonial morning Alax works out with his new sword and learns it has pretty much the same powers his old sword had plus a few upgrades, William will spar with his father as well, Tauivae worries that Cille never came home from the palace.
20131207 21 Alturiak 1388, evening (Colony)
22 Alturiak 1388, morning (Cormyr)
22 Alturiak 1388, (Cormyr) 21st: Alax escorts Rashan home then goes through the portal to his own home in Granite Port, Alax and wives spend the evening talking until they retire to bed and enjoy each other's company before sleeping;
22nd: Lynn comes by the towers to visit the twins and to tell them that everyone has accepted Jaleen's invitation to the dinner party, Trent takes Lynn upstairs while Astra and the others make plans for the dinner party and tend to the children, Trent comes down just before dinnertimer (with Lynn asleep upstairs) and talks to Astra a bit.
20131201 21 Alturiak 1388, evening (Colony)
22 Alturiak 1388, morning (Cormyr)
21 Alturiak 1388, evening (Colony)
22 Alturiak 1388, morning (Cormyr)
21st: Alax and Rashan talk about Cameal's adventuring as Alax walks Rashan back home.
20131129 21 Alturiak 1388, daytime (Colony) 21 Alturiak 1388, evening (Colony)
22 Alturiak 1388, morning (Cormyr)
21st: Alax continues his conversation with Jerrid Dauntinghorn, Alax learns tht Jerrid was with Alycia some time back (before he married Kira) and that things may be happening in his household that he's never told about, they part and Alax returns home, Alax talks to William in the stable and learns that indeed things happen that are kept from him (handled by his wives or by William himself) so he doesn't have so much to worry about, Lynn is waiting in the house for Alax, Lynn needs Alax to go to Durin's shop with her so she can finish making a new sword for him at Selūne's request (the sword of Selūne's Champion, her equivalent of a wedding ring), after dinner in the colony Lynn and Alax go to Durin's shop in Hullack, Lynna starts helping herself to Durin's shop and Durin objects until she told him that Selūne obtained Moradin's own permission to use his anvil so Durin relents, Lynn activates the power of Moradin in the anvil and uses it to finish the sword, Lynn is wounded in the completion of the sword so During fetches Rashan to heal her, Alax is impressed with the lightness and feeling of warm power in the sword (the warmth eases the ache in his knee), Durin bemoans that his best adamantite hammer was ruined in the making, Lynn leaves to go visit her aunts in the towers.
20131124 20 Alturiak 1388, evening (Colony)
21 Alturiak 1388, morning (Cormyr)
21 Alturiak 1388, evening (Cormyr)
21 Alturiak 1388, morning (Colony)
20th: Alax and wives continue talking about Tauivae and her impending marriage and future children, Elron stops by to deliver a crib for a wedding present, Alax takes Yarl for a walk and Elron walks with him before returning home;
21st: while Elron is gone Alynna talks with her mates, Naladar comes downstairs naked with a rash and Alynna sends him back upstairs to examine him, it turns out the rash is due to several black widow spider bites he got while cleaning out the cellar yesterday, Alynna neutralizes the poison then Naladar goes to clean out the spiders from the cellar, Elron returns and he Alynna and Sasha enjoy the rest of the morning in each other's intimate company, Astra and Morgan have a peaceful day in the towers, with Astra making sure that the towers are well supplied and the servants and gusrds are doing well, Alax had sent Morgan flowers candy and a note for their wedding anniversary, shortly before dinner Naladar brings Astra and Morgan a jar with the black widow spiders and they take it and thank him, after dinner Elisa comes by and goes with Jaleen to the palace to 'tutor' Rhigaerd in providing the throne an heir, the rest of Astra and Morgan's evening is happy, in the colonial morning two male Sharessan priests come to tutor Tauivae in providing an heir to the throne but Tauivae sends them away, Alax takes a tour of the colonial towns and finds everything is going smoothly and well, Alax encounters Jerrid Dauntinghorn and has a conversation with him.
20131108 20 Alturiak 1388, evening (Suzail)
20 Alturiak 1388, morning (Colony)
20 Alturiak 1388, evening (Colony)
21 Alturiak 1388, morning (Cormyr)
20th: As Jullian Sue Jewel Rhigaerd and El talk they notice a line of young men forming in the hall and going out the front door, they investigate and find Cameal has been selling promises to be kissed by the queen-to-be for a lion in order to help the animals of Hullack forest, Jullian puts and end to that and makes Cameal give the money back, Cameal returns home to the colony after finishing that, Jullian finishes healing up Rhigaerd from some minor wounds received during the day's adventuring while they talk more, after Jewel Rhigaerd and El return to the palace Jullian and Sue will spend some time watching over the dwarves working on constructing the moongate in a hidden room in the basement, when it comes morning (and Jullian's nightshift is over) El shows up with Constal Nillan to escort Jullian and Sue home because there's a rapist on the loose, they get back to home in Granite Port just before dinner, Jullian learns that Tauivae spend most of the day up in her bedroom, Jullian goes to check on her and finds Jullian in bed with her toyasl guard Swordcaptain Eilish Greatgaunt, El asks Alax if Cameal can join them for tomorrow's adventuring and Alax reluctantly agrees, when they all gather for dinner Selūne arrives and time-stops the children so the adults can have a private chat, Selūne reveals that Tauivae will have difficulty conceiving children just as Jullian did, Jullian mentions her issue was surgically fixed so after dinner Selūne takes Tauivae to a private room and fixes her problem, Selūne stays for a bit to talk with the adults.
20131103 20 Alturiak 1388, start of day (Cormyr) 20 Alturiak 1388, end of day (Granite Port)
20 Alturiak 1388, evening (Suzail)
20th: Rhigaerd El and Jewel lead a expedition of Purple Dragons, War Wizards and rangers in search of Thunderholme, they find Thunderholme's entrance easily but their token won't open it (the token is for a different hold) and also find and kill a lot of undead, updates on their progress are regularly sent to Alynna and Elron, Astra and Morgan receive gifts of spell components from Elminster, Trent only lets the twins work half the day then the other half they spend with family, Astra has to stop Paige and Alurara from tearing up books, the rest of their day is peaceful, at the colony in the morning Alax catches a Eilish Greatgaunt (a young lady Dragon swordcaptain) coming out of Tauivae's room and learns she is a royal guard sent to guard Tauivae, Alax talks to Tauivae after the swordcapain leaves and concludes that they've become lovers as well, Alax receives no official correspondence but Tauivae is sent a number of wedding gifts, Alax asks Lynn to check the gifts to make sure they are not trapped or cursed in any way and they are not (there are a couple of beneficial magical items), at the start of Jullian's night shift in the Suzail temple Jewel Rhigaerd and El bring a number of treasures from their day's adventure to be blessed and they talk for a while.
20131101 19th Alturiak 1388, mid-morning (Granite Port) 19th Alturiak 1388, end of day (Granite Port) 19th: Jullian and wives and children continue to talk, William and Tauivae demonstrate some sword drills, the sound of steel brings Alax out to see, Alax spars with Tauivae until Rhigaerd arrives, Alax and Rhigaerd spar for a little while then they take a break to continue talking, Alax agrees to continue training Shaelyn with the sword but he is hurt when she doesn't want to hug him, Alax and Rhigaerd start discussing he battle at High Horn, the womenfolk head elsewhere for more interesting conversation, after lunch Rhigaerd returns to Suzail (where it's after midnight), in the afternoon Alax trains Sahelyn in the sword and it goes well and at the end Shaelyn is happier around him, Tauivae turns away a young Wyvernspur visitor, after dinner the evening is peaceful until everyone goes to bed.
