Links to Check Out

Shawn Vincent
How Stuff Works
Endless (Stober's gaming site)
Joseph Firmage - The Future of Science, Society, Spirituality, History (Left-wing crackpot)
The Badminton library - Archery
Neal Stephenson's Baroque Cycle, Quicksilver novel
Nation-state simulator
An excellent Nautical Glossary
Mokume-Gane, a japanese artistic metalworking technique that's really cool
Fabulous Homes
Dice Experiment
Torben Mogensen's "Roll" programming language.
Get lots of info on people
Hedy Lamarr

News & Articles
Online Newspapers
Shuttle replacement article rumor-busters
Emerging Tech article
Google News article from TechTree
Blogs & Message Boards
Layman's Logic blog
Glenn Reynolds blog for 20030804
ezboard's Forum Find
Circus Maximus (an non-grandma-friendly adjunct to ENWorld)
Liberty Dollars Ruled Illegal
LinkedIn (Brian's Network)
Worldbuilding & Mapping
WorldBuilding website
Orions Arm project: Sci-Fi, Worldbuilding, Future History
Dragon's Foot -- AD&D site recommended for a number of excellent maps
Map site
Cartography Unlimited for RPGs
Gravitorum (solar system modeling site from Worldbuilding list)
Star Generator
WARP (star system generator)
Lat/Long Calcs
distance direction site
GPSNow Map Table
Cool Map Tools
OpenMap software library
!!! Graphics Gems IV sph_poly.c: prepare for download
!!! Graphics Gems IV sph_poly.c: web page version
Graphics Gems code
The Geographic Information Systems FAQ (this link does not work)
Plate Tectonics
Simple game for plate tectonics simulation
Snowball theory
Plate Tectonics word doc
Google search: world map generation terrain sphere
Maps & Mapping - Topographic Maps - a site by Tom Patterson who does many of the US National Park services maps.
Map: Rotterdam 1652
Map: Dordrecht
Scanned Dutch City maps from Blaeu's Toonneel der Steden, from 1652
Map: London 1616
Map: London 1593
Historic Cities A-Z
Istanbul ca 16th century
Caithness Castles (Scottish castle floorplans)
Tudor ships
National Maritime Museum/Royal Greenwich Observatory (search on "Plans" for ship plans)
Good cross-section of HMS Victory
Language, Names & Quotes
Language Construction Kit
Behind the Name -- a good site for names
Phrase origins
James Madison Quotes
Japanese Language
Learn Japanese
Lingo & Phrases 1
Lingo & Phrases 2
Lingo & Phrases 1 (Navy web site)
Genealogy & Cousins Cousin Chart
Another cousin chart.
Another cousin chart.
Wikipedia's cousin chart
Another cousin chart
History & Military
Essays on Geology, History and People
Command post oped on Werewolves and Iraq
Virtual tour of a real Egyptian tomb
Internet Medieval Sourcebook (Massive # of translated documents, some concerning city management)
Excellent site on military rank and noble hierarchy.
Crusader States, Kings of Jerusalem - real history behind 'Kingdom of Heaven'
Cool article about Hadrian's Wall forts & Romans in Britain
Computer & Online Games
Civ II Downloads & Patches
Civ III Patches
Civ IV (get patch 1.52 from here under downloads)
Apolyton: site for Civilization-related info
Forum thread on Apolyton about map generation
CivFanatics Civ III Strategy Page
Nethog's Games Page (Civ2 & Civ3 notes)
Zork Online
Scorched Earth Online
USAToday's Daily Sudoku
Sudoku Miniclip
WikiPedia entry for Sudoku
Science Fact
Starry Nights Monthly guide to sky
The Elegant Universe (PBS show)
Five Major Misconceptions about Evolution
Hill Radius (a.k.a. Hill Sphere) (important for planet system generator)
New Scientist Magazine
Enterprising Science Needs Naturalism
The End of Science?
Wikipedia's Analemma
Equation of Time
Figure Eight in the Sky
Calculate and Chart the Analemma
Milky Way Galaxy
The Milky Way Galaxy
Plan Views of the Milky Way Galaxy
Wikipedia Milky Way article
Climate links
35 Errors in Gore's Film
Analysis Finds Hundreds of Scientists Have Published Evidence Countering Man-Made Global Warming Fears
Science Fiction    (
Jerry Pournelle's future history chronology
Starship Troopers 2 (Direct to Video)
Author David Sherman's website
Heinlein Soceity
Star Trek
Trek Movie
Star Trek: Of Gods and Men (homepage)
Star Trek: Of Gods and Men (Wikipedia)
Daystrom Institute Technical Library
ST Dimension
ST Dimension: Cartography
The Complete Starfleet Library
Intergalactic Trading Co. (Star Trek collectibles)
New Eye Studio (Star Trek collectibles)
Warp Speed Calculations
Warp Speed Formula #1 (so-so)
Warp Speed Formula #1 (good)
LCARS CSS sources/examples
CSS Zen Garden
Sandbox TNG CSS
Alt-Starfleet-RPG (Not really CSS but may be interesting)
Wojnicki's simple example (needs color)
Gaming Links (Icon system)
Memory Icon
S John Ross' Unpublished Icon stuff: Untaken Treks: The Unpublished LUGtrek Work of S. John Ross
Star Trek Archive (ships and locations)
Page with various ST RPG info
Memory Alpha (ST wiki)
Trek RPG Forums
Stargate SG-1
Official Stargate Page
Stargate Glyphs
Stargate (device)
Excellent article on food in Middle Earth
Wizard's Rules from Sword of Truth series
Terry Goodkind interview
PolyView and PolyImage Pro
[1]    [2]    Microangelo web sites
Grabit Pro
ZoneAlarm firewall

