Our Forgotten Realms Campaign

Geography & History
  1. Map of Cormyr
  2. Barony of Hullack
  3. City of Neverwinter
  4. Tower Lazarac (owned by Astra Obarskyr)
  5. Forgotten Realms Movement & Travel
  6. Calendar of Harptos
  7. Noble Families of Cormyr
  8. Rulers and Royal Wizards of Cormyr

Character Information

  1. Stats for Jerry's 1st Generation PC's
  2. Stats for Jerry's 2nd Generation PC's
  3. Character appearances & pictures
  4. Character Ages, Anniversaries, Pregnancies and Deaths
  5. Upcoming Character Events
  6. Alynna's Spell Research (2nd. Ed.)
  7. Shen Long's Spell Research (2nd. Ed.)
  8. Ultimage Magus Prestige Class from Complete Mage

Campaign Information

  1. Session starting and ending game-dates
  2. Download DDCharWorksheet Excel application(New! 3.1 as of 28 Oct 2002)
  3. Important Days in our Campaign
  4. House Rules
  5. Deck Plans and Data on the expeditionary galleon C.N.S. Avanguard
  6. Maps of the Journey of the C.N.S. Avanguard
  7. New Cormyr Colony

Cormyrean Political & Military Information.

  1. Alynna's proposed organization of the Government of Cormyr
  2. Cormyrean Military Ranks
  3. Queen Jewel's guard shifts
  4. Deployment of Purple Dragons in Cormyr

Other useful links

  1. The Complete Forgotten Realms Timeline
  2. List of Noble Families of Cormyr