20131027 19th Alturiak 1388, evening (Cormyr)
19th Alturiak 1388, morning (Granite Port)
19th Alturiak 1388, mid-morning (Granite Port) 19th: After dinner at home Alynna goes to Alax's mansion in granite port to talk with him, Alynna makes small talk with the rest of the family until Alax and Jullian are the last ones downstairs, Alynna tells them that Shaelyn is coming home after most of her power has been taken by Mystra and they discuss that before Alax reluctantly agrees, Alynna tells them to make sure Shaelyn feels welcome and loved, Alynna returns home after William gives her a letter for Jenni, William is recommending that Tauiave join the kingdom's fencing team, Alynna discusses that with Jenni while Alax and wives start discussing wedding plans for Tauivae, Selūne comes to visit Alax and wives and joins the conversation, after the discussion Selūne leaves then Alax goes to his office to tend to work, a while later Lynn and Shaelyn arrive and go to the wives, Shaelyn is welcomed back and they talk for a bit.
20131025 19th Alturiak 1388, mid-day (Cormyr) 19th Alturiak 1388, evening (Cormyr) 19th: Alynna goes home and has lunch with her family and talks with them, Alynna receives a letter from Tauivae asking for advice about handling threats from other young nobleladies to leave Rhigaerd alone and she sends a reply to inform the palace guard and War Wizards and leave it alone otherwise, when feetching food for dinner in the basement Alynna finds a giant spider, she almost kills it before realizing it had to have help getting down here, Alynna calls Naladar and he admits he let the spider in so it wouldn't freeze to death, Alynna tells Naladar to get it back out so Naladar leads it out, Naladar takes it back to Henric's inn where it served as the ale cellar guard, Henric leads it back down to the cellar and talks with Naladar for a while, Naladar returns home with a pumpkin pie while the spider helps Henric discover an enlarged rat hole, Henric follows it and discovers a rat nest and a passed-out drunk dwarf who stole a barrel of dwarven ale and some of Henric's gold, Henric gets Danya's help to follow a dug tunnel past the rats nets to where it surfaces in the forest, Alynna had dinner with her family.
20131020 19th Alturiak 1388, morning (Cormyr) 19th Alturiak 1388, mid-day (Cormyr) 19th: Mystra and Alynna continue their talk and agree that Shaelyn should be limited to cantrips, Mystra and Alynna then discuss putting the family back together then make family small talk, Alynna returns to Toril and goes to Tallman House to talk to Shaelyn and Lynn, it is evident that Shaelyn is angry that she has lost her power but she runs and hides as soon as Alynna enters, Alynna explains why Shaelyn's power was taken and convinces her to come out and sit with them and they talk for a while, Alynna leaves to go to the palace and she talks with Rhigaerd for a while and learnws that Rhigaered harbors great resentment for his father, under the cover of a privacy spell Rhigaerd confides to Alynna that Willis trying to take the throne wa a ruse to give Willis the job of defense minister with the condition that Willis gets a free hand to eradicate the Shadow Thieves, Alynna leaves Rhigaerd to his work and heads home.
20131018 18th Alturiak 1388, dinner (Granite Port) 19th Alturiak 1388, morning (Cormyr) 18th: Jullian and Sue arrive home late for dinner, Alax is late as well since he was out riding, the three of them eat together, Alax is still unusually quiet, The wives go upstairs and talk a bit about Alax then go down to get Alax to come upstairs, once in private upstairs they talk with Alax about what's depressing him which is of course Tauivae and Shaelyn, Alax and some of the wives talk over the situation for a good while before going to bed;
19th: Alynna goes to Dweomerheart to discuss with Mystra the issue of Shaelyn's excessive power and poor use of it, Mystra says she will drain off much of Shaelyn's power, Alynna and Mystra then also discuss Tauivae and Rhigaerd, and also Mystra reveals Alynna has sorcerous potential even though it never awakened.
20131013 18th Alturiak 1388, nearly lunch (Granite Port)
18th Alturiak 1388, nearly midnight (Cormyr)
18th Alturiak 1388, dinner (Granite Port)
19th Alturiak 1388, after breakfast (Cormyr)
18th: Jullian finishes her conversation with Rhigaerd and Tauivae then returns to the temple, Alax is disturbed by recent events and can't concentrate on his work so he lies on the count drinks and pets Yarl until lunch, Alax is quiet and doesn't speak during lunch even when the children discuss Tauivae and Rhigaerd, Jullian finds Sue at the statue and shrine to Sehanine in the Seluite temple and the talk about the situation with Tauivae and Rhigaerd and they stay together until breakfasttime local time and talk, during the colonial afternoon Alax takes Yarl out and goes riding on Steel, at breakfasttie Jullian and Sue go to inform Alynna of what happened and they discuss it, Jullian and Sue leave to return home for the colony.
20131011 18th Alturiak 1388, late morning (Granite Port)
18th Alturiak 1388, late evening (Cormyr)
18th Alturiak 1388, nearly lunch (Granite Port)
18th Alturiak 1388, nearly midnight (Cormyr)
18th: Jullian and Shaelyn continue their converdation until a Dragon comes to tell Jullian that Tauivae needs her in the palace, Shaelyn stays with Lynn while Jullian goes to the palace, Jullian finds a now-16-year-old Tauiave beating up a 10-year-old Rylin Silversword and makes her stop, Tauivae did it because Rylin was flirting with Rhigaerd, Jullian tends to Rylin's injuries then Tauivae and Rylin make up, Jullian goes to tend to Rhigaerd's sprained ankle at Tauivae's request and find Rhigerd is now a very good looking young man, Jullian and Rhigaerd talk about the artificial aging and Obarskyr blood, Tauivae rejoins them for a bit and joins the conversation.
20131006 18th Alturiak 1388, morning (Cormyr) 18th Alturiak 1388, late morning (Granite Port)
18th Alturiak 1388, late evening (Cormyr)
18th: Alynna spends the rest of the day with her family in Hullack, Astra and Morgan return home after the High Horn battle and tell Trent and Jaleen all about it, Astra and Morgan visit Kira and find her tied to her bed in House Dauntinghorn, Kira tells Astra that the Dauntinghorns think she might be pregnant and tied her down because she refused to take it easy and that a healer is on the way, Astra and Morgan talk with the Dauntinghorns and learn they sent for Jullian (this is before Jullian would have gotten home to bed), Jullian arrives to examine Kira and finds nothing wrong, Astra uses a spell to confirm Kira has been pregnant with a boy for nearly two months, then talk for a bit the Astra and Morgan and Jullian all go home, the rest of the day in Cormyr is peaceful, in Granite Port after breakfast Alax teaches Tauivae the sword and she learns very fast, after two hours Tauivae is nearly as good as William, Alax calls a stop for the day, Tauivae isn't feeling well so he sends her to Sue to be checked out, Sue soon calls Alax to show him that Tauivae is growing at a vastly accelerated rate, how this happened is resolved when Alax hears Shaelyn call out to Lynn that she figured out what the ring does (it turned out to be aring of wishes), Alax confronts Shaelyn and says she wished for Tauivae and Rhigaerd to be old enough to wed because Tauivae told her she couldn't wait, Alax is infuriated and he scolds Shaelyn, Shaelyn runs out of the house and back for the Suzail mansion, Alax tells Lynn he's had enough and if Shaelyn harms any family one more time he'll put an end to her, Lynn pales and leaves, Alax's wives and Tauiave witnessed that, Alax goes to his office to stew and Sue writes Jullian a letter (Jullian's got the night shift in the Suzail temple) about what happened, Jullian goes to the Tallman House in Suzail and talks to Lynn a bit first then finds Shaelyn hiding and she talks to her daughter, Jullian tells Shaelyn that she's got to stop using magic on family.
20131004 17th Alturiak 1388, evening (Colony)
18th Alturiak 1388, morning (Cormyr)
18th Alturiak 1388, morning (Cormyr) 17th/18th: Alax stops by the Red Knight shrine in Suzail on the way home and briefly talks with the priestess then prays, Alax gets home to find Tauivae being teased by her siblings then he talks with his children for a bit, when Alax goes upstairs to bed he finds Tauivae sleeping in the hallway and dreaming about sex, he wakes her up and she says her sisters are disturbed by her dreaming, Alax puts her in a separate bedroom by herself, Alax goes to bed, Jullian returns home last and gets to bed after everyone else is there;
18th: Alynna goes to see Rhigaerd and waits until after he and El are done practicing, Alynna makes the apology that Elron promised she would and talks with Rhigaerd a bit, Alynna is very dissatisfied with how the conversation goes and leaves to return home to her family.