Sygate Personal Firewall
Spybot - search and destroy shareware
Microsoft Windows XP PowerToys
MS Product Support for Office Users
Microsoft Office Product Updates
AVG Free Edition Anti-Virus (No Firewall!)
Microsoft DHTML Reference
CSS Zen Garden
DHTML Editing Component
Mailto link instructions look for old website content no longer active
Perl & DBD::Oracle links
ActiveState Build Status 5.6 (lists DBD::Oracle as not available)
ActiveState Build Status 5.8 (lists DBD::Oracle as not available)
Perl & Win32::OLE links
Mozilla Firefox
Download Firefox here.
To configure after initial install, manually open new tab, type
, hit enter, and change the following settings:
(Normally the browser makes one request to a web page at a time; the first three settings (to enable piplining) will allow it to make several at once, speeding up page loading significantly)
  • network.http.pipelining to "true"
  • network.http.proxy.pipelining to "true"
  • network.http.pipelining.maxrequests to 30
  • browser.display.use_system_colors to "true"
  • Right-click anywhere, select New -> Integer, add "nglayout.initialpaint.delay", and set value to "0". This value is the amount of time the browser waits before it acts on information it receives.
Firefox Add-Ons
Tab Mix Plus
Adblock Plus
Web Developer
PDF Download
IE Tab

Add n Edit Cookies+
Add n Edit Cookies

Help with MIDI's:
Midi in Firefox using embed?
Play wav in firefox
Problems with media in Firefox
playing midi's with Firefox
SOUND for Firefox?
Quicktime Guide for Windows
Playing Sounds On The Web
Windows� Media Player 9 and MIDI
BGM Conductor
Dan's Web Tips: Sounds
Play Web Pages Embedded Sound File (FastEddie's DLL's)
Hint #1: Multiple font faces and sizes
Hint #2: Multiple font faces and sizes
Hint #3: Multiple font faces and sizes
Main Ruby Site
Win32 Ruby Installer
FTP for Ruby Win32 zip
Oracle Information
Taking Up Collections
EXECUTE IMMEDIATE option for Dynamic SQL and PL/SQL
How to Generate a List of Dates
Sun Java Home Page
NetBeans IDE
Java JMeter
MD5 for Java (JavaDocs)
logging-log4j (1.2.14)
1.2 index
1.2 download
Root site for Commons Logging (1.1), CLI (1.1), Codec (1.3), dbutils (1.1), net (1.4.1), vfs (1.0)
Apache Commons-Logging (1.1) (D/L)
Jakarta Commons HTTPClient (3.1)
Jakarta ORO (jakarta-oro-2.0.8.jar) Perl5 compatible regular expressions
JavaMail API
JUnit Unit Testing (4.3.1)
SourceForge Jsch (0.1.33) pure Java implementation of SSH2 (port forwarding, X11 forwarding, file transfer, etc.)
Oracle JDBC Drivers (ojdbc14.jar, ojdbc14dms.jar, ojdbc14dms_g.jar, ojdbc14_g.jar, ons.jar, orai18n.jar, demo.tar,