20130929 17th Alturiak 1388, late afternoon (Colony)
18th Alturiak 1388, pre-dawn morning (Cormyr)
17th Alturiak 1388, evening (Colony)
18th Alturiak 1388, morning (Cormyr)
17th/18th: Alynna and spouses continue to talk then decide to visit Willis in his dungeon cell, on the way they see much activity in the palace as if something big were going on, Alynna heals Willis' injuries and they talk, Willis reveals his true traitorous feelings and intent, this hurts Elron and Storm greatly and Alynna loses any remaining sympathy for him, on their way home they learn that the palace activity in in support of some atction at High Horn, Alax Jullian Astra and Morgan (among others) are summoned to High Horn to help defend it from a force of giants trying to take it, Alax takes command upon ariving because the fortress commander was killed, the outer wall is breached and most of the couryard taken by giants, Alax organizes a counterattack with the arriving reinforcements and eventually is victorious, after the leader of the giants is killed the remainder disperse and flee, Rhigaerd El and WIlliam watch the battle from the top of the keep tower, after the battle Alax talks with Rhigaerd El and William then sees to the well-being of the men under his command before resting because his knee bothers him greatly, Jullian tends to the wounded, Astra and Morgan fought alongside the war wizards during the fight then they go to visit Alax as he rests, Morgan talks Alax into oing up to the garrison commander's quarters at the top of the tower then they have sex then talk afterward, then they dress and head home.
20130927 17th Alturiak 1388, late afternoon (Colony)
18th Alturiak 1388, pre-dawn morning (Cormyr)
17th Alturiak 1388, late afternoon (Colony)
18th Alturiak 1388, pre-dawn morning (Cormyr)
17th: Jullian and Tauivae talk until Tauivae decides to go to bed then the other women talk, Alynna and mates are informed that Willis will be executed at sunrise, Elron goes and after a two hour talk with Rhigaerd talks him out of it and gets Willis life imprisonment instead, Elron tells Alynna he promised she'd apologize to Rhigaerd, they talk of a few other things as well.
20130922 17th Alturiak 1388, mid afternoon (Colony)
18th Alturiak 1388, very early morning (Cormyr)
17th Alturiak 1388, late afternoon (Colony)
18th Alturiak 1388, pre-dawn morning (Cormyr)
17th: Rhigaerd asks Alax for Tauivae's hand and Alax refuses but grudgingly allows them permission to date if chaperoned, Rhigaerd decides he needs to knight William so William can be his swordbearer, when they find William in his room Sue is there and tries to kill Rhigaerd but Jullian protects Rhigaerd, they all go downstairs for the ceremony and William wants his grandparents to be present so Alax sends for them, Roderic and wives arrive and are filled in on events then witness Rhigaerd knighting William, Rhigaerd and Jullian leave then the rest of them talk more about current events, it is discovered that Tauivae's divorce isn't legal since only Rhigaerd signed it, Alax insists it will be finalized, Ann convinces Tauivae to heed the words of her parents by explaining things in a way the others didn't, Tauivae reveals she has already started puberty so Roderic Alax and William leave to let the women talk about women things.
20130920 17th Alturiak 1388, early afternoon (Colony)
18th Alturiak 1388, after midnight (Cormyr)
17th Alturiak 1388, mid afternoon (Colony)
18th Alturiak 1388, early morning (Cormyr)
17th: Alax and Tauivae continue their long talk about a few different topics, Tauivae tells Alax there is a shrine to the Red Knight near the Selunite temple in Suzail and Alax is annoyed no one told him, Tauivae tells him that Rhigaerd and William have returned without their guards and that she's learned to sense the presence and emotional state of loved ones, they go out to find that both boys have been wounded but they have retrieved the swords of state, Alax calls for Sue and she heals William but she refuses to do anything for Rhigaerd, Rhigaerd reveals that Willis took the swords in a bid for the throne but he's been arrested and on his way to the dungeon, Sue does send a runner to fetch Jullian and Alynna, they talk for a bit before Jullian comes in to tend to William, Alynna arrives shortly thereafter and gets the story of the swords of state from Rhigaerd, Alynna summons Elron and Storm, Storm begs for her son's life, Sue wants to expel Tauivae from the house once she learns the marriage was her idea not his then drags William up to his own room, Rhigaerd leaves and Jullian follows, Alax Alynna and Tauivae talk, Rhigaerd and Jullian discuss his feelings hen Rhigaerd decides to go back and ask Alax for Tauivae the proper way.
20130915 17th Alturiak 1388, morning (Colony)
17th Alturiak 1388, evening (Cormyr)
17th Alturiak 1388, early afternoon (Colony)
18th Alturiak 1388, after midnight (Cormyr)
17th: Alax talks with Tauivae a bit more, Tauivae wants sword lessons but Alax isn't in the mood, Alax plays with Yarl for the rest of the morning until lunchtime, after lunch Rhigaerd stops by to ask Alax's advice on giving food aid to people in Zhent areas and Alax advises against it so Rhigaerd agrees and he returns to the palace, Alax and Tauivae talk about how much Rhigaerd trusts Alax and about how Shaelyn's aura appears to her.
20130913 17th Alturiak 1388, morning (Colony)
17th Alturiak 1388, evening (Cormyr)
17th Alturiak 1388, morning (Colony)
17th Alturiak 1388, evening (Cormyr)
17th: Astra and Morgan get a collar from Quilain that Lynn had made special in the form of a lovely necklace, the three of them take it to Alax's house, Rhigaerd William and Tauivae meet with Alax tagging along, Rhigaerd reveals that the swords of state were stolen and replaced with copies, Rhigaerd and William plan to investigate and Tauivae determines to help them despite Alax's wishes until Rhigaerd suggests she obey her father, Astra Morgan and Quilain meet with Alax after his prior meeting and they go to Shaelyn, Shaelyn objects but Alax tells her there is no other choice, Astra puts the necklace/collar on Shaelyn and she collpses and stops breathing, Astra removes the necklace but that doesn't revive Shaelyn, Lynn does mout-to-mouth to bring Shaelyn back and Shaelyn says she was with Shar, Alax decides that Lynn should take Shaelyn away to the Suzail mansion for the protection of the children and Shaelyn cries, After Lynn and Shaelyn leave Alax tells Astra and Morgan what's happened with Tauivae then goes down to his office, Astra and Morgan go to their towers and Quilain heads to her own home, Alax find Tauivae in his office and they start to talk.
20130908 16th Alturiak 1388, evening (Colony)
17th Alturiak 1388, morning (Cormyr)
17th Alturiak 1388, morning (Colony)
17th Alturiak 1388, evening (Cormyr)
17th: Alax talks with Lynn Tauiave and Shaelyn until Lynn senses that the Suzail mansion was broken into, Alax and Lynn investigate to find Heather Dauntinghorn being crushed in one of Lynn's traps, they free her and talk to her, after showing Heather the elemental ring Alax and Lynn discuss a variety of future family matters, Selūne decides to go with Jullian back to the Granite Port mansion and the two of them are there when Alax and Lynn return, after the children are put to bed Alax Selūne and Jullian share a bed and each other, no mention made of other events in Cormyr for the 17th, Alax and Selūne talk for a bit when they awake on the colonial morning of the 17th, Alax has breakfast with his entire family for once, after which he begins to train Shaelyn in swordsmanship, Shaelyn learns quickly and William is visibly jealous so Alax invites him to spar as well, Alax and Shaelyn and William talk while sparring until William refers to Tauivae as a slut then Shaelyn loses her templer and sets him on fire, Sue comes to heal William's burns while Shaely gets the spanking of her life, Alax tells Lynn to take Shaelyn to her room, Alax knows something has to be done so he calls on Astra and Morgan for help, Astra and Morgan discuss what Alax told them and decide Shaelyn needs a collar and decide to get one from Quilain.