MySQL Java Connector

POI - Java access to Microsoft Office-format files
Java-To-Exe #1
Java-To-Exe #2
MySQL and C++
Using Visual C++ 6.0 to connect to MySQL
Easy Way to Build MySQL Client Programs Using Visual C++ (MyBooks)
Easy Way to Build MySQL Client Programs Using Visual C++ (MyBooks 2.0 Free Download)
Easy Way to Build MySQL Client Programs Using Visual C++ (MyNotes)
VanDyke's SecureCRT
SecureCRT Page
Movie Physics
The Biology of B-Movie Monsters Movie and Video release dates
Dark Horizons Entertainment News & Rumors
Movie Theatrical Release Dates
Movie DVD Release Dates
USAF Heritage of America Band Download patriotic music
Food & Drink (14,000 recipes)
Chaucer's Wine (good mead)
Central Texas Better Business Bureau
Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce
Austin Motor Mile (Body Shop)
Zillow Real-Estate guide
CartridgeWorld USA
Mission Mortgage
JP Mortgage
Economics & Finance
The Economist
Wikipedia's Economic Utility
Oil Price indexed for inflation
Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt
Fraud Control
Credit Card Fraud
Austin Rare Coins and Bullion (7200 N. MoPac)
Capital Coins & Bullion (5448 Burnet Rd. Austin, TX 78756 512-371-5884)
American Gold Exchange, Inc. (based in austin but apparently no brick-n-mortar; 800-613-9323; apparently no bullion bars) (the site Glenn Beck advertises on the radio (1-800-556-GOLD)(1-800-556-4653))'s lsiting of Austin Rare Coins (Print-out)
Authorized Dealers - Texas
Reviews of American Gold Exchange (7600 Burnet Rd Ste 350)
MerchantCircle - Gold Dealers in Austin TX
Internet Yellow Pages - Gold Silver & Platinum Buyers Austin Texas
Gold and Silver Forum (there is no root site; it redirects into the forums)
(Note: The Precious Metals subforum seems fine; some other subforums seem full of crackpottery.)
Reviews of Bullion Direct in Austin, TX
Bullion Direct (headquartered in Austin, TX, prob. in the Wells Fargo building at Woodward & Ben White)
Texas Coins (From San Antonio; leery of this one)
Check/Verify this out: Gold bullion is a capital asset, thus gains are taxed using the capital gains rates. Gold coins may qualify as a collectible, but you need to do some fact checking. Some recently minted coinage is being ruled a capital asset in lieu of a collectible.
Anonymous Internet
WhatIsMyIPAddress - Proxies
How Do I Use a Proxy Server?
Anonymous Proxy Risks
Open Proxies, Abuse, and Detection
Tech FAQ - Proxies
What is a Proxy?
Proxy List <===!!!!
How Do I Configure a Proxy in my Browser?
Proxy Tutorial For Anonymity
Tech FAQ - Web Mail
What is Web Mail?
What are some Free Email Services?
How do I send an Anonymous Email?
Objectivism Online
Love and Logic (an objectivst site)
Is Scientific "Knowledge" not Objective "Knowledge"
Google search on Andrew Bernstein's Capitalist Manifesto
Sense of Life Objectivism web site
Texas State Lottery
Travis County I-Jury
City of Austin
Government document website
Politics & Issues
Liberal Capitalist Party Home Page
Time After Time - a successor to the old Time Online political message board.
General Discussion
Neal Boortz Commencement Speech
JSMill: Liberty & Democracy
Article on Loser Pays in civil suits
Article on the threat of teachers unions
Forbes article
Irascible Professor article
Free Republic article
Madness about mad-cow disease
Mississippi Has a Place...
Walter Williams article
Islamism, Fascism and Terrorism
Heartless Libertarian blog
Eminent Domain links
League of Women Voters Austin TX
League of Women Voters Texas
Secy. State Texas Elections Page
Vote Smart
WikiPedia - Voting Systems
WikiPedia - Instant Runoff Voting
WikiPedia - Borda Count
Range Voting
Proportional Representation
Political Spectrum & Quizzes
Politics in a Third Dimension
Political Compass
OK Cupid