20130906 16th Alturiak 1388, evening (Colony)
17th Alturiak 1388, morning (Cormyr)
16th Alturiak 1388, evening (Colony)
17th Alturiak 1388, morning (Cormyr)
17th: Jullian and Selūne continue their discussion and talk about Lynn and her great power, Jullian informs Selūne that Alax has brought the family together, Selūne warns Jullian that one of the Tallman house guard is not who she seems, Lynn simultaneously detects the same as the family settles in and starts to deal with the house guard and reveals she is a seraphim, Alax and Lynn question her and find she is there for the Lady of Fate to watch over Tauivae and arrange her getting together with Rhigaerd, Lynn scares the seraphim and Alax releases her from his service and sends her running, Alax talks for a bit with his children, as they get settled in Tauivae tries to sneak out and is caught, Alax talks with Tauivae.
20130902 16th Alturiak 1388, evening (Colony)
17th Alturiak 1388, morning (Cormyr)
16th Alturiak 1388, evening (Colony)
17th Alturiak 1388, morning (Cormyr)
17th: Selūne informs Jullian that she did a 'very effective job of destroying what would have been a fine king', Jullian takes half responsibility and says her mother had an equal part, Selūne informs her that Rhigaerd has taken poison and is dying and accused Jullian of wanting it, Jullian is upset and angered and returns to Toril, Jullian tells Alynna that Rhigaerd has poisoned himself, until that moment Alynna told her mates what Rhigaerd and Tauivae did then spends time with her children, when Jullian calls her she goes to save Rhigaerd and finds she was deceived and that Rhigaerd is fine, Selūne tells her mentally to make up with Rhigaerd, Alynna briefly talks with Rhigaerd but does not make up with him then leaves to return home, after composing herself Jullian returns to Selūne to continue their conversation, Selūne claims that Rhigaerd and Tauivae didn't actually have sex.
20130901 16th Alturiak 1388, evening (Colony)
17th Alturiak 1388, morning (Cormyr)
16th Alturiak 1388, evening (Colony)
17th Alturiak 1388, morning (Cormyr)
17th: Jullian and Shaelyn talk while walking to the palace, after discussion they decide to get Lynn to help restore Tauivae, Lynn agrees to help so they proceed on to the palace, Lynn restores Tauivae's life force and only ages Tauivae one year in the process, Lynn and Jullian convince Tauivae to divorce Rhigaerd and she goes to do so, Jullian and Lynn talk until Tauivae returns, they return to the temple to find that Suesan has joined Alax Natasha and Ashrika, Alax suggests that splitting the family up has contributed to their problems and suggests putting it back together under the same roof, his other mates acquiesce, Lynn casts a spell that will clear the air within 50 miles of Suzail on a continual basis which is powered by the elemental planes, Alax and mates go to pack the family's things while Jullian informas her priestesses and staff of the change in her schedule, Alax leaves Rogeric in charge of the Hullack house but gets a bit of argument from Cameal, Jullian goes to Lycosia to tell Philla and Kailib what has happened then she goes through the Moongate to see Selūne
20130830 16th Alturiak 1388, evening (Colony)
17th Alturiak 1388, morning (Cormyr)
16th Alturiak 1388, evening (Colony)
17th Alturiak 1388, morning (Cormyr)
17th: Quilain visits Jullian to tell her more detail about Tauivae and Rhigaerd, that Tauivae (not able to actually cast divine spells herself) mimicked a necromantic spell she saw Shaelyn casting to give most of her lifeforce healing Jullian and is now dying with months to live so as a dying wish she asked Rhigaerd to marry her, Quilain tells that Rhigaerd is heartbroken that his 'true love' is dying and that his family seems to hate him for forllowing his heart, Jullian proposes that it should be easy enough to save Tauivae by using similar magic to transfer lifeforce back into her, Shaelyn says she can do it, Jullian discusses the sutuation a bit more with her, they go tell Alax what has happened and that his taking Shaelyn with him will have to be delayed and he agrees.
20130825 16th Alturiak 1388, evening (Colony)
17th Alturiak 1388, morning (Cormyr)
16th Alturiak 1388, evening (Colony)
17th Alturiak 1388, morning (Cormyr)
17th: Alax Natasha and Lynn continue their talk, Alax and Natasha go to track down Shaelyn and finds Jullian putting her down for a nap, Alax decides to take Tauivae with him too and informs Alynna and Elron of the marriage, Elron declines to do anything but Alynna is angry and goes to the palace to put things right, Rhigaerd comes out of his bedroom to see her after consummating the marriage to Tauiave, Alynna tries to talk him out of it but he refuses, Alynna is disguated with Rhigaerd and resigns her position and leaves after swearing to never serve him again, Alynna goes to the temple to tell Alax and Jullian what happened, Alax contemplates resigning himself but has to theink about it, Alax insists on taking Shaelyn with him so Jullian goes to get her out of her nap and they talk a bit.
20130823 16th Alturiak 1388, evening (Colony)
17th Alturiak 1388, morning (Cormyr)
16th Alturiak 1388, evening (Colony)
17th Alturiak 1388, morning (Cormyr)
17th: Alax and Natasha find Rhigaerd and Tauiave in the throne room along with royal guards and a priest, Tauivae tells them she married Rhigaerd and that it was her idea to protect him from Shaelyn, Alax is angered and dsappointed in both Rhigaerd and Tauivae but they cannot be talked out of it, Tauivae tells Alax what Shaelyn did to Jullian, Rhigaerd promises Tauive will be "safe and untouched", Alax leaves the palace still angry and goes to the temple to find Jullian and Shaelyn, Jullian was just about to head to the palace to look for Tauivae, Alax tells Jullian what Tauivae did and discusses Shaelyn with her, Alax leaves Jullian to get Shaelyn and take her with him to spend time with him and learn Alax's idea of discipline, Lynn arrives to try to help Alax out with Shaelyn, Alax sends Shaelyn to her room to get her things but she goes looking for Jullian to get her to stop it, Alax and Natasha and Lynn talk for a bit while waiting for Shaelyn to return.
20130818 16th Alturiak 1388 (Cormyr) 16th Alturiak 1388, evening (Colony)
17th Alturiak 1388, morning (Cormyr)
16th: Alynna questions Shaelyn about something Shaelyn read from her journal, Jenni enters and it's revealed that Shaelyn had actually read Jenni's journal, they discuss some other things Shaelyn read, Tauivae reveals she was invited to the palace for dinner and Rhigaerd sent something for her to wear, Jenni says the reason for her visit was that she worried about half their royal guards being withdrawn from Hullack, Alynna and Jenni goes looking for Rhigaerd while Jullian and her girls return to the temple to see the clothes Tauivae received, Rhigaerd sent common work clothes and an apron and Tauivae thinks it's a joke until Jullian guess that he's inviting her to help feed the needy then Tauivae is touched, Alynna and Jenni find Rhigaerd and the guards in common work clothes getting ready to feed the needy, Alynna spends the rest of the day in her office, Jullian Tauivae and Shaelyn join Rhigaerd and guards and work into the evening to cook and feed others, after they're done and having their own dinner Rhigaerd asks Tauivae to marry him and she says yes but Jullian objects, Jullian goes to bed with just Ashrika since Natasha went to be with Alax, Alax wakes up with Natasha next to him, they take Yarl for a walk then have breakfast then Alax tens to his duties for the day, Alax finishes early so spends the rest of the day inspecting the Dragon garrisons, after dinner Alax Natasha and Yarl head to the palace to see Rhigaerd.
20130816 16th Alturiak 1388, morning (Cormyr) 16th Alturiak 1388 (Cormyr) 16th: Rhigaerd and Shaelyn finish their conversation in which Rhigaerd turns her down as a queen, Alynna and Rhigaerd talk briefly then Alynna has a private discussion with Khelben about a few different topics (Waterdeep has not been suffering the exteme cold Cormyr has, Luynn is working on a way to fix that but will need Shaelyn's help at the end, there is widespread ill feelings toward Cormyr, a red knight is looking for Alynna to make her the mother of his children), Alynna takes them all home to the palace, Shaelyn discusses with them what she's learned and realized, Astra and Morgan may have inadvertantly used divine power to give their golem butler a soul, Alynna returns to work and Jullian starts to take her girls back to the temple.