Moral Politics
Political Brew
WordCounter Political analysis
Candidate Calculator
Legal Issues of Interest
Online Library of Liberty: Frederic Bastiat
Legal Impossibility
Necessity defense
Opinion Pieces
Time for the U.S. to get comfortable with ideology -- Mark Steyn
USPoliticsPost (don't remember what about) (mostly drivel, but some interesting radical feminists quotes)
American Farmer Blog
Ron Paul
Starbase-Coda (fan site for Star Trek RPG)
GURPS Hornblower
Games Chat: Epic Level Handbook
Games Chat main page
The RPG Outpost - Science Fiction Gaming
The Complete Wargames Handbook: How to Play, Design and Find Them by James F. Dunnigan
J�rgen Hubert's Urbis campaign world
the Jester's campaign world
MarauderX's D&D NPC Wiki
Variant D&D combat system
RPG Mapping & World Building
A Guide to RPG Mapmaking
Patricia C. Wrede's Worldbuilder Questions
The Cartographer's Guild Forum
Basilicus Free Worldbuilding
Gaming Companies
Paizo Publishing (Dragon & Dungeon) (S. John Ross' imprint)
Iron Wind Metals (used to be Ral Partha) - place to trade D&D Miniatures - another place for D&D Miniatures
Ad Astra Games (Saganami Island Tactical Simulator) out-of-print gaming source
Gaming Software
Forgotten Realms Calendar Tool
Mythosa's TableSmith 5.0
Astrosynthesis 2.0 (NBOS Software)(EN World Review)
Soldarin's ECL Calculator
Dundjinni DM tool
D&D and d20
D&D Consolidated Lists Archive
D&D Miniatures Master List
D&D Meetup
Role-Playing Games and the Christian Right
D&D 3.5 Archives
Web Enhancement Archive (sorted by date)
Web Enhancement Archive (sorted by headline)
4th Edition
Unofficial D&D 4th Edition Info Page
D&D 4e Discussion Scroll
Hypertext d20 SRD
Nicely formatted 3.5 SRD site.
Sovelior's 3.5 SRD
Forgotten Realms
Eric L. Boyd's website
Forgotten Realms: the Library
Kingdom of Cormyr, a NWN site
Kuje31's site (FAQ and Ed's Words)
Forgotten Realms Wiki
Danali FR Index
Mike Washburn's Cormyr Campaign (from REALMS-L)
Virtual Fantasy: The Forgotten Realms Index   new link
Neverwinter Nights Westgate site
Faer�nian Dictionary
Faer�nian Elven Name Index
Elves of Faer�n (Includes an alternate Elven High Mage)
Dramatis Personae of FR Campaign (in XML)
Character & Alignment Tests
WotC Alignment Quiz
Non-WotC Class & Alignment Quiz
Roleplayer Test
D&D Character Test
Spell Databases
d20 Spellbook Generator
SpellGen Database
d20 SRD Tool
Random Generators
calculates the type and number of businesses that a certain size settlement will support
Jamis Buck D&D 3.0 NPC Generator
Random Dungeon Generator
Random Cave Generator
Serendipity Generators
Seventh Sanctum (Random generators for almost everything)
generate NPCs for different size settlements
Some sort of weather generator for the Realms
Another weather generator for the Realms
City Generators !!!
J�rgen Hubert's d20 NPCs Wiki - a repository of d20 NPCs in Wiki format
Additional indices for d20 NPCs
Alzrius's d20 NPC's
Wikicities Wiki Stats
Computer Recycling
City of Austin
Axcess Tech
Art & Images
Ascii Art
Deviant Art
Photography Pictures, Wallpapers, Postcards, More From National Geographic
Don Davis, Space Artist (incl. space colonies)
Images of Women
Catherine Bell web ring
Tricia Helfer Web Site actress images
Images of Women
Celebrity Movie Archive Free Tour
Alt.Sex.Stories Text Repository
Naked Blades
Wikipedia's List of female porn stars by decade
Internet Adult Film Database
Adult Film Database
YouTube Links
MarkusTay's FR Maps
CDex Open Source CD ripper
Sweater Shopping
Texas Rock Shop
AT&T Natural Voices #1
AT&T Natural Voices #2
American Ideal
Klingon programming language
Kokogiak (Misc. software projects as well as poster of all Solar System bodies)
D Programming Language
Matlab CD offer
Paper Skull
Statistics Every Writer Should Know