20130811 16th Alturiak 1388, morning (Cormyr) 16th Alturiak 1388, morning (Cormyr) [Back up to 15th in colony] Alax has an uneventful day, is able to return home early with his work done, goes riding with Steel and Yarl, then has a peaceful evening;
16th: Alynna Astra Morgan and Lynn have a lengthy talk about Shaelyn and how to handle her after which Alynna Astra and Morgan go to have a talk with Shaelyn, they find an illusion of Shaelyn in the temple reading one of Jullian's ethics books, Alynna scyrs and sees Shaelyn with Rhigaerd, they find Jullian and tell her that Shaelyn is gone, the four of them go to Khelben's tower to get Shaelyn, they find Rhigaerd filling Shaelyn in on his expectations for a queen and Shaelyn doesn't like them.
20130809 16th Alturiak 1388, morning (Cormyr) 16th Alturiak 1388, morning (Cormyr) 16th: Morgan reviews Shaelyn's notes and becomes frightened at what she was working on -- applying a golem binding spell to human souls which is something that should be beyond her, and possibly even cvreating an artificual menarian from a human, Astra and Morgan go to Alynna to discuss it with her and Alynna is surprised and worried too, they also discuss Lynn and wht knowledge she has withheld, Alynna decides to do something about that, the three of them first go to Rhigaerd, Alynna tells Rhigaerd to go somewhere safe where he can't be scryed, Rhigaerd and El decide to visit Great-Great Grandfather Khelben in Waterdeep.
20130804 15th Alturiak 1388, morning (Cormyr) 15th Alturiak 1388, evening (Cormyr) 15th: Jullian finishes her conversation with Shaelyn in which Shaelyn apologizes and promises to read the books Jullian gave her, a junior priestess finishes healing Jullian up, jullian rests for the remainder of the day, Alax falls asleep in his office chair with Yarl in his lap, Morgan is depressed for the rest of the day over Shaelyn and Astra stays close to comfort her, Karstiggian goes to Alynna and reports what happened with Shaelyn because he is scared after which Karstiggian plays with Alynna's vraxa, Rhigaerd vistis Alynna to tell her that Shaelyn set him a letter claiming he was hers and no one else's and that he is afraid of Shaelyn, Alynna reassures him and Rhigaerd returns home, at the end of the evening when Alynna is alone with her mates she tells them all about Shaelyn and Elron is very angry about it, at dinner in the temple Jullian and the family at dinner together, Shaelyn is attached to Tauivae and behaves generaly well, Shaelyn has finished reading the ethics books Jullian gave her earlier but still expresses a desire for Rhigaerd.
20130728 14th Alturiak 1388, evening (Lycosia)
15th Alturiak 1388, morning (Cormyr)
15th Alturiak 1388, morning (Cormyr) 14th: Jullian Astra and Morgan talk while Shaelyn and tauivae get their things, Ashrika takes them back to the temple, Lynn is there waiting to offer condolences to Jullian for Kailib but Jullian updates her, Shaelyn uses that distraction to leave, Lynn points out Shaelyn left to kill Kailib, Jullian rushes to intercept her, Jullian talks to Shaelyn about why she was sent to the twins in the first place and what she she needs to learn now, Shaelyn believes she's above any laws and she insists she will be Rhigaerd's wife and queen, Shaelyn demands Jullian take her to the palace now and Jullian refuses, Shaelyn throws a tantrum and electrically shocks Jullian twice when Jullian repeatedly refuses, the matter escalates as Shaelyn actually causes electical burns and Jullian attempts to spank her, Jullian ends up calling the twins for help and they come, Morgan is very angered to see that Shaelyn has injured Jullian, the twins back Jullian up and Morgan shocks Shaelyn in punishment and hints that she might kill Shaelyn if she hurts Jullian again, Shaelyn is surprised, the twins return to their towers, Morgan is heartbroken and Astra conforts her, Jullian and Shaelyn talk as they clean up, Tauivae heals Jullian some by casting a spell for the first time.
20130726 14th Alturiak 1388, evening (Lycosia)
15th Alturiak 1388, morning (Cormyr)
14th: Jullian finishes her conversation with Philla then returns to her temple in Suzail to find Shaelyn and Tauivae left to go back to Astra's towers, Jullian has Ashrika teleport her to the towers to beat her girls there, Jullina tells Astra and Morgan what has transpired with Shaelyn and they discuss what to do with her, Shaelyn and Tauivae arrive, Jullian tries to get Shaelyn to realize she did wrong but Shaelyn is defiant and insulting to Jullian, Jullian gives Shaelyn a sound spanking then tell her she's coming back to the temple to learn about ethics and morality, Shaelyn agrees.
20130719 14th Alturiak 1388, evening (Lycosia)
15th Alturiak 1388, morning (Cormyr)
14th Alturiak 1388, evening (Lycosia)
15th Alturiak 1388, morning (Cormyr)
14th: Jullian and Kailib talk then Kailib decides to make some flower statues with the poisoned cologne, Jullian talks with Philla about Shaelyn and how to punish her, then Jullian asks how things are going in Lycosia with Philla and Kailib and the temple.
20130714 14th Alturiak 1388, late afternoon (Granite Port) 14th Alturiak 1388, evening (Lycosia)
15th Alturiak 1388, morning (Cormyr)
14th: Alax talks with Natasha for a while while petting Yarl, before dinner they go up to wake Jullian and Ashrika and the girls up, during dinner Tauivae and Sahelyn discuss sex and marriage in the abstract (no inappropriate detail) with Jullian, after dinner Jullian leads the women back to the Suzail temple, on the walk back Shaelyn reveals that she sent Kailib a poisoned bottle of cologne as a gift (poisoned with medusa blood), Jullian has Ashrika and Natasha take the girls back to the temple and she goes straight to Lycosia and her old temple, Jullian manages to stop Kailib just before he uses the cologne and tells him what happened.
20130707 14th Alturiak 1388, early afternoon (Granite Port) 14th Alturiak 1388, late afternoon (Granite Port) 14th: Ashrika hears Shaelyn is up getting some water and goes to watch over her, Natasha gets Alax warmed up then Jullian and Alax are together, a storm breaks out outside while they're busy, after Jullian and Alax are done they talk for a bit then got to bed to take a nap, Natasha and Ashrika join them shortly, after a few hours Alax wakes up then gets up, Alax takes Yarl out for a walk even though its storming, when they come back in they dry off and Alax talks with Natasha for a while, Alax checks for any business needing done in his office but there is none so he spends some time playing with Yarl.
20130630 14th Alturiak 1388, evening (Cormyr)
14th Alturiak 1388, morning (Granite Port)
14th Alturiak 1388, early afternoon (Granite Port) 14th: Alax Jullian Natsha and Ashrika talk for a while until Tauivae Shaelyn and Yarl come in for lunch, Alax and Jullian talk a bit with the girls and Shaelyn is quite offensive and insulting in trying to pick an argument, Jullian thinks he might need to hire a teacher for Shaelyn to teach her social graces, they all have lunch, Alax tucks the girls into bed then he and his mates spend some time together, Natasha begins to start something with Alax.
20130623 14th Alturiak 1388, morning (Cormyr) 14th Alturiak 1388, evening (Cormyr)
14th Alturiak 1388, morning (Granite Port)
14th: Shaelyn finds her mother and apologizes for hurting her feelings then they have a lengthy discussion, the rest of their day is uneventful, after dinner they go to Granite Port to visit Alax, they all talk with Alax for a bit befor the children take Yarl outside then Alax talks with Jullian Natsha and Ashrika, Tauivae returns to tell them that she heard Yarl speak, Jullian and Alax surmise that Tauivae has gained a new power to understand animals.
20130621 13th Alturiak 1388, evening (Lycosia)
14th Alturiak 1388, morning (Cormyr)
14th Alturiak 1388, morning (Cormyr) 14th: Alynna continues working on curing the disease with the help of the Dragon who got the bats as an assistant, Alax has a quiet evening the retires to bed, Astra and Morgan finish their golem Jeeves then relax with their family for the rest of the day, Shaelyn leaves the temple without permission before breakfast to get some candy, Jullian discusses it with her when she gets back and Jullian is hurt that Shaelyn apparently values her family and parents little (third after magic and candy).
20130616 13th Alturiak 1388, (Lycosia) 13th Alturiak 1388, evening (Lycosia)
14th Alturiak 1388, morning (Cormyr)
13th: Alax inspects the guards enforcing the quarantine and talks with one of them, after he's satisfied it's secure he heads home and spends the rest of the day riding Steel with Yarl while two house guards accompany him, Alax loses track of time then gets back home late to a cold dinner;
14th Alynna gets up and finds Puppy waiting with the message from Alax about the new disease, Alynna discusses it with her mates then heads to Lycosia to investigate the new disease, Alynna finds that it is similar to both the black plague and ebola but is only passed by touch, she finds that it was first caused by bat bites, Alynna asks for a volunteer to get some bats for her to study and a Dragon does so, the Dragon was bit sevral times getting the disease himself, Alynna cures him with silver fire and learns the bacteria causing the disease explode in contact with magic causing the host extreme pain.
20130614 13th Alturiak 1388, (Hullack) 13th Alturiak 1388, (Lycosia) 13th: Alynna spends the day investigating the cause and sorce of the flu outbreak as well as treating some of its victims, she discovers that it's a naturally occurring disease, at some point during the day Elron visits her to seduce her because he's happy that Carmen's horse birthed twin horses, the rest of Alynna's day and evening is peaceful then she keeps company with Storm at bedtime; Alax rises takes care of morning business then finds Naladar's Puppy waiting for him at his office with a message tube, the message tells Alax about the birth of the twin horses, Alax writes a congrtulatory return note nd tells Puppy to take it back, Alax tends to business until learning that several Dragons in the colony have gotten a new disease and that somne clerics tending to the men have caught it too, Alax sends word to Alynna and issues orders that a quarantine be immediately established.
20130609 13th Alturiak 1388, early afternoon (Hullack) 13th Alturiak 1388, (Hullack) 13th: Alax finishes his conversation with Adera about Cameal, Alax learns that his horse Steel may be in danger becaue he kicked and injured the stableboy, Alax goes to see Steel and the horse is happy to see him, Steel takes well to Yarl as well, after a bit of grooming Alax takes Steel through the portal to his mansion in Granite Port and Steel like his new home, after Steel settles in Alax and Yarl go in the house to go to sleep for the night, Natasha stayed to visit Jullian instead of returning with Alax, after lunch Jullian Natasha and Ashrika and children go to the Suzail temple, the priestesses all like Jullian's daughters, they have a pleasant afternoon dinner and evening.
20130602 12th Alturiak 1388, morning (Lycosia) 13th Alturiak 1388, early afternoon (Hullack) 12th: After Alax dismisses the men he had just disciplined Natasha comes in with wine and cheese and they snack and talk, the rest of the day is peaceful for Alax, Alax goes home to dinner and finds Natasha with a black eye, Natasha had gotten the black eye from a house guard after she fired him for ordering some guard dogs killed to feed the others, Alax supports the firing, after dinner Natasha and Alax go to Suzail to visit Jullian and Ashrika, Yarl attempts to mark Jullian as his property and Jullian doesn't like that, after Jullian washes and changes Alax takes them all to Hullack to visit the rest of the family, Ashrika went to the towers to get Tauivae and Shaelyn but Astra and Morgan can't come since they're involved with enspelling Morgan's golem, they all have a good visit, Alax learns that a 15-year-old trainee has been harassing Cameal, after having lunch with the family Alax goes to see Adeara (the boy's training officer) and talk to her to get him to stop.
20130526 12th Alturiak 1388, morning (Lycosia) 12th Alturiak 1388, morning (Lycosia) 12th: Edmund and Kat go to the jungle outside of Lycosia to look for the cat that killed the Dragons, the cat finds them quickly, Kat distracts the cat long enough for Edmund to cast a speak with animals spell, Edmund talks with the cat and works out an agreement for the cats and men to not hunt each other, no sooner than that is done two Dragons shoot arrows and kill the cat, Edmund is angered and the dragons say it was at a swordcaptain's orders who wanted a new rug, Edmund takes the cat and heads back to town, Mielikki visits Alax to talk with him while waiting for Edmund to return, it takes a bit of talk before Alax realizes whom he's talking to, Edmund and Kat return and Edmund tells Mielikki and Alax what happened, Mielikki restores the cat to life and the cat chooses Kat as a companion, it turns out that the cat is the son of Roderic's panther, Mielikki leavs then Edmund Kat and the cat leave to go to Hullack, Alax gives orders regarding the protection of the cats in the jungle and the punishment of the swordcaptain and the two soldiers.
20130524 12th Alturiak 1388, evening (Cormyr) 12th Alturiak 1388, evening (Cormyr) 12th: Two war wizards visit Alynna's home asking for a blood sample from Naladar for Quilain because she thinks she might get a flu cure from it, Alynna has doubts but Naladar agrees to give blood, Alynna goes with the War Wizards to find Quilain and Sasha working on it, Quilain is keeping Sasha prisoner there to help her and Alynna insists Quilain free her, Alynna walks Sasha home, Alynna finds out that Sasha is pregnant, Sasha insists that she told everyone before but Alynna doesn't remember, Alynna worries if she's got a memory problem, Alynna and mates spend the rest of the evening together.
20130519 11th Alturiak 1388, evening (Lycosia)
12th Alturiak 1388, morning (Cormyr)
12th Alturiak 1388, evening (Cormyr) 11th: Alax finishes his discussion with Edmund, Kat insists on going with Edmund, Alax and Natasha and leave Edmund and Kat to rest and prepare, Alynna receives a rare vintage bottle of wine in her office without any note or explanation, Alynna chooses to store it until she knows where it came from and that it's not a trick or trap, Alynna's day is otherwise busy with minutia, Jullian has to deal with yet another desecration attempt on the statue of Selūne, she has her guards teach the man respect before having the Dragons take him away, Matron Mother Abacrue comes to visit Ashrika to tell her they found an ebony walnut tree (prized by elves as a foodstuff and thought long lost by the drow), Ashrika goes to retrieve seeds to plant then Jullian talks with Abacrue a bit, Jullian spends the rest of the day tending to the sick and Ashrika returns.
20130505 11th Alturiak 1388, morning (Lycosia) 11th Alturiak 1388, evening (Lycosia)
12th Alturiak 1388, morning (Cormyr)
11th: Alax spends time with his new puppy (which is a great dane/wolf cross), the chieftan of a nearby dusk elf tribe comes to negotiate a peace treaty with Alax and Alax is eager to do so, Alax learns that most of the dusk elf warriors are dead and the remaining dusk elves are composed of independent tribes in not many villages remaining, Alax negitoates a treaty that's fair to both sides then takes it to Suzail, Rhigaerd is pleased with the treaty and Alynna approves of it as well so it becomes ratified, Alax takes the ratified treaty back to the chieftan and he departs in peace, Alax has a late dinner and Natasha returns late as well, Alax tells Natasha of the days events then Alax Natasha and the new puppy go to visit Edmund, Edmund received a puppy from Renee as well, Edmund gives pointers on raising puppies then Alax discusses the jungle cat problem in the colony, Edmund agrees to try to find the cat.
20130503 11th Alturiak 1388, start of day (Cormyr) 11th Alturiak 1388, morning (Lycosia) 11th: Astra and Morgan begin three straight days of enspelling Morgan's golem, Alynna is busy with normal routine stuff in the intelligence ministry, Jullian is busy with training until the temple guards catch a thief who was trying to rob the temple after badly desecrating the statue of Selūne, Jullian and her priestesses spend a lot of time and effort cleaning and reconsecrating the statue, after the evening ceremony Natasha comes to visit Jullian and spend the night with her, in Lycosia Alax has a generally peaceful day, a powerful jungle cat kills and eats several Dragons and Alax considers what to do, Renee sends Alax a seven week old puppy.