National Space Science Data Center
Star Trek 3-D Chess Set
Elven Netbook
Weather in the Realms
Ema's Charsheets
Dragon Magazine Index #1
Dragon Magazine Index #2
Cheiromancer mentioned that the Reflect seed should be +4 per level, not +20
Forgotten Realms Vault (Home of the Elven Netbook)
Horse travel per day (#1)
Horse travel per day (#2)
Horse travel per day (#3)
Zandilar's game related musing, rants, and fanfiction! (National Constitutions) (What's Not in the Constitution)
Objectivism Online Topic 11567
Objectivism Online Topic 11623
D&D 4Ed Review #1
D&D 4Ed Review #2
D&D 4Ed Review #3
Wizards zip file
Kipesquire commentary on Objectivism
Kipesquire commentary on Objectivism
Why the West Is Best by Ibn Warraq, City Journal Winter 2008
Researcher: Basic Greenhouse Equations "Totally Wrong"
News Prism
The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web
Elements of Typographic Style - Blocks and Paragraphs
The Gamer Dome
DD4E Info from GAMA Trade Show
DD4E Edition News Day 2
DD4E Product Rundown Streaming Movies
Zaba Search
The Bookcase Store (4209 Guadalupe, Austin, Texas 78751, (512)454-6917)
PuTTY: A Free Telnet/SSH Client
MSDN Library Excel
PerlMonk's Excel OLE Automation example.
What in the World is Going On
The Dragondex - a complete index to Dragon Magazine
Classic Traveller CD-ROM
Real Clear Politcs
Astrogator's Handbook
Redhurst Academy of Magic (gaming product)
93gamesstudio (Twilight 2013)
The Atlasphere - connecting admirers of The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged
Forgotten Realms Wiki
Excelsior-class Technical Specifications
Star Trek LCARS Book & Episode Database
Star Trek Book List - Blueprints
Star Trek LCARS Blueprints Database
Sourceforge Fractal Planet generator
Coat of Arms Visual Designer (Heraldry Generator)
How to Speak with a German Accent
Legend of the Seeker (TV series loosely based on Sword of Truth novels)
D&D 5th Ed. Review
Elliptic Integrals (Hancock, Harris; John Wiley & Sons, 1917)
Discount Electronics (9711 Machaca)
Managing Hierarchical Data in MySQL
Spherical Trig #1
Spherical Trig #2
Spherical Trig #3
UEX - UltraEdit for Unix
SuperShuttle to Austin-Bergstrom
Surviving Disaster on Spike TV, hosted by Cade Courtley
Global Paleentology
Commodore      More recent link
The Compass Store
EZCracker egg cracker
Creative Home Engineering
How to Get High Speed Internet Access in Rural Areas
Clearing the Neighborhood (might be useful for solar system generator)
Fantasy Grounds (quite humorous)
Witness to War
Puppy LINUX   Knoppix LINUX      Ubuntu LINUX   Kubuntu LINUX   Arch Linux
Linux Mint
WineHQ   Wine Users Guide
Perl Docs
SQL Fiddle
Raspberry Pi
Dovecot Home    Dovecot Wiki
Marc Faber: marcfaberblog    gloomboomdoom
Free Net Project
Prof. Daniel J. Solove, "'I've Got Nothing to Hide' and Other Misunderstandings of Privacy"
The Eternal Value of Privacy
Modified Newtonian Dynamics
Avast! Antivirus
C H Kadels Military and Tactical
FantasyGrounds (new system Stober is looking at)
open source 1ed adnd (link Stober emailed me)
Stellarium Open Source Planetarium
Neverwinter Online    Fan Site
Thomas Jefferson's Monticello    Quote about guns
Conservative alternatives to AARP
Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) (united with Generation America on 02 Apr 2014)
( appears to be defunct; the website is dead)
60 Plus Association
Dark Skies
Light Pollution Map
Dark Site Finder
New World Atlas of Artificial Sky Brightness
NASA Blue Marble Navigator
Real Estate
Lands of Texas
Llano County Texas, $5k-75K, 10-50 Acres
San Saba County Texas, $5k-75K, 10-50 Acres
Mason County Texas, $5k-75K, 10-50 Acres
McCulloch County Texas, $5k-75K, 10-50 Acres
Menard County Texas, $5k-75K, 10-50 Acres
Concho County Texas, $5k-75K, 10-50 Acres