20130426 9th Alturiak 1388, start of day (Colony) 10th Alturiak 1388, end of day (Colony) 9th: Natasha spends the day with Alax, Alax learns of dusk elf activity in the newly founded town, Alax and Natasha go there and find twenty dusk elves scouting the town, Alax orders the town's land air and sea defenses mobilized to determine the size of the threat, a force of a hundred dusk elves is found a few miles away, the force attacks the town but the Purple Dragons resoundingly defeat the force and suffer only light casualties, Alax orders prisoners be taken from the wounded enemy left there, Alax and Natasha agree that the enemy fought poorly and were poorly led, Alax sends for war wizards to question the prisoners without torture, Alax has an uneventful remainder of the day;
10th: Jullian and Ashrika spend the day visiting Jullian's daughers at Astra and Morgan's towers, Alynna receives a report on the minor battle in the colony and finds Alax's name on the casualty list, Alynna finds it was a simple clerical mistake by a war wizard, the rest of Alynna's day is uneventful, Alax gets the first report during breakfast and learns that the dusk elf society is leaderless and falling apart and won't make it throught the long winter to come, Alax adds a recommendation to seek peace with the dusk elves and provide what help their own needs allow and sends it to the king, the rest of Alax's day is uneventful.
20130425 9th Alturiak 1388, (Cormyr) 9th Alturiak 1388, (Cormyr) 9th: Snow and ice starts falling again shortly after lunch, Alynna and Rhigaerd get Durin and Damin and take them to the mines in the Thunder Peaks (connected to the portal system) where the Ironchest clan lives, Rhigaerd knights Durin and makes Damin Ironchest the baron of the dwarven settlement, after Jullian gets up she uses spells to cure the patients of the flu, Rhigaerd visits Jullian and discusses the ennobling and knighting with her.
20130423 8th Alturiak 1388, morning (Cormyr) 9th Alturiak 1388, (Cormyr) 8th: Jerrid vists Alax in his office at the start of the day to discuss the details of his land grant, Alax gives Jerrid a tour of Lycosia then works at routine duties until lunchtime, Alax has lunch with Natasha, at the end of a routine day Alax spends the evening with Ashrika
9th: Alynna is awakened by Xander cleaning snow and ice off of their roof, Alynna feeds Xander a good breakfast before he continues cleaning the roofs of the rest of the family, Alynna finds that Rhigaerd has ordered body searches of people entering the palace and discusses it with him, Alynna has a routine remainder of the day, Astra and Morgan complete the physical construction of Morgan's golem and discuss that Tauivae and Shaelyn miss their mother.
20130422 8th Alturiak 1388, evening (Cormyr) 8th Alturiak 1388, end of evening (Cormyr) 8th: Jullian finishes healing Willis then talks with him for a bit before returning home to her temple, Jullian finds Ashrika working at scrubbing the floors and she learns that sick people with flu-like symptoms have been brought to the temple, Jullian examines them quickly then goes to pray for her spells then retires to bed with Ashrika.
20130414 8th Alturiak 1388, morning (Cormyr) 8th Alturiak 1388, evening (Cormyr) 8th: Jullian and Ashrika continue their breakfast conversation, Jullian has a quiet day tending to her temple duties and Ashrika stays close to her, Alynna's day is busy as she and Rhigaerd approve a grant of land in the colony to Jerrid Dauntinghorn, a Shadow Thieves assassin is caught and killed by the new security precautions in the palace, Astra and Morgan handily deal with another Shadow Thieves assassin sent after Alysan, after dinner and the evening ceremony Jullian visits Willis and finds him bedridden from an injury, Jullian tends to the injury as she learns from them what happened, Willis had climbed on the roof to clear ice off before the roof collapsed but slipped and fell and Elisa wouldn't heal him to teach him a lesson.
20130407 7th Alturiak 1388, morning (Colony) 8th Alturiak 1388, morning (Cormyr) 7th: Jullian and Alynna return home (where it is late evening) and retire for the evening, Alax returns to the mansion in Granite Port to clean up and change and tells Ashrika what happened, Ashrika and Alax have a bit of debate over whether Jullian or Alynna is the best healer, Alax tends to his usual duties for the day then returns to the mansion to find Ashrika has gone to visit Jullian, Alax and Natasha spend the night together;
8th: Jullian wakes up with Ashrika at her side, Jullian sleeps a bit more before finally getting up, Jullian and Ashirka have a breakfast of fruit from the colony, Ashrika asks how the kingdom thrives with low taxation and Jullian tells her of the family's sapphire mine.
20130324 6th Hammer 1338, evening (Granite Port)
7th Hammer 1338, morning (Hullack)
7th Alturiak 1388, morning (Colony) 7th: Jullian comes with Alax to heal Ashrika then Jullian seduces both of them;
8th Hammer - 6th Alturiak: The days are generallty peaceful as the volcanic winter gets worse, Alax succeeds in establishing an outpost in the ruins of the coastal town at the base of the peninsula and starts securing it for farming of the surrounding plains, Alynna succeeds in improving the foreign intelligence network with the help of Jenni's cousin the palace entertainer;
7th Alturiak: Rhigaerd holds a family dinner and meeting at the palace to show everyone the security improvements done at the palace, Alax wakes up with Natasha baside him, after breakfast Alax hears a tomb was discovered in the new town and he goes to take a look, he finds that something was awakened and killed a number of Dragons and he suspects undead, the Dragons send for Alynna and Jullian who have to be awakened but they dress and they come to help, Alax Alynna and Jullian enter the tomb, they find it is an evil fey rather than an undead that has been awakened, after a brief conversation the fey disables Alax then Alynna and Jullian kill her, Alynna heals Alax and they search the rest of the tomb and find nothing but a few golden works of art which they keep, Alynna and Jullian consecreate the place to remove the evil then Alax orders it filled in.
20130301 6th Hammer 1338, evening (Granite Port)
7th Hammer 1338, morning (Hullack)
6th Hammer 1338, evening (Granite Port)
7th Hammer 1338, morning (Hullack)
7th: Alax finishes his talk with Sue then visits with Jewel for a while, Alax returns to Granite Port to find Ashrika awake, Ashrika admits that she attacked first because she thought it was an intruder and Renee restrained herself in dealing with Ashrika, Ashrika willingly gave her own blood to Renee, Alax goes to see where the cleric was that the staff were supposed to send for and find the staff told a cleric to come in the morning, some of Alax's house staff appear to be racist about drow, Alax decides to summon Jullian to help Ashrika immediately.
20130224 6th Hammer 1338, end of afternoon (Lycosia) 6th Hammer 1338, evening (Granite Port)
7th Hammer 1338, morning (Hullack)
6th: After his duty shift is done Alax goes to Granite Port to meet with Admiral Yandress and have him start on plans to open a sea route to the farmland south, Alax has dinner with Ashrika then goes to Suzail to meet with Rhigaerd, Rhigaerd tells him he just missed his sister Renee who was going to see him, Alax runs to get there but Renee got there first and had an altercation with Ashrika which Renee seemed to win but Ashrika is alive, Alax and Renee have a rather tense and uncomfortable conversation about another noble house hiring assassins to kill the tallmans off, Renee leaves and Alax goes to see Rhigaerd and fill him in on his plan to open a sea route to the farmland to the south and Rhigaerd agrees, Alax goes to Hullack to inform the family of the threat Renee warned him about and finds that Renee was already there to warn them and Carmen tells him that Sue went to the Selūnite temple, after a bit of a talk Alax walks up the hill to the temple and finds Sue there and talks to her.
20130222 6th Hammer 1338, noon (Cormyr) 6th Hammer 1338, end of afternoon (Lycosia) 6th: Trent takes Astra to bed for some early afternoon fun, Astra bathes with Jaleen to clean up then spends the rest of the day with the children, they have a peaceful evening then Trent is with Alysan at bedtime, Alynna and Jullian have uneventful and peaceful days, Alax wakes up to find Ashrika gone, Alax dresses and goes to look for her and finds her shopping in Granite Port, Alax walks with her and escorts her home then goes to tend to his duties, Alax realizes the road construction southward will take far too long to complete and thinks of another plan, Alax spends the rest of the day tending to his duties in Lycosia.