Gillespie County Texas, $5k-75K, 10-50 Acres
Land And Farm
Eden, TX Hunting Land for Sale
Llano County Texas, $10K-75K, 10-50 Acres
San Saba County Texas, $10K-75K, 10-50 Acres
Mason Texas, $10K-75K, 10-50 Acres
McCullough County Texas, $10K-75K, 10-50 Acres
Menard County Texas, $10K-75K, 10-50 Acres
Concho County Texas, $10K-75K, 10-50 Acres

Gillespie County Texas, $10K-75K, 10-50 Acres
Land Watch
Texas Land For Sale
Texas Hill Country, 11-50 acres, up to $79,999
Concho County Texas, 11-50 acres, up to $79,999
Texas Land Office / Land for Sale
Texas Listing Service The Realtor's™ Choice for Country Real Estate
Texas Rural Land For Sale By Owner
Junk Land (Google '"junk land" for sale')
For Sale Land $1,000 Per Acre, M. D. Creekmore (
Junk Land - A few articles on Total Survivalist Blog; see bottom article
U.S. Treasury Dept. Real Estate Auctions
Hunting Properties R Us
Western Texas Land
Ranch Enterprises Ltd.
West Farm Auction
Hill Country Ranches
Texas Ranch Land
HHH Land Co., LLC
Nisbet Ranch Sales
Simpson Ranches
Property Taxes
Texas property tax rates
Llano County Property Tax
Property Taxes
Texas Maps
Mortgage Calculators
PITI Calculator
Mortgage Payment Calculator
Guns & Weaponry
Texas Gun Trader        Austin.Texas Gun Trader
Eagle Peak Shooting Range (Card No. 33943)
The Online Gun Shop (e-commerce site for Heritage Firearms, 13497 US HWY 183 North, Austin TX 78750, Northbound-side frontage road, just north of Anderson Mill Road) Tue-Sat 10-6 512-219-1122 (Sales Phone)
McBride's Guns (30th & N. Lamar)
Tex-Guns (5330-D Manchaca Road)
TAR-21 Tavor Assault Rifle
FN P90 Personal Defense Weapon
Austin Gun Club links
Austin Guide To Shooting Ranges And Gun Clubs
Austin Lone Star Practical Pistol Club
Gun Values Board


American Survival Guide
Prepper & Shooter

Survival Monkey      SurvivalRing

Home Building & Improvement

Bob Vila Home Site Welcome Page
Design Tech Homes - new homes houston texas, build on your own lot builder

Global House Plans
Home Plan Info
Cool House Plans
House Floor Plans
Dream House Source
Amazing Plans
House Plan Guys
Black Mountain Software (house plan software)
House Mouse
The Plan Collection
Home Plan Finder
Floor Plan Search
Designs Plus
All Plans
America's Home Place
Plans House

Insulated Concrete Structures, Inc. (Monolithic Domes)
Tornado Proof Homes
$50 and Up Underground House Book – Underground Housing and Shelter
tornado-proof glass from Pittsburgh Corning / reinforced concrete-and-styrofoam insulation blocks

New Horizons (Johns Hopkins University - Applied Physics Laboratory)
New Horizons (NASA)

ServerFault - for System & Network Administrators
Information Security    Why Are SSL Certificates an Annual Expense
Science Fiction & Fantasy
Star Trek
Babylon 5
Tolkien Legendarium
Role-Playing Games
Computer Science
Unix & Linux
Computer Graphics
Computational Science
Geographic Information Systems
Software Engineering
The Great Outdoors