20130217 5th Hammer 1338, evening (Cormyr) 6th Hammer 1338, noon (Cormyr) 5th: Alynna finishes her conversation with Jenni then they go to bed, Alax has an uneventful day and evening then enjoys Ashrika's company at night;
6th: Astra and Morgan wake up in Dweomerheart, they dress and find Mystra scrying on a man who denies the existence of the gods and who wants Rhigaerd to have healing magic controlled and regulated by mages, Mystra sends the twins to deal with the man, Astra and Morgan go to the palace and debate the man to get him to confess that he cast magic to destroy temples in Suzail, Rhigaerd arrests the man and Astra and Morgan investigate to find that Mystra has already de-powered the explosive runes cast near the Mystran and Selūnite temples that would have levelled them, the mage is now subject to Mystra's Refusal as well as imprisonment, Astra and Morgan talk with Rhigaerd a bit before returning to Dweomerheart to report to Mystra, Astra and Morgan return to their tower to discover that Shaelyn is a terrible cook.
20130215 5th Hammer 1338, morning (Cormyr) 5th Hammer 1338, evening (Cormyr) 5th: Jullian spends the day supervising and teaching her junior priestesses then holds the evening ceremony after dinner, Natasha is a bit jealous when the students get in close proximity to Jullian even though nothing untoward is happening, Alynna learns of a foiled assassination attempts and discusses it with a spy, the spy (who turns out to be a cousin of Jenni's) gets a bit overfamiliar with her when a maid walks past to preserve his cover as a common page, Alynna scrys on Willis as he goes to the Shadow thieves behind the assassination attempt and breaks a few legs in retaliation but doesn't kill anyone, Alynna returns home for dinner then spends the evening with her family and at bedtime discusses the page with Jenni and she thinks his job is to entertain guests (i.e. a prostitute).
20130210 5th Hammer 1338, morning (Cormyr) 5th Hammer 1338, morning (Cormyr) 5th: Alax talks with Dier Emmarask and finds out that Azoun IV did charter such a group so the man's actions were covered under the charter, Alax goes to inform Rhigaerd of this and suggest that he revise the charter, Jullian wakes up to find Natasha with her and they have a bit of fun then go to breakfast, Alax goes to Jullian to tell her what he's learned and Jullian goes to give her opinion to Rhigaerd, Alax goes to free the hunter and order him to cease hunting pending revisions of the charter and escorts him to an inn, with nothing else to do in Suzail Alax returns to Granite Port to spend the rest of the colonial evening with Ashrika then they turn in to bed.
20130201 4th Hammer 1338 (Lycosia) 4th Hammer 1338, evening (Lycosia)
5th Hammer 1338, morning (Cormyr)
4th: Alax catches two young blades having sex in his office, Alax questions them and finds they paid off officers to let them in his office, Alax orders them out, Alax summons his officers to let them know of his displeasure and gives orders to improve military comportment, at the end of the day Alax returns home to find Ashrika has cooked him a dinner of mushrooms and spiders that isn't great but he eats it, after dinner Alax goes to hold a trial for the man who attacked Jewel, upon questioning he learns the man might have been part of a group chartered by Azoun IV to kill lycanthropes so he decides he must look into it.
20130127 4th Hammer 1338 (Cormyr) 4th Hammer 1338 (Lycosia) 4th: Alax was awakened to receive the message then he goes back to sleep, Jullian spends the remainder of the day teaching her priestesses while Quilain casts some protective warding spells around the temple, Jullian and Quilain have dinner together then Quilain returns to her quarters, Jullian holds the evening ceremony then goes to bed alone, Alynna has a busy but peaceful day, Alynna visits Alusair for a quick visit and they talk over tea, Alynna gets a hint that Alusair wants more than friendship but she is content to have that for now, Alynna has a peaceful dinner and evening with her family, Natasha wakes Alax up in the colony at 8am since he didn't wake up on his own, Alax has a rather uneventful day of duty in Lycosia.
20130120 4th Hammer 1338 (Cormyr) 4th Hammer 1338 (Cormyr) 4th: Alynna continues working through the day in the Royal Court, Jullian wakes up a bit late then after breakfast begins the reeducation of her priestesses, one of the junior priestesses gives a hunter moonsilver arrows to hunt lycanthropes (particularly a weretiger in Hullack), Jullian hurries to Quilain to get her to teleport them to the Selūnite temple in Hullack barely in time to save Jewel, the hunter is captured then Jullian treats Jewel and a local priestess, then talks with Jewel for a bit then with Quilain, Jullian says goodbye to Jewel and they kiss, Quilain similarly kisses Jullian out of curiosity and it pleases her, they deliver the hunter prisoner to a cell then send a message to Alax.
20130118 3rd Hammer 1338, evening (colony)
4th Hammer 1338, morning (Cormyr)
3rd Hammer 1338, after midnight (colony)
4th Hammer 1338, after lunch (Cormyr)
4th: Alax spends the Hullack morning with Sue and Carmen and the children, including some time with William and Cameal, then had lunch with them, then returns to the colony to get to bed late.
20130113 3rd Hammer 1338, evening (Cormyr) 3rd Hammer 1338, evening (colony)
4th Hammer 1338, morning (Cormyr)
3rd: Jullian conducts the evening ceremony in the temple and teaches her priestesses in the process, then answers many questions from them afterward, then goes to bed to sleep soundly; Alynna arrives to work through the night and finds the palace reconstruction and additional security measures to boot, Alynna has an uneventful evening tending to her work, Alax wakes up in Granite Port to find it is cooler than normal and raining, after breakfast he goes to Lycosia to tend to his duties, the Dragon officers have a surprise party waiting for Alax because they mistakenly believe it's his birthday, Alax lets the celebration proceed anyway after revealing it's not, Alax completes his duties for the day quickly then returns to Granite port, William is there waiting for him and wounded, William says that Cameal cheated in a practice fight and broke his arm and nose, Alax suspects there's more to it than that and chides him for letting anger get away with him, Alax spends the rest of the afternoon tending to the needs of his house, after dinner Alax William Ashrika and Natasha go to Hullack (where it's the morning of the 4th) and Alax gets the other side of the story on William, Sue tells him that after getting beaten by Cameal he lost control of his anger and pulled a real sword on her and got that taken away as well, Alax gives William a sterner talk about that.
20130111 3rd Hammer 1338 (Cormyr) 3rd Hammer 1338, evening (Cormyr) 3rd: Jullian's temple guards track the fire lizards and the thieves to the mansion of Lord Aris, Lord Aris' house guards rudely send them away with threats, the temple guards return and report what happened to Jullian, Jullian sends for El then when he arrives briefs him on the situation and asks him to further investigate the Aris family and he agrees, El invites Jullian to dinner that evening, Jullian and Quilain go at the end of the day and find the palace is a mess and being partly torn down, El explains it is for security upgrades and the Royal Guard force is being increaed as well, after a good dinner Jullian and Quilain return to the temple.
20130106 3rd Hammer 1338, morning (Cormyr) 3rd Hammer 1338 (Cormyr) 3rd: Alynna and Sasha discuss her project (a sedative that will work on Chosen and other magical beings that resist normal sedatives) and Alynna agrees to be a test subject, Sasha uses it to put Alynna asleep until just before dinner, after Alynna wakes up she and Sasha talk more about Sasha's projects then go down to dinner, meanwhile Quilain wakes up after a peaceful sleep under Jullian's watch then sticks close to Jullian all day, Jullian is surprised that Quilain can take care of her business with just an occasional visit from a war wizard, Jullian learns that the alter in the temple has been desecrated during the night, after investigation they learn that thieves broke into the temple to steal the fire lizards used to heat the temple but they got out of control and it was the fire lizards that desecrated the altar.
20130104 2nd Hammer 1338, evening (Granite Port)
3rd Hammer 1338, morning (Cormyr)
3rd Hammer 1338, morning (Cormyr) 2nd: Alax Natasha and Ashrika discuss their good news then go to the best inn in Granite Port to celebrate then return to the mansion to retire for the evening;
3rd: Sasha shows up for breakfast looking tired after working all night.